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Rural, lower economic areas like Kochi, (where in-laws live) are the backbone of the military.(see many maps on Google).

US high schools offer ROTC programs, Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. US News and World Report article says 3,000 USA high schools have this program which emphasizes its leadership training. JSDF needs a better PR program if bayonetting is the main skill offered.

Certain train stations like Higashi Oume in Tokyo have SDF recruiting posters and is near a large high school.

When I was in high school, we had recruiters visit the school or even call our homes, male or female to entice us to join the military.

Wonder how many schools in Japan do that?

I know of one rural private school where high school students are required to take the JSDF entrance exam (not required to go), in addition to the Center and other exams.

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Today, I found out that my husband ripped out and discarded a plant outside of mine. Years ago, I would have really gotten angry and hurt and it would have led to a fight. Decades into a marriage, I am planning to simply write a note explaining what that "weed looking plant in the white planter" was. I am not going to verbally discuss it. It is a better choice to write about that type of plant and tell him why it is in the shade like that. Its season finished, it is blissfully waiting quietly for next spring. It does look like a weed and is hard for me to get. I think I rescued it. Point of story is that as we age, we become more able to see what is important. Sure, I am annoyed by the action, but I realize it was an honest mistake and he was actually trying to help, with an unfortunate consequence. By yelling, I will not only start to hate that plant anyway, I will lose his desire to help. In the end, I lose too much. So, a note with the plant's description is easier. Live and learn and forgive and help. Marriage.

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I was invited to this event last year. I was astounded by the display of weaponry this event showed in terms of ground and air machinery. Tanks and missile launchers literally shoot at targets facing Mt. Fuji's base. It was terribly hot sitting on the tarp that covered the volcanic rocky ground. A few stands are available but we got the front rows. Very crowded. And once you know what to listen for, you can feel the vibrations of the missiles all around the Fuji area including eastern Yamanashi and western Kanagawa. Yamanashi prefecture has made announcements to "calm" the many people who were wondering what the bombing feeling was. It is announced on the websites when they will have their drills, sometimes combined with US military.

I am glad no one was hurt! Seems that invitations are offered regularly. Don't know about attending otherwise. Many of the spectators really get excited when those missiles go off! But, not something many of us see or hear. Helps to understand the people who have to live with explosions regularly in war-torn areas.

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Posted in: 17-year-old youth arrested for stabbing mother and grandmother See in context

Thanks, katsu78

Japan really should encourage its young to try many different activities, study, volunteer, build things! I have a niece who went to uni, quit, went to a vocational school, got a skill, and is not building her own Tiny Home to take that skill on the road. Young people should be allowed to be young and university should be accessible to adults of all ages. University, itself, should be a place where students are given many real opportunities, not just make it to the next exam and then onto the civil servant exam, and then post job, they are made to put life aside in hopes of a promotion!! I have many young adults in my neighborhood, I rarely see them. Growing up, they were building cars.

katsu78Aug. 22, 2015 - 02:29PM JST

"The education - work pipeline probably is a contributor. Japan is a country where basically your entire social status for your entire life is decided by the actions you take when you are 17-18, the age when most people's hormones are at peak "screwing with your mind" level. Some "ronin" can re-take university entrance exams a year or so after they failed, but it's practically unheard of to say, get a vocational diploma, work in the world for a few years, realize you made a mistake, go back to university and come out a professional with real chance of getting back onto a career track.

Frankly, under that kind of pressure, I think it's amazing we don't see this happen more often. Which isn't to say I excuse his behavior at all. Throw the book at this kid. But if I were looking at this story as a university administrator or a politician on a committee involving labor regulations, I'd seriously take these sorts of stories as a warning that the country needs some kind of safety valve to lower the pressure."

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Serious question: What is the correct procedure for dousing the flames of a person on fire? I learned about drop and roll but not sure about fires starting from fuels like gasoline.

I googled it.

But, this one sight just shows kitchen or camping fires, not self-emoliation.....

But, in all seriousness, this really happened in a rural town recently, when two elderly men were fighting around 6 a.m. One stabbed the other and one of them lit the other on fire. Both caught fire and both are in critical condition. People on the way to school and work saw them. Seems some helped.

So, it seems that this is something we really have to become aware of like AED.

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Posted in: Their claims are based on their self-centered and extremely egoistic thinking that they don't want to go to war. We can blame postwar education for such widespread selfish individualism. See in context

"Their (ie any politician in any country on any continent) claims are based on their self-centered and extremely egoistic thinking that they don't want to go to war. We can blame postwar education for such widespread selfish individualism."

