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Posted in: Japanese warship takes Asian guests on cruise in defiance of China See in context

Personally, i don't fancy that "cruise" at all! Wheres the pool and deck top bar?

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Posted in: Japanese, EU leaders hail progress in free trade talks See in context

I'll believe it when I see it?

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Posted in: Japan-U.S. test to shoot down ballistic missile fails See in context

What happened to the test missile?

Perhaps it may be more prudent to invest in some good old fashioned American advice in these matters!

"...Duck and cover!"

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Posted in: Princely visit See in context

Getting in the practice I see! He's starting to look every bit the Emperor in waiting and enjoying it as well!

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Posted in: MRJ regional jet on target for first delivery in mid-2020 See in context

Unfortunately, unless this jet offers anything substantially new, then it is not going to succeed. airlines are a fickle bunch and with most of Europe's major airlines already signed up to either Boeing or Airbus its unlikely that the MRJ will have any impact. Japanese airlines will of course buy it, but then they will be expected to, whether they want to or not. But outside Japan, its fortunes are limited if non existent.

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Posted in: Boeing, Airbus take dogfight to Paris Air Show See in context

The airshow comes a little too early for either Russia's Irkut, with its MC-21, or China's Comac, with the much-flagged C919, to be able to showcase their aircraft there, but both will leave little doubt that they expect to win a big slice of the aviation pie in the future.

The problem these manufacturers face is that while attractive, by being cheaper, it doesn't mean that they are in fact going to represent any significant savings for their prospective customers. While I applaud others for trying, the fact will be that Airbus and Boeing will once again dominate the bulk of the orders and the newcomers may mop up a few bids from airlines within their country of origin where governments expect them to buy local designs over international ones. Pity really!

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Posted in: JR West launches new luxury train See in context

Pretty darn cool if you ask me! No way I can afford to travel on it but hey one can dream!

Also, Is it me? or does the end of that thing look like a samurai helmet?

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Posted in: Destroyer came close to sinking after collision; bodies found: Fleet commander See in context

My condolences to the familes of those lost, its always a tragedy when things like this happen.

Serious questions need to be asked now?  All that technology and yet it still got hit? Something went very wrong somewhere.

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Posted in: Japan scouring for maps with 'East Sea' to seek name change See in context

The English Channel is the commonly used and generally accepted name for the stretch of water between the UK and France, although  France prefers to simply call it, "La Manche" or "The Channel". Neither the UK or France take particular issue with either interpretation as it doesn't really make much difference either way.

Let Japan use what it likes on its maps and let Korea use what it want on theirs. All shipping nowadays use GPS for navigation anyway so the likely hood of ships getting confused because of a different name is practically zero.

Anyway not that it matters. With China swallowing up most of the sea lanes in the area it wont be long before the whole ocean is renamed the Chinese Ocean or similar.

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Posted in: Arms show offers Japan venue to build military ties in Southeast Asia See in context

"...Abe's government wants to make arms sales and military technology collaboration a new plank of Japanese diplomacy in Southeast Asia..."

What sort of diplomacy would that be exactly? Gunboat diplomacy perhaps?

Because the best kind of regional cooperation is made at then end of a barrel of a gun? Jeesh! Really? By now I would have hoped that if Japan was serious about reproachment with its Asian neighbours then it would have done it a little more subtly than hold an arms show and say to the world that the best way to do business is to trade in arms!

What with all the proposed changes to Article 9 in the pipe line and now this, I worry that we are simply starting to repeat history here and that it simply wont end well!

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Posted in: Australia to build first prison aimed at isolating militants See in context

Putting all your eggs in one basket is not always the best solution! Is it really wise to place together militant extremists all in the same place?

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Posted in: Gov't to accelerate preparations for choosing new era name See in context

Why not open it to the general public

Brave choice, although in Japan this may work better than the UK! Here, the last time they asked the general public to choose a new name for an important topic, (a new polar research vessel) they came up with Boaty McBoatFace! Lets hope that if it does go to a general poll they wont have the same issues?

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Posted in: Emperor's abdication now legalized but succession remains unaddressed See in context

By Japanese standards, I'm impressed at how quickly this "law" has passed, especially considering the portential opposition amogst the traditionalist to this. However, I feel that with the question of female linage and accession now firmly being asked, the real battles will now begin. Its unlikely that any proposed changes to the herdiatroy line will pass as smoothly and with out substantial opposition, which is a real shame, especially as the majority of the public support such a move.

It has always struck me as odd, that a developed nation, like japan, would still have issue with this. I'm all for tradition and retaining aspects of the past, especially in relation to monarchy, but even monarchy has to move with the times.

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Posted in: Emperor Akihito abdication bill passed by upper house committee See in context

 "...including creating female branches"

Considering how long this has taken to even get to this stage, I think the chances of the "old guard" of traditionalists even contemplating that idea is a pipe dream! Although, I must praise the resolution for mentioning it, as it signals a start but ,the road will be long winding and more than likely conclude in a dead end!

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Posted in: Train stops 30 meters short of platform after driver dozes off See in context

I fear that this is a problem that is becoming wide spread not just in japan but around the world and I think that, while this ended in a relatively minor inconvenience to passengers of 8 minutes it could have been a lot worse. The Croydon tram disaster in London last year, that killed 7, happened as the tram was approaching a station,  was because the driver blacked out or fell asleep (the exact cause is still to be determined) at his post and lost control of the vehicle!  

Anyone who has a condition that could affect their responsibilities in safeguarding other people lives has to be looked after and if necessary moved to another role where they are not  danger to themselves or others.

