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Posted in: Japan ranks 26th of 60 countries in global English proficiency See in context

I really doubt this result, because most of all my Japanese friends cannot speak English but can read English. If you can only read English, it is good for study. If you really want to understand other culture in good way and bad way, you have to speak and communicate with them. Without doubt that Japanese communication skills in English is not good enough. One suggestion came to mind.

1 Complete elimination of current English test, which is going on in Junior or High school. In stead, they grade themselves how much they could express thier opinion, dreams and idea in the class through the means of English speech to the audience or converstion with one another. If you are not good at speaking English, you have to learn your seleves, this is the something you have to learn yourselves, not in the class room. If you cannot speak English at all, the arrocated time can be allowed to use silence. This awkward moment is really important for them, that will happen to them in the future, when they cannot speak English with foreigner.

Class is only catalysis to use English, NOT to study English.

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Posted in: Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, others rally against Okinawa base plan See in context

Relocation costs money. We have to spend more money on reconstruction of Fukushima as well as people who were devasted by the Tsunami damage. I might be so stupid but people who are in Okinawa will understand and can endure the sounds caused by air plane a little bit more, if they clearly are noted by Japanese government that we need to spend money more on compansate people's damage in Fukushima who are living with great losses of their house, spouse and children. Where did the "kizuna" or close bond go? Kizuna will solve not only unnecessarily desire to locate the base by the U.S but also complainments about the base by people in Okinawa who currently is living near the base.

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Posted in: China, S Korea, Japan spar at U.N. over Abe's Yasukuni shrine visit See in context

War criminals were sentenced by the UN where victory countries consisted of. True feeling for soldiers who passed away doesn't mean anything more than gratitude for defending our nation. They can label them as a criminal, but dead for the nation cannot be labeled by anything. As Saigo Takamori noted, " Despise what people did, not person themselves." I believe this is what Japan is doing.

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Posted in: Woman gets 8 years for fatally beating 11-yr-old daughter with golf club See in context

Mohatma Gandhi said " If you are angry, write down paper that why you are angry, how do you manage not to be angry." This incidents really struck me. Woman is given the ability to give a birth. This is really special ability that man cannot do. Giving birth is so misterious and precious. If you beat your daughter, you are beating yourselves, because she is sharing half of you. I'm really sorry for the daughter. No mattter what she did, we have to love our kids.

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Posted in: Japan revises teaching manuals, says disputed islands its territory See in context

What the government care is all about money. If I could go back to school, say junior high school, I wish I could study how to build good relationship with china. Even if the government makes clear " it is Japanese territory" in the text book, I believe that it presumably ends up being a small question for the test. I really doubt that listing the governent's saying in the text book can solve this issue. Hou about make students watch video where both countires opinions are clearly stated. I think as long as the both govenments are saying the small land is ours, while insisting negotiation is important, this issue won't be solved

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Posted in: Foreign men sound off on difficulties of having a Japanese wife See in context

What is good wife, what is new rule for woman? I believe woman in Japan is getting the power. Woman sometimes use thier privilege to exploit man. This is because nomally, man have to protect and understand woman feeling and this will be considered as good husband, however, there are no rules or common sense for the woman. After growing recognition of the fact that woman should not only do house works, woman will have rights to do any other tasks and use thier time on thier own. However, without clear moral for woman, no rule can be applied, they are just enjoying their life saying " man should protect me". The question is what is good wife, what is new rule for you?

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Posted in: Gov't distances itself from NHK head's 'comfort women' comment See in context

The statement " it was not only me" is nothing but an escape from the fact. Even if Japan refer to other countires which apparently did the same things, won't admit because they have to pay money for the victim. Money is money. Money doesn't solve anything. Guilty won't disapper, neither victim's feeling. I would also like to note that there would be a people who is lying so that they want money from Japanese government.

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Posted in: Deciding whether or not to help a crying child is complicated in Japan See in context

Ignoring is another form of acceptance.

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Posted in: Abe sees World War I echoes in Japan-China tensions See in context

What's the benefit to compare situation in the past? We have to focus on the future. Pride is not a love of country.

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Posted in: Kennedy weighs in on topic of wartime history See in context

Unfortunately, she cannot escape from people's high expectation. I think she is doing good. To me, she cares her comment. Deliberately she chose her word. Not sure her real opinions. Let's see how it goes

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Posted in: Fishermen take cover to slaughter dolphins in face of Western criticism See in context

The question is that we can really blame people in Taiji, who is fishing dolphin? As many people noted that this is only Taiji people who is doing this and this problem isn't really representing Japanese society. Really? The problem is that we Japanese people are basically indifferent this issue. I never heard this issue become big as much as the world is focucing on. In order to think this critically, we must understand this issue by ourselves and then, we have to talk about it.

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Posted in: Gov't to spend Y47 bil on Fukushima water crisis, including ice wall See in context

It is very strange for me to host Olympic in Tokyo, while we are still suffering from the remnant of radio active substances. Where did slogan " Ganbaro Nihon" means "Japan keeps up" go. I know that Japan try to make image of Japan from oversea clean. However, what we need is not clean image. We need to act to help or compensate for those who lost their way of life. Fortunately, I didn't get any damage from disaster. However, tell me how do you feel if you were the victim, when you watched olympic would be held in Tokyo in TV. Presumably, the building cost is pretty high. Can you still merely cheer the player up? Do we forget about something important recently? We need to cheer not the player but rather the victim who had no choice but to give up their dream and way of life.

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Posted in: Kerry says world must act as Obama wins some support for Syria strike See in context

Two things must be stisfied for the U.S. to conduct forces. One, the U.S. must have clear evidence that justify Assad's regime did used a chemical weapon. Second, the U.S. seek to discuss with international community. This include U.K, France and other contries such as EU, Japan etc.

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Posted in: Japan turns up pressure on pro-Pyongyang schools See in context

I know that Japanese society is cloesed society. But still, it is very strange for me about the fact that people in this article want to stay their communities. In this situation, do they really feel they are from Korean? Do you think themselves as Japanese? Definitely not. Such way of thinking by elder people in that society have a bad impact on children's educaiton. I hope that children in that socity can think themselve as who they are even though they have no choice but to live in Japan

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