-parenthetical content added. What a brilliant quote when the pronoun is redefined!

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We used to get pop up adds for US military during online searches aimed at young males. I don't notice this now, but SAT searches, for example, often had ROTC advertisements. We bought some US boys magazines and a few of them included CD-ROMs for military games aimed at young teens. I notice some train stations near particular Japanese public high schools have JSDF recruitment posters. Some males here get post cards with ads to join the military. When I was in my senior year of high school in the USA, I got direct phone calls from military recruitment centers. Eagle 810 radio station out of Yokota runs ads saying that people can get a commission on each person they encourage to join the military. List of incentives:

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How many nuclear bomb survivors are there around the world where tests were done in say, Nevada, USA, the Pacific Islanders, Kazakhstan, and how many survivors are alive who have experienced making these bombs at nuclear bomb plants in the former USSR or the USA? Interviews with these people are being recorded and can be seen at various sites on the Internet. The experiences of those involved with the processing, storing, transporting, testing, just living near such places are available for the listening and reading. Their voices are also necessary to hear. There was another half century of nuclear bomb activity around the globe after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That many more casualties and survivors. At least one major nuclear bomb factory has been turned into a wildlife refuge with and infinity room in the center. This borders a luxury home development. The municipal drinking water for several communities came from water stored in resevoirs that received water from the contaminated nuclear bomb plants for decades. "Truth is stranger than fiction" as they say.

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Our biracial daughter was asked by a major bookstore a few years back where her father worked, maybe assuming it was the father who was non-Japanese, what her favorite book was, grades at school, not where her parents were from, and she had to write it down on the official application (except her grades),

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Posted in: What is the most environmentally friendly way to keep cool in summer? See in context

Grow, buy and eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Make cold veggie soups from tomatoes and cucumbers. Cold miso soup is also good. Freeze fruit and fruit juices for snacking and eating with yogurt. We like tokoroten a lot with Myoga and or shiso leaves. Red shiso leaves make a great summer drink with honey to combat the heat (add gin or the like in evenings). Make kaki gori with own fruit toppings for fun. They can be heathy, too. Somen, and other cold noodles, Other things are kiddie pools for adults and children alike on balconies, or we use old plastic drawers for the dogs after walks or to just dip our feet in like when we hang laundry. Watery cleaning like mopping, bathtub, washing windows is a also a great way to stay cool. It is hard, but embracing sweat and showers and cool foods is the best way. We keep lights off, too which seems cooler. Naps are necessary, too. If it is too hot, it is just unbearable, really!

I used to hate Japanese summers. Don't really like them still unless able to stay home. I think schools should definitely close for the summer. No running allowed between 11 and 2, for example.

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Deer Tail, Colorado actually VOTED whether or not people with a hunting license should be allowed to shoot down drones flying within their town limits!! (Add THAT to the thrill of fireworks and drones!) ((spoiler alert....nah, read the article!)

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I have a question made from a recent observation.

I sat on the train next to a middle aged Japanese male one school day. The man had a sketch book and was sketching people. Part of me thought that was interesting and he "must be an artist... or mangaka, perhaps." It turned into kind of a creepy feeling for me and went from "interesting" to "should I tell someone or ask him to stop or at least tell the junior high school girl (only one girl, not both....) that they were being sketched? I later asked adults and they mostly said, "oh, he must be a mangaka." Hmmm.... I still did not feel good about it and asked them if that was the same as taking pictures of girls on trains. Most did not see the connection. So, last week, I talked with some female high school students. I asked them and they said that for them, taking pictures was unforgivable and a crime, but sketching them seemed even worse, because to sketch someone the artist has to focus for a longer and more intense period of time. They did not like that at all!!!

So, there is a small survey that tells me it is possibly not art if one does not want to have it done to themselves. I have yet to meet a high school girl who is happy that middle aged men or younger men or even women get excited about drawings of girls being raped, intimidated or molested. I know personally of one young man in the USA who asked high school girls to take pictures for his band's album cover. Turned out he also "collected" photos of the young daughter of the woman he lived with in various poses. Arrested.