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Posted in: GOP congressman on Islamic terror suspects: 'Kill them all' See in context

"Kill them all. For the sake of all that is good and righteous. Kill them all."

Because comments like that wont enflame any antagonism towards the west at all?

Saints preserve us! People like this make me feel genuinely ill when I hear what they have to say. Its like one extreme form of religion having a go at an extreme form of an other! Both are as bad as each other and their followers are equally stupid to blindly accept what they have to say as fact or the best way forward!

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Posted in: Australian PM calls Melbourne siege as 'act of terrorism' See in context

What a horrible ordeal for that woman, I feel sorry that for the rest of her life she has to live with what happened!!

Cowards and pathetic idiots like Khayre deserve what comes to them! That special place in hell is waiting for him!

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Posted in: White House tries to regroup, but Trump isn't helping See in context

This disorganisation and stupidity reminds me of those classic chaotic scenes from Dr Stangelove!

"Gentleman you cant fight in here, this is the War Room!"

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Posted in: Japan launches satellite for high-precision positioning system See in context

What makes me laugh is that you would think, according to the comments above, that the human race cant survive with out Wi-Fi in every conceivable place on Earth! Oh no, heaven forbid that at the petrol station or outside the supermarket, or as you walk down the street you cant check your email, facebook or update your twitter, snap chat or Instagram account with a meaningless post of a cat riding a skateboard! 

Contrary to popular belief there was a world with out Wi-Fi and for those that bemoan the lack of it, perhaps you should examine how you live your lives and start talking to other human beings with out the aid of a smart phone! Wi-Fi exists in a lot of places where you actually need it, to liove ones life through the lense of a camera is a wasted opportunity to experience it through your own eyes!

Right rant over, but it had to be said!

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Posted in: Japan amends law for tighter control of ivory business See in context

Nothing else to say on this except, Good!

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Posted in: Do you believe there is intelligent life on other planets? See in context

In November 2013, astronomers reported, based on Kepler space mission data, that there could be as many as 40 billion Earth-sized planets orbiting in the habitable zones of Sun-like stars and red dwarfs in the Milky Way, 11 billion of which may be orbiting Sun-like stars.

Now considering that there are 100 million stars in the Milky Way galaxy alone and an estimated 100 billion galaxies in the Universe (that we can see) that's an awful lot of potential right there! Considering that odds and statistics get bantered around a lot in debates like this is it entirely scientific to declare outright that there is NO life what so ever and also just because we cant see or hear intelligent life doesnt mean it doesn't exist! For all we know we, as humans, don't fit into the concept of intelligent life and are being ignored!

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Posted in: Opposition steps up offensive against Abe over school scandal See in context

This criticism is fine, but until the opposition actual come up with credible policies and a concrete plan of how they will change things, they are being about as effective as an air conditioner on the planet Hoth!

Abe, as usual, will worm his way out of the corruption scandal and the public with popularity ratings staying the same if not better! Everyone knows its corruption but until the opposition can nail him to the wall over this, they will unfortunately remain weak and ineffectual!

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Posted in: Japan, Russia to survey disputed isles in June for joint projects See in context

to assess potential joint economic activities

While I applaud the aim and objective and look forward to a formal treaty, the question has to be asked; what will Putin want in return?  Lets be honest, he's unlikely to just agree to joint cooperation over what he thinks is Russia's territory!

There will undoubtable be a nasty sting in the tail somewhere, something along the lines of access to Japans markets and preferential alloances for Russian businesses. Something I doubt even Abe would be able to swallow considering his links to various business practices. We shall see!

Hope for a lot, expect nothing!

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Posted in: U.S. military in Japan unveil Global Hawk surveillance drone See in context

How long before China issues a formal protest? Shall we say 24 hours?

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Posted in: U.S. may review plan to relocate forces in Okinawa to Guam See in context

That's going to go down like the proverbial lead balloon in Okinawa!

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Posted in: Armed forces to be deployed to key sites in Britain after Manchester suicide bombing See in context

The only ones who loose with be the cowards who think this is acceptable! All this has achieved is to strengthen our resolve to defeat this evil! And win we shall!

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Posted in: U.S., Japanese firms collaborating on new missile defense radar See in context

Using either THAAD or beefed up Aegis radars could, however, anger China

But having a Nuclear armed and unstable regime on its actual land boarder , while at the same time increasing its own military to ensure it can peer on anyone is fine! Hypocrisy at its finest!

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Posted in: 22 dead, at least 59 wounded in Manchester blast; British election campaign suspended See in context

My thoughts go out to the families of those affected, an attack on one is an attack on all of us!

To those who think they can achieve their aims this way I say this to you:

There is a special reserved place in the darkest, lowermost regions of hell for faceless barbaric cowards who think its justified to attack innocent children in the name of some ridiculous cause! No one has the right to remove a young life (or any life) from this world what ever their reasoning!  I hope who ever it was that carried out this atrocity suffered as much agony and pain as those who were hurt by this gross attack on decency! This is cowardice through and through, by showing you can place no value on a human life all it demonstrates is that you are not fit to call your self a human being!

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Posted in: Animator Miyazaki to make new film See in context

This news has made my day! What ever film he decides to make I'm sure will be great!

Have to be honest and say that I'm secretly hoping that this return will not just be a one off, the world needs Miyazaki and his amazing works!

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs bill to allow 1st abdication of emperor in 200 years See in context

Well its about time!

Considering that The Emperor made his intentions clear less than a year ago, this has passed relatively smoothly and quickly and with out too much compromise. I wish the Empreror and the Empress all the best in their retirement!

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