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Jozef comments

Posted in: Diet passes controversial bill to revise immigration law See in context

I was given another visa, had a successful business but choose to leave the most racist country in the world.

it had become unbearable to jump through the hoops. Of course those married to a Japanese can avoid many obstacles.

the intolerance against foreigners will only grow

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Posted in: Jury finds Ed Sheeran didn't copy Marvin Gaye classic See in context

The guy is a very faint copy of James Blunt.

nothing more

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Posted in: New images from inside Fukushima reactor spark safety worry See in context

It is the usual Japanese solution to all problems. Do nothing. In the end the problem will solve itself. That might be in the form of a global disaster but that can’t be helped. Us or European experts would have already solved it but we can not loose face. There are priorities.

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Posted in: 2025 World Expo in Osaka to feature at least 153 nations, regions See in context

Only useful for pork barrel politics and taxpayer paid trips.

a completely outdated format and concept.

For the Japanese , Osaka, taxpayers in particular 20 years of loan and interest payments.

but Dentsu and friends will rake in a few billion again.

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Posted in: Toshiba says it will support ¥2 trillion takeover bid See in context

just a delay again of a final unavoidable bankruptcy. Toshiba is now a near empty shell but Japanese false pride leads to this temporary rescue.

and old fashioned rescue for an old fashioned company. Palliative care. 2 years maybe ?

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Posted in: World Athletics set to tighten transgender rules, lift Russia doping ban See in context

I agree to let Russian and Belarusian athletes compete again in all sports.

transgender man should never be allowed to compete against women.

it is just logic

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Posted in: Asian stocks sink after Credit Suisse takeover See in context

Credit Suisse was also the bank offering up the loan for the Nagasaki casino( oeps IR resort).

not one newspaper mentioned that yet in Japan.

Game over for the Nagasaki license as it was an important part of their application file

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Posted in: Overseas, there is still little understanding of sake and in some cases, storage methods are inappropriate, so we would like to further raise awareness by providing sommeliers with the correct knowledge and other innovations. See in context

It’s the foreigners fault again. We are to stupid to appreciate and correctly handle Japanese products. While the Japanese are so knowledgeable in storing wines in Japan.

Seriously, the problem is that there is no brand identity with Sake, the Japanese restaurants abroad prefer to charge huge markups on cooking sake rather than offer the good products.

marketing is non existent with ugly packaging and outdated promotional campaigns.

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Posted in: New Nissan-Renault alliance no longer aiming for greater synergies See in context

Another 2 years and Nissan is back in the hole where Mr Ghosn got them out from.

bankruptcy is the future for Nissan

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Posted in: Shibuya is home to the most startup companies in the capital. We will be taking advantage of this feature as the driving force for our ward’s development. See in context

Really ? Is that why I pay 160.000 yen to Shibuya ward just to change my address and 38000 a month in local company tax ?

i really felt welcome

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Posted in: Britain and Japan to pay for most of fighter project agreed with Italy See in context

A guaranteed disaster scenario. The project will be scrapped after more than a decade of delays and finally US jets will be bought. But first many pockets must and will be lined

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Posted in: Chris Rock hits back at Will Smith in Netflix livestream See in context

Hit him again but harder.

the only mistake Mr Smith made was to apologize

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Posted in: The Okura Tokyo wins top five-star rating in Forbes Travel Guide 2023 See in context

What a joke. For the old Okura ok. But this is an average hotel in an office tower. No character. Just some left overs from what was once a great hotel. Even the bar is a characterless far cry from the original. Next the Imperial will be destroyed.

shame on Forbes but no doubt they enjoyed a nice suite upgrade.

in my book, not even in the global top 1000.

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Posted in: Company uses whale meat vending machines to promote sales in Japan See in context

Utter disgust for Japans inability to stop senseless killing. It is just to try and proof a misplaced sense of stubbornness . Childish almost if it wasn’t so cruel.

Whalemeat from a vending machine. Kafka at its best.. or should I say worst.


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Posted in: Nitori furniture store guard arrested for shoplifting from Nitori furniture store See in context

Should have waited a bit. Bankruptcy is imminent for this junk store

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Posted in: Hyatt Regency Osaka will soon offer cat-friendly hotel rooms for you and your feline friend See in context

This is out of necessity, as room occupation keeps dropping and the Chinese do not return as the majority is out of money.

not because they suddenly care about pets. Japanese do not care about pets and treat them as toys. To be played with one hour a day and locked up in a little cage for the other 23 hours

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Posted in: Dentsu officials admit to Tokyo Olympic test event bid rigging See in context

Dentsu is a criminal organisation which can continue to commit its crimes of corruption, embezzlement and theft unpunished. It has been doing so for decades. I have moved my sports marketing company after 7 years out of Japan as my investors, staff and myself did not find a level or fair working platform. Even though we were a continuously profitable company I would not stand by anymore seeing federations and companies continue to hire Dentsu in return for kick backs. They were and are fully lined up again and hired for this years swimming WC in Fukuoka, for the 2025 WC Athletics by JAAF, by the Asian Games Nagoya 2026 and of course the Sapporo bid committee. Disgraceful. For all concerned

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Posted in: Japan's foreign worker population hits record 1.82 million See in context

Of course “ students “ should be included in these statistics as the majority actually come to work under the cover of a student visa.

