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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing 15-month-old grandson to death See in context

Just an idea...what if mother did it and grandmother is covering for daughter.

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Posted in: Man who tried to rob convenience store only had 100 yen at home See in context

I think not being homeless is good but how was he supposed to buy food with only 100 yen. He may have tried to find work but was not successful...well, he will get food jail :( but he may lose his home now too, so when he gets out, he will have no place to go. He will not be able to pay rent and that may be why he tried to rob a place.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for killing 72-year-old bedridden husband See in context

Agreed! Stabbing the guy to death does make one question what their relationship had been like! I think I will be a little more thoughtful to my wife from now on and maybe I will get the pillow treatment or thrown into the car and have a garden hose attached from the exhaust, back in through a window. I will even start the car for my her and place my finger prints all over everything so it looks like a suicide so she doesn't face any legal challenges. I would just ask that she play my favorite songs while I fall permanently asleep and all would be forgiven!

Point is be nice to one another and you won't get stabbed in the back as you sleep (or chest and stomach as per this case) Ah ha! You're right!!! Maybe he used to beat her and cheat on her so he deserved it.

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Posted in: Man on bike sprays two girls walking to school See in context

I pray those girls eyes are not damaged. I also pray they catch this scum and lock him up.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stomping on 11-year-old boy, breaking his leg See in context

The kid and his friends might have been smarting off to him and the one wouldn't stop so the guy just snapped then blacked out. Not excusing his behavior at all, he needs mental help to learn to control his temper. However, he did not murder or rape anyone, so I think, "it'll be nutters to knives." seems a bit extreme.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for killing 72-year-old bedridden husband See in context

Excuses...There's not one! If she was so tired of taking care of him, couldn't she have at least helped him die peacefully, rather than bludgeoning him to death? You know he had to feel that mess, and you know it couldn't have been pleasant.

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