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It also depends on

a. Speaking in English (This is Pasta)

b. Speaking in Japanese (Kore ha pasta desu)

And, you order from the waitstaff so you don’t need a Pen (kore ha pen desu) to order.

But, you might need a sPoon so be sure to ask for spoon kudasai, not for a sPoon, please.

And, heaven forbid if you should want PePPer on your salad. Probably okay to ask for peppah though.

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Posted in: Japan's virus contact-tracing app gets 2.7 mil downloads in 3 days See in context

It's odd that they never name the app in these articles. It's called COVID-19 Contact App put out by the MHLW.

Instructions are in English and easy to follow.

BTW, if you have Location Services turned "on" on your phone, you are already tracked (or trackable). Just not for COVID-19, but your phone knows and shows.

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@Disillusioned. Local tax (city, ward, etc.) is 10% and pension / health about 16% = 26%, not 35%.

National tax varies according to income.

These sort of surveys are a bit misleading because they refer to expats in the sense of (usually) well paid expats with company housing, tax equalization, kids' schooling, home leave, club membership, etc. (I know because I was one of those expats for many years). I am no longer on an expat package, having started my own business a few years ago.

Personally, we find the overall cost of living in Tokyo lower that the equivalent style of living in San Francisco.

Take dining out, for example. In SF we typically spend 30-50% more for a very similar experience. The cost per dish has risen a lot in SF where $30-$35 for a main course is fairly common. $15+ for a cocktail, wine is generally 3x retail price, and the expected tip these days is 20% - or more.

Japan, first of all, no tipping. Cocktails - not as common, but when available around $10. Wine similarly priced. Quality - depends on where we eat in SF - same in Japan, but in Japan the better places are usually smaller owner-chef operated.

Housing - sure $5,000 - $10,000 rents are what many expats pay because they want to be in the heart of the city, or close to their kids' school, or have a house that is as big as, or nearly as big as, what they lived in (especially if they are coming from the US). I've had many younger, singles or couples, tell me that renting an apartment in Tokyo is actually cheaper than renting in SF (I know a number of tech related people, so using SF as the example). A 1-bedroom, 650-800 sq. ft. apartment in SF will go for a minimum of $3200. Similar can be had in Tokyo for $2000 or less. Sure, there are pricier places if one insists on living in the "gaijin ghettos" areas os Ebisu, Hiroo, Azabu, etc.

Many of the other comments have mentioned similar things, of course, so this may be repetitive, but it's worth repeating to avoid the fallacy that "Japan is SOOOO expensive.!"

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@kurisupisu: There are actually quite a number of rifles and shotguns registered in Japan. I've met a few people who own them - all legal, of course. It is not an easy process to do, but it is possible. The owner has to undergo training, pass a mental evaluation, and go through regular checks by the police of the guns, ammunition, how they are stored, etc.

Pistols on the other hand - only 50 licenses granted in japan - most all of them for people who compete in pistol shooting contests (like the Olympics). To get one of these licenses, someone has to give one up (or a license holder passes away so the license becomes available).

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Posted in: Chat, phone, video and document-sharing in one app: AINEO does it all See in context

"Our customers used to be mainly foreign-based multinationals but now they are all Japanese."

No, they are not - we're a customer and not Japanese.

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Posted in: Apple gives users tool to see what data it has collected See in context

See this article on how to check it.

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Unless someone knows differently, I don't think the system of transfers from bus route to bus route is available in Japan. For example, in the US one can either get a transfer ticker, or use a prepaid card, to transfer from a route A bus, to a route B bus, within a fixed period of time (typically two hours) without paying an additional fare.

I think Japan requires a new fare for each bus route.

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