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I'm happy about this decision; the trial in the US was a farce.

Reason, I have been in the design industry (industrial & web) for over 15 years and the so called smoking gun document in the design world is commonly used for competitive analysis when creating products and web apps. The document also clearly stated not to copy and differentiate. I think this sentiment was similarly expressed online by many.

Honestly whoever walked into a store bought a Samsung thinking it was an Apple was clearly smoking crack just like the apple lawyers.

Enjoy Steve's famous quote here

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Posted in: LG releases 'world's largest' ultra-definition TV See in context

Actually this is pretty interesting news. There have already been brodcasts available in UHD - most recently the Olympics Opening Ceremony (nice catch motytrah!), available to everyone in Japan via NHK!. UHD Camaras were introduced back a couple of years ago and we can probably expect the first broadcasts within 3 years or so. Remember that when regular HD and Full HD came out there weren't broadcasts either, but as sales increased so did demand and hence the cable companies followed...Just a little reading up on UHD here would be recommended, its pretty cool stuff!

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Posted in: Pregnant woman, 7-yr-old girl killed after car hits schoolchildren in Kyoto Pref See in context

Just to make sense of all this, he actually wont be tried as a minor, I guess we were ignorant of the law.

Even though Japanese are considered adults at 20, it has nothing to do with the law... Even I rode that bandwagon, but decided to check the actual law...It was change in 2007 to allow in certain cases minors to be tried even if they are 14.

The problem here may actually be that it was a car accident (involuntary vehicular manslaughter), and will depend on the maximum penalty that such an offence has.

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Posted in: Pregnant woman, 7-yr-old girl killed after car hits schoolchildren in Kyoto Pref See in context

Time to change the laws and publicize the name of the driver and joy riders as they do in other parts of the world. God bless the families affected by this tragedy.

This is the right idea:, regardless if it was drunk driving or not, this should be the punishment.

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I think it comes down to Possibility & Probability.

Sure there is a possibility of an earth quake of such magnitude in the next 4 year, however there isn't any statistical evidence to points to it being a probable event. Or better yet, there is a possibility that an advanced Dinosaur Alien race will come and take over the earth tomorrow.

Unfortunately earthquakes are random events (as are Dinosaur Alien Races visiting us tomorrow...would be cool though), if they weren't random then we would be experiencing them on the same day, same hour throughout the year for all of recorded history; which is not the case.

I recall in the 80's they said there would be a big one on the San Andreas fault within 10 years which would destroy LA and cause havoc and mass destruction across the west coast of North America. Was possible, but never happened.

My main point is be prepared as that is all one can do...Nature is just too powerful in this respect.

And keep in mind, a wise seismologist's saying (paraphrasing here), "we still don't know if and earthquake is and earthquake, pre-shock or after-shock."

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Posted in: Tokyo mega-quake would kill over 9,600, simulation shows See in context

There is an advantage Tokyo has over other cities when it comes to flooding or Tsunamis...

Be prepared, that's all you need to be and that's all one can do.

And the 70% chance of an earthquake of 7+ in the next 4 years has already been discredited by international seismologists as well as the people that originally stated it. Earthquakes cannot be predicted!! so I don't know why it keeps on coming up again and again and again and again. Sheeple creation 101?! Give me a break.

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