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Posted in: Trump calls for more from Japan as security pact turns 60 years old See in context

Digging for a mutual grave and tension building is utterly stupid.

Have we not learned our lesson from our past ?

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Posted in: Many boats likely from N Korea left neglected on Sea of Japan coast See in context

Is this news worthy or the usual Japan news making ? The news maker I presume does not have proven facts that these boats are from North Korea. The wooden boat could be from anywhere. Trying to finger point just about anything to North Korea may no longer feasible. Public is getting to be better educated.

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Posted in: Senegalese denies involvement in Japan Olympic chief scandal See in context

It wouldn’t be surprising if the investigation proved Japan’s bribing to influence for the 2020 Olympic.

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Posted in: Japan seeks additional preconditions for U.S.-N Korea summit See in context

Just another way of saying, Japan is not happy about on coming Trump-Kim Meeting and throwing its road blocks. How about two hundred thousand Korean girls and eight hundred thousand Korean boys and men who were taken as comfort women and forced labourers by Japanese Government during WW ll. Most of them killed’ disappeared and survivors are not compensated adequately.

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Posted in: Trump praises late Iraqi leader Saddam as terrorist killer See in context

Trump is right on Iraq with Sadam who had control over the region and terrorist group under control. The anarchy and corruption with destruction of Iraq and its people after Sadam is many times worse yet nowhere US is finding solution.

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Posted in: China criticizes Japan over "dangerous" jet scramble See in context

Such provocation regardless who is very dangerous. I say 'stop' nonsense.

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Posted in: U.S. agrees to waive restrictions on Japanese military component imports See in context

Bad news for PEACE.

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Posted in: The path Japan should take See in context

I like to see Japan invest in peace not in war specially with her immediate neighbor nations. Japan should have learned a lesson from past aggression greed which is self destructive at the end. Peace is the way.

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Posted in: U.N. chief praises S Korea, Japan for settling 'comfort women' row See in context

<>Nothing no amount of money or gold can compensate and heal the scars the suffering of 200 thousand comfort Women of Korea. The victims, the voices of the victims, the Comfort Women directly rightfully should reflect in the deal. As the Japanese government after more than 70 years admitting the most terrifying crimes against women and humanity may be a tiny step of progress and that is just a tiny step.

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