I would not call the vast majority foreign workers but foreign slaves. Underpaid, abused, mistreated.

if Japan wants people to work, they have to start paying them correctly.

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Posted in: Japan’s ramen is too cheap; restaurants should raise their prices, famous soccer player says See in context

Don’t be angry at Honda please, not his fault his brains are in his feet

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Posted in: U.S. media rocked by layoffs amid economic gloom See in context

Good, nothing but fastfood junk journalism these days. Saying or writing what they think sells themselves. That is a journalists only worry these days.

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Posted in: BOJ undeterred by threat to consumers from above-target inflation See in context

This Kuroda has been paid 11 years to do nothing. He has no clue what to do so the Japanese solution is to do nothing.

Japan Inc is finished. I left. Moved the company to Singapore. The disconnect between politicians, the old money clans and the people is complete. 99 % of Japanese and of course, us foreigners, are just expendable commodities for them. Nothing has changed since the times of the Shogun.

but it will soon be all over. Nothing works in Japan anymore. Not economically. But also socially it is dysfunctional. Mikitani and Son can also no longer keep up appearances. Rakuten will have to sell out or sink. Only Yanai still holds out but even Uniqlo, will go under without him.

Actually Japan can only go back to a complete isolation policy or get ran over by the better educated, more competent and less xenophobic Asian and south East Asian neighbors.

China and HK are also finished. South east Asia will take over.

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Posted in: Japan is paying families ¥1 million to move to countryside – but it won’t make Tokyo any smaller See in context

Tokyo’s populAtion is declining and will decline further rapidly because of a shrinking population overal in Japan and less migration from rural areas to Tokyo as less people there. And no real immigration growth. So it is a no brainer that the Kanto population will decline but of course the useless government will claim success for this useless non-policy in a few years as numbers will inevitably keep declining. Depopulating the useless Diet would make more sense.

my wife and I left as I moved my company to Singapore because of taxes, increasing racism and xenophobia, corruption and lack of policy. 2 down for Tokyo

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Posted in: Public faces ¥1 bil annual maintenance bill for privatized National Stadium See in context

If it is privatized it should cost nothing to government.

if it is only an operational management contract ( given to Dentsu ??? ) they will of course make government pay and collect the revenue. The usual.

cost for government and taxpayer income for private operators.

no surprise. The corruption and bribe culture continuous unabated

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Posted in: Kishida to replace reconstruction minister Akiba; 4th minister from cabinet to be fired See in context

The man is clueless. No connection with reality. On the other hand, politicians do not live in the real world but in privileged virtual one. We are just the replaceable and disposable parts in their machinery

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Posted in: Japan set to crack down on stealth marketing, online or offline See in context

3rimes I asked the consumer affairs agency for help. The last time I went in person to their Shinagawa office only to be told they do not accept complaints from… consumers

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Posted in: Finnair to increase flights to Japan, Hong Kong, India See in context

They stole all my mileage while my wife and me had numerous business flights with them between Europe and Japan.

A sad selfish organisation

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Posted in: China hospital data absent from WHO's latest COVID reports, raising concern See in context

China is a dictatorship and oppressing other nations or regions such as Tibet and Hongkong. All said.

but Japan is also lying and understating covid deaths with a factor 10 or more. We are again at around 350 deaths and have been over 300 for a while. That is a ratio of 9000 a month. This was the case in other waves as well. But Japan still maintains it has only about 70.000 covid deaths. That is ridiculous. I know of course over the 3 years since the start recorded deaths are sometimes in the tens per day but many remain unrecorded.

Japans Real covid deaths will be around 750.000 and that compares correctly with numbers in other countries when keeping total population numbers in mind.

lies as always. Japan lives on lies and corruption

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Posted in: 'Japan has no future' is a widespread if not universal feeling See in context

I find myself in agreement with nearly all posts or reaction by Amy Rustin concerning Japans society and economy.

Japan has past the point of no return and is beyond recovery. It is a socialist state where government keeps all the non performing mastodont holdings alive. Toshiba a case in point but just one of many.

I left having no intention to go down with the ship.

the biggest problem is denying reality, ignoring facts and cheating on just about everything. Even on clams as it appeared in a jt article a few days back.

i would advice all foreigners except those married to a Japanese to get a one way ticket out

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Posted in: The yen's low this year is a result of Japan itself becoming weak economically -- a sign of structural problems such as Japan's dwindling export competitiveness and national power. See in context

the problems are well know, the solutions too but Japan prefers to keep its head in the sand and live in the past.

first the education is ridiculously bad also because kids hardly spent time in school. Learning English is still seen as unnecessary. The last generation speaking English in any numbers are now in their late 60’s. The so revered work ethic and productivity are just myths. Hours spent at an office do not mean hard work at the office. Xenophobia and nationalism and protectionism are increasing while the opposition should be happing. The disconnect between politicians and real life is stunning. There is no justice in Japan for foreign companies or individuals. Corporate taxes are 10 % higher than in competing Asian countries and no country has more “ unofficial “ holidays than Japan. The coming New Year holidays will show that again. While the rest of the world will restart on Jan 03 in Japan, for all practical purposes , it will be Jan 12th.

shall I go on…

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Posted in: Japan aims to alleviate overpopulation in Tokyo area by FY2027 See in context

My wife and I left Tokyo in November for Europe, the company to Singapore. 2 less

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