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Yamanashi Prefecture suffered much rain and damage from landslides.In western Kanagawa, and eastern Yamanashi, the ground is saturated and even when the typhoon passes, trees and soil will be a threat for many for a good while. Did you see the 10 meter wall crash down from the house it was supporting? The house was left hanging over the ledge. In this area, the roads were flooding, gutters were spilling over, the Chuo Honsen line between Takao and Otsuki stopped completely and today, stop and go at best. Route 20 opened and closed and the Chuo Highway west of Hachioji closed but opened in the night. Open one way only this a.m. Actually, I was able to drive a family member over the Takao pass but was stranded in Takao for the entire day and into the evening as Route 20 west of Takao immediately closed after we got off. It just rained buckets and buckets all day west of Takao, but in Takao, it was off and on. Other family and friends said it rained lightly off and on in Tokyo. JARTIC has an interactive map that shows road closures. Many smaller, but essential roads remain closed.

Now we have a new landslide alert for our phones and tablets. Went off a few times last night for at least Kanagawa and Yamanashi prefectures.

Schools were closed in parts of Yamanashi, Kanagawa and Hachioji today (the 17th).

Again, we became aware of how dependent we are on good tunnels, train lines and roads to stay connected to Tokyo.

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Got the reminding postcard on Saturday. Went to Tachikawa today. Crowded but finished within 3 hours! The place to go for Yamanashi and Sagamihara-shi residence as well as Tokyo. Had a nice nap. Staff was kind. Most were there for this purpose by the looks of it. Met a woman from Hong Kong and we went to a cake shop afterward at the station! Don't have to renew it again for 7 years. A pair of 3 year-olds made a strong friendship there, too.

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Saturday, I was walking in a rural town near a busy street. Saw two 2yr olds holding hands on a street toward the intersection! I asked where their okaasan was. They were too young to talk. I got them to stay in the parking lot, a woman getting gasoline watched them as I got someone from the 7-11 to take them into the store. They started crying (of course!) and wanted to go back to their mommy..... so the gasoline customer and the 7-11 clerk carried them screaming toward the direction they pointed toward. I have no idea what happened then, but 7-11 at least knew about it and the police station was next door!! I kind of suspect they were at a nearby medical clinic and wandered off. I had never seen them before nor had others in the area. scary!!!

I cannot even phathom kids playing alone outside near a train track!! There was an area on the Chuo Line that people said was full of ghosts beckoning children to enter. Really scary place. It worked to keep children from going near.

Terrible for the child that died, the one struggling to stay alive, survivor's guilt looming, and the train driver who will NEVER be free of that image.....EVER!

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akoppaJun. 13, 2015 - 11:02PM JST "It is a very bad idea to let a tortoise crawl in a hard surface. I know that cause I had an small tortoise at home when I was a kid. Tortoises living in hard surfaces always end with deformed legs, feet, toes and claws. They suffer enormously, let alone if you let kids to ride them."

Wonder if tortoise boots would help and let him get the exercise?

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"By country, the greatest number came from China—404,000, which was a 110% increase over 2014, followed by Taiwan (up 29.9% to 335,100)."

Would this be a good time to add Chinese to the languages taught in high school? A few high schools are having seniors learn a third language, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish. But, perhaps earlier would be better for those with a good grasp of English, like returnees or long term homestay students.

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He said the tortoise would outlive him. I hope they have a will that provides for his care after they are gone. Being in the funeral business, they no doubt have thought of that, I am sure. Lovely story. Thanks.

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Posted in: 54 SDF members sent to Iraq, Indian Ocean committed suicide over 10-year period See in context

Thank you for that post, Harvey!

harvey pekarMay. 28, 2015 - 08:04PM JST

Suicide is major issue amongst the military, active and retired. Has been since... well, since records of war has been kept. Here's some more striking information...

In early 2013, the official website of the United States Department of Defense announced the startling statistic that the number of military suicides in 2012 had far exceeded the total of those killed in battle—an average of nearly one a day. A month later came an even more sobering statistic from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: veteran suicide was running at 22 a day—about* 8000** a year. !!!!!!!

Some have claimed that this spate of self-harm is because of the stresses of war. But the facts reveal that 85% of military suicides have not seen combat—and 52% never even deployed.

...all evidence points in one direction: the soaring rates of psychiatric drug prescribing since 2003. Known medication side effects of these drugs such as increased aggression and suicidal thinking are reflected in similar uptrends in the rates of military domestic violence, child abuse and sex crimes, as well as self-harm.

