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Posted in: Have you ever shopped online from foreign countries? If yes, why? See in context

I buy everything from foreign countries except for my underwear. When I return to Japan from overseas trips I bring what I need (personal items). To aviod embarrassment I don't buy underwear abroad. I have a 'mini-library' at home and 90% of the books are from amazon.com/uk and ebay. I hope at least this comment would be published. LOL

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Posted in: Manga men See in context

A nephew of mine living in Germany loves manga and can draw beautiful/stunning manga. Like a professional manga artist. But, his looks? He looks a real idiot, punk. Like some young guys in Japan. The interesting part? is, he calls me "Manga Uncle," just because I am living in Japan! When I ride the trains in Japan, I am surprised to see Japanese men reading vulgar manga infront of women and children. These people are corrupting/destroying the society.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 4-year-old daughter in Mie See in context

causing a rupture in her right kidney?!! Many scary stories everyday. This safe-country? is going down the drain rapidly, faster than the shinkansen.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi wins 100 U.S. orders for passenger jet See in context

Nice to see fuel-efficient? aircrafts after a long time. The protype MitsubishiA6M1 Zero fighter made its first flight Apr 1, 1939. Hope things would turn for the better.

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Posted in: Rio wins bid for 2016 Olympics; Tokyo eliminated in 2nd round See in context

Ooh, Fleet Admiral Ishihara has lost the battle. The end of another war!

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Posted in: Proxy wedding means Marine's Japanese widow, baby unwelcome in U.S. See in context

biglittleman, your comments are right. I fully agree with you.

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Posted in: World's 1st official MLB restaurant opens in Tokyo See in context

Wedding chapel?? Like the ramen shops at every corner. Ask the pastor about prayers!? or to recite the rosary!? He/she knows just the basics and can only read English/ the bible. The J-idiots who wed here know nothing about Christianity. There are ads on newspapers that say, "looking for part-time pastors"!!

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Posted in: If the government invites U.S. POWs, then it should ask the U.S. government to apologize to the victims of the atomic bombings and the air raids. See in context

CoolCali, I fully agree with your comment. Former U.S. prisoners of war?! How about the others who suffered 'under the Japanese sword??' My Japanese father-in-law who gives conflicting accounts about his military past, loves to criticize, insult the US and US military. Before he was like a 'barking' lion (ex company president), now in his 80s, he is getting closer to a cat! (Acting like a cat, not lion.) WW2 criminals will suffer in h_ll.

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Posted in: Hatoyama says Japan will stay nuclear-free if DPJ wins election See in context

World free of nuclear weapons. Stop..

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Posted in: Japan eyes sending more troops to East China Sea See in context

A step closer to WW3 !!

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Posted in: Child abductions, but not by North Koreans See in context

Why should the Japanese whine about the abductions by NK all the time? Imperial Japan also abducted "innocent people" from other parts of Asia and brought them to Japan as laborers(forced) and prostitutes(comfort women!). They love to deny this past(history). The issue of abduction of foreign parents' kids to Japan must be taken very seriously. There is a possibility that these kids could be used as guinea pig or their organs extracted, as what happens in some countries. Like Kaya's grandparents’ motives for taking Kaya is the monthly government stipend they get for her, some Japanese will do anything for money. I recollect the story published on JT about a woman selling her school-girl daughter. Also, Japan's germ warfare project is evidence of its inhuman qualities.

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