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Posted in: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' smashes box office record See in context

it's because they felt that there were more stories to tell inside that universe, with or without the main characters.

That's my point, when I talk about the other characters in the predominant battles. That's why I was so into Star Wars is because of the other stories, the movies revolve around a central core of characters where as with the other stories in that universe revolve around a different core of characters particular to each story and era. With this new beginning we can see more stories about how everything culminated into the movies, that's why Rebels is so popular and next year's Rogue One will be a big hit too.


Quick, name the general who coordinated the attack on the Death Star in Episode IV. 99.9% of the people on the face of this Earth will not be able to do so, yet he did most of the talking during the planning. Now , name the general planning the attack in Episode VII.

General Jan Dodanna was the General behind the first Death Star and he is mentioned by Princess Leia in the movie, as for Episode VI General Madine created the shield generator plan as he was a defected Imperial Commander, then it was Admiral Ackbar along with Mon Mothma, "Many Bothans died..." and Captain Wedge Antillies who formed the fighter attack coordination on the second death star.

Gee Wiz; General Rieken was leading the Rebels on Hoth during the evacuation in Episode V.

(drop the mic, goes back to the comics in my hole"

PS; also I recommend Aftermath for a good story outside of the main characters immediately after Episode VI.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' smashes box office record See in context

If you imagine an actual military organization, this makes no sense at all.

But that's the real trick isn't it? It's not an actual military organization, it's a wonderful mythical place that is constantly surrounded by back up individuals. The new novels go into the back up characters including families of pilots who were flying in the battle of Endor. There's a comic that speaks about a mother flying away from core of the second Death Star and in the aftermath only wants to get home to her son who she hasn't seen in three years. There's a story of an Imperial officer who was afraid and hid in the forest during Han Solo's attack on the shield generator. This is how real it gets. We don't delve into this for the reality of it, that's an asinine line of thinking. We love these movies because these characters exist and are able to do things that wouldn't normally go their way. I can go watch CNN or the Pentagon channel if I wanted what you're asking for.

By the way, the resistance sent the x-wings in for back up.

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Posted in: U.S. reportedly plans to deploy Osprey at Yokota base See in context

The Admiral and head of this base ( Yokota ) stayed at the hotel I was working. I got on very well with him and his family and Joe invited me to have Xmas dinner with them. I had some really interesting conversation with Joe.

Oh hey John, I didn't know they had Navy Admirals in charge of US Air Bases, weird I always thought they hung out on Boats. And I'm pretty sure the Yokota website shows Col Douglas Delamater as Wing Commander, maybe Joe is a nickname.

I'm sorry, whoever that was that you talked to was tugging your pull string.


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Posted in: For those of you who have lived abroad a long time, does it feel strange when you go back home? See in context

I've been living abroad about 8 years now to include both Japan, England, and the Philippines. when I left my home there was a grocery store two gas stations and a Denny's at the exit off the highway. I went home last April and I don't recognize the place anymore. I always wanted to go back home and feel at home when I went there. That doesn't happen anymore. I feel like my heart where I left it has been bulldozed and paved over to make way for commercial enterprise. It's somewhat disheartening but at the same time, it allows me to embrace the rest of the world as my home rather then just one single place to lay down at. I'm not fluent in Japanese but there's something about wondering the train system in Tokyo, or driving through Shinjuku at night that makes me feel just as at home as I ever did during high school. I lived two hours outside of London but when I did get down there on the tube, and just hung out at Trafalgar Square just watching the people travel, or watch the performers try and earn a quid or two at Victoria Market or down in the park by the Eye, I get that same feeling. That everything is okay and that I do belong and I don't need to feel homesick. Home has done nothing but change since I left, but these places while do change as well it's the big city that never lets up, the cities that embrace me whether I'm from there or not. They welcome me and I feel it. That makes all the difference.

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Posted in: Korean protest See in context

Or...stop telling another country how to govern themselves. Last I checked, Japan doesn't need permission from Korea to make decisions about Japan's laws. Pretty sure they're still separate countries.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl dies after being hit by car in Tottori See in context

Just a little culture shock to you guys 3 and 5 year old children go to and from home on a daily basis. They are taught maturity and responsibility long before we even quit wearing diapers. There is a difference between leaving kids alone, and elderly driving over them and not paying attention. The old man said so himself, do not be quick to judge these parents after they lost one of their children. It's not their fault there are no requal driving tests for the elderly.

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