Pull the string further and you’ll find psychiatrists ever widening the definitions of what it means to be “mentally ill,” especially when it comes to post traumatic stress disorder in soldiers—and PTSD in veterans. And in psychiatry, diagnoses of psychological disorders such as PTSD, personality disorder and social anxiety disorder are almost inevitably followed by the prescription of at least one psychiatric drug.

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Posted in: Pentagon announces it will deploy Ospreys at Yokota in 2017 See in context

Just more planes. Nothing new to people living in "the outskirts of Tokyo," like Ome, Hachioji, Tachikawa, Mitaka, Sagamihara, Kanagawa and Yamanashi. They fly other air craft regularly. This is just additional. Air base means air craft. Look up.

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This is not a sign of there not being enough real news coverage of of oversensitive animal lovers bemoaning a dead cat. It is news because there is a recorded and recent history of any number of crimes against people, specifically children, murders if you will, where the murderer had on at least one occasion murdered a cat or two. There is a link between the gruesome murder of cats and the potential ensuing crime. More than any other animal, feral cats seem to be the target of anti-social behavior. They represent something that the person resents or longs for and can't have. What? Independence. Inner peace. Freedom. Even community among other cats. There are any number of jounals online where experts show the link between animal abuse and human abuse. There are links between dog fighters and domestic violence.

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Posted in: Pronunciation anxiety: Many Japanese people don’t want to speak English unless it’s perfect See in context

Two non-Japanese customers were at Subway's yesterday. They did not speak Japanese at all. I observed them ordering. Very interesting. They were not native speakers of English themselves. They gave their orders in very clear, succinct English phrases. The Japanese sandwich makers (proper term??) spoke according to their Japanese manual asking in Japanese if they wanted all toppings, French fries, anything to drink, and even the amount to be paid was said in Japanese. After receiving the food, the two non-native English speaking non-Japanese said, "Thank you" cheerfully to which the reply was "domo arigatou gozaimashita". And so it goes. English was completely unnecessary for the workers. Zip. Nada.

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Well, yes, in a sense you are correct in saying that legal procedures ARE different in Japan. I have yet to hear about a police officer chasing down a person and shooting him in in the back instead of arresting him and letting him have that much coveted US court of law. I am glad there are citizens like yourself who will, being State side, do what you can to make sure that that US court of law and the justice system is upheld for ALL. It would be a travesty if people were to get the wrong idea that one could be shot in the back at any given moment without having their day in court.

Here is a little something .......about 35 pages on the Miranda Rights from the Miranda vs. Arizona case ....1966

Not many of will take the time to read it...I just copied it and will see if I can get through it. Probably not before the NEXT person is SHOT to DEATH without receiving their right to remain the sense of not talking not in the sense of,.....being too DEAD to talk!!

May all human beings residing in the USofA be legally tried of a crime in a US court of law with an appointed attorney if necessary and a jury of their peers (of a VARIETY of backgrounds!!!!) and not just be shot a multitude of times on an assumption!!!

This is a problem and even today, some 3rd graders asked me why Americans love guns so much..... I certainly was at a loss so I just said, "I really haven't the slightest idea."

Texas A&M AggieApr. 09, 2015 - 05:36PM JST

"@Mirai: Only in your mind (and of others) he's guilty. Guess legal proceedures are different over there in Japan. Here in the U.S., he's yet to be convicted of a crime in a U.S. court of law."

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Posted in: Tsarnaev guilty on 30 counts over 2013 Boston Marathon bombing See in context

I completely agree. We have a legal system with justice decided by a court. I don't know why comments about prisoners serving justice in the form of murder or rape or physical abuse is constantly raised. I am not denying that injustices toward prisoners happens, but cheering those acts of violence is not part of our justice system. It is likely that anyone writing of the "prisoner justice" acts has never stepped foot into a prison and knows of no actual case of prisoners serving "justice" other than a lot of Hollywood films from the 1930's onward.

kcjapan wrote "prisoners are not society's executioners." Excellent. I also have no sympathy for this person nor do I deny his crimes. Prisoners are likely in there trying to do what is necessary to be released from prison at some point, not in there to commit a crime that would only extend their term.

kcjapanApr. 09, 2015 - 10:42AM JST

*"I would completely disagree." with "There is no justice if justice is left to prison vigilantes." - comments

The point of the statement: 'There is no justice if justice is left to prison vigilantes.' is an important distinction. It isn't justice to release the guilty party into the prison system for the inmates to murder in retribution.

Justice means the guilty answers for their crime and society imposes the penalty.

