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Posted in: Actress Yoshiko Mita’s son arrested for 4th time for using stimulant drugs See in context

a schizophrenic is not a "naughty boy" depending on severity their ability to cope without the proper medical regime is pretty much nil...

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Posted in: Increase in otter smuggling cases likely due to their popularity as pets See in context

otters are not pets... holy hell what is wrong with people?

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Posted in: Trump vents anger on NATO allies, EU, Trudeau See in context

Trudeau is not a PC he's a Liberal

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Posted in: White House calls Trudeau back-stabber unworthy of Trump's time See in context

the orange clown's problem with Trudeau is simple.... Trudeau is younger, smarter and better looking

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Posted in: 'Pregnancy rotas' add to working women's woes in Japan See in context

wow... just when you think people can't be any crappier to each other... let's force women to schedule biology...

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Posted in: Stars of feminist Western say movies ready for new gender roles See in context

that's only because the "patriarchy" were the only ones who got any credit...

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Posted in: My girlfriend told me, if this is all I make, we can’t get married, we can’t have children. Honestly, it was pretty shocking to think about. See in context

assuming she will be staying home with any children and they will be living on his income alone then yes she makes sense. does he make enough for rent/mortgage, food, transpo, etc etc ? if not then he does not make enough for them to have kids.

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Posted in: Survey asks Japanese women what professions they don’t want to date See in context

i have a career and work to support myself and I expect any partner to do the same... profession is irrelevant as long as it provides for their needs on its own...

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Posted in: First day See in context

lovely young lady

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Posted in: Man arrested over fatal abuse of 2-month-old son See in context

how does the concept of striking a 2 month old even occur to anyone... guy needs to be put down like a rabid something...

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Posted in: Rare albino dolphin captured in Japan's 'Cove' See in context

this practice is barbaric and unnecessary...

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl declared brain dead; organs transplanted See in context

how heartbreaking for the family.. but how selfless to assist others...

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Posted in: Brilliant use for the almost expired milk in your fridge: It’s time for some milk jam See in context

sweetened condensed milk.. eagle brand

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Posted in: Foreskin clip joints take unwary males for a ride See in context

I've seen a phimosis... that would be enough to make me want to have a circumcision...

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Posted in: Pop idols’ management demands Y8 million in damages after two members caught dating fans See in context

wow... they're pop singers... not candidates for the priesthood... what a ridiculous rule... and anyone who thinks they can control teenage hormones has not learned from history...

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Posted in: Demographic crisis empties out Japan's rural areas See in context

what attracts anyone anywhere usually? a better life... which means a stable economy and jobs... which requires industry of some kind...

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Posted in: California to be first U.S. state to ban plastic bags See in context

I reuse and recycle all plastic bags... if I don't have the option of a plastic grocery bag for garbage then I'm going to have to buy plastic bags in which case there will be more plastic manufactured... just use biodegradable ones...

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Posted in: Man arrested for taking 'normal' picture of woman on train See in context

don't take pictures of strangers without permission

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Posted in: Nursing home employee gets 8 years for fatally assaulting resident See in context

what on earth does someone have to do to get life?

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Posted in: 9 reasons why Japanese men hesitate to say 'I love you' See in context

everyone has a different definition of romance... having a partner that understands that and uses it to show their feelings is what love is all about...

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Posted in: Emperor, empress celebrate 55th wedding anniversary See in context

what a beautiful lady

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Posted in: 17 deaths reported after schizophrenia drug injections See in context

until you live with someone who is a schizophrenic you can't really offer much of anything but terminology... it is a cruel disease... for the other members of family but especially for the one suffering it... and the drugs DO help a great deal... but the side effects are nasty and part of the pathology of it is that they think there's nothing wrong with them...

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