In this case, the guilty is deserving and qualifies for the death penalty in seventeen counts. Inmates aren't societies' executioners. The assumption that they should be or that their murder of the guilty is justice is appropriate is flawed.

Prisoners are prisoners. An executioner exacts the justice the court determines*

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It is a reality for a great many US citizens that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki only sparked the onset of the realities of living with nuclear weapons for another 50 years during the Cold War, in the process of working with the production or storage or the release of other chemicals necessary in the production process, or in the case of having family members in the factories, the military and even nearby neighborhoods live with long drawn out cases of Cancer and the compensation that has only come to some far too late, some not alive to receive it, others working after the arbitrary cut off date given. But, more and more, the people involved with this part of US history are gaining recognition. Part of that is seen at the Trinity memorial focused on in the article. May they and others who deserve it benefit from the 1990 Radiation Exposure Compensation Act.

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Posted in: Thousands visit Trinity on anniversary of A-bomb explosion See in context

We also need to remember those who continued to work in the A-bomb factories in the USA in several states who were in charge of making the small plutonium pits that were to be used to test in the Pacific Ocean and in Nevada, Utah and Colorado. Some places mined the uranium throughout the western US, processed the plutonium and shipped it by train through residential areas to be made into the pits that were later shipped to other facilities for storage... some waste stored outside in rusting barrels! Some of the plutonium is actually missing or unaccounted for! Where'd it go? Many communities were developed because of these A-Bomb factories and dependent upon them for work and they led to further development of even more communities even closer to the factories that sometimes had documented but hush hushed fires or leaks. Some of these communities even got drinking water from reservoirs that got water from sources that flowed under these factories. Fascinating and frightening to know that so few knew what was happening so close to their communities, literally within a few miles! Kudos to those who research and care. Some luxury homes are being built in areas that were once off limits to people. Definitely should ask "what was this land say.... 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 years ago? Why wasn't it developed?" before purchasing a home built on "pristine land!" A lot of people are buying homes only to find out after they move in that they are next to atomic weapons manufacturing land.

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Posted in: Chinese skipper avoids jail term in Japan coral poaching case See in context

"Last month, Japanese authorities said they had laid coral-poaching charges against crew from a record 16 Chinese vessels in 2014.

The maximum fine for poaching in territorial waters tripled in November to 30 million yen."

There are Japanese coral gathering boats as well. Are they poaching or do they have a legal quota? Check out some of the fishing ports or tourist sights in Shikoku that sell coral jewelry and cuff links or necklaces or art. Always wondered about that. Some fishermen sell them little by little to Chinese buyers to supplement or replace their fishing income.

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Posted in: 'Haafu' to represent Japan at Miss Universe 2015 See in context

This is a new era!! I was in 2 public school high school classrooms yesterday and there were....about 7 Japanese students with parents or grandparents from outside Japan (Philippines, Columbia, US, Brazil, China, Korea, Peru) but who were by birth, race, citizenship, culture, language, JAPANESE. They were so happy to see ARIANA (I think we should use her name here) be chosen to represent Japan as a Japanese. My own adult multiracial children are happy and so are their other multiracial friends in Japan. Japan. A land of various kinds of people. They even have recognized that AINU are indigenous. Go, Ariana! GO!

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Posted in: 'Haafu' to represent Japan at Miss Universe 2015 See in context

Somehow a letter I sent was not printed (nothing controversial).

We are really excited for Ariana to have been chosen. Students I have of various racial combinations are excited, our own multiracial, multicultural children are excited. She has a great gift for communication, said she had to lose a lot of muscular bulk needed for her hobby of heavy motorcycle touring, and she is really a great role model and is not from Tokyo, but from Nagasaki and on and on. I think she is really just a young person whom we can watch with enthusiasm. Never cared much for Miss Universe pagents but watching this one for sure!! And, it is not the last thing Ariana will be doing with her life. In ten years, she will surely be doing something else and enjoying whatever it is! GO, ARIANA! GO!

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy playing tag with friends hit and killed by car in Tokyo See in context

In the afternoon, around 4:30, I drive on a small road and know where to slow down as a mother and her son play catch ball in the street in front of their house. She listens for cars and gets out of the way! But, still! It is so dangerous. The shrine park nearby doesn't allow ball throwing!

Another street, I have to remember the older women who swap leftovers after dinner around 8p.m. THey cross the street back and forth to a relative's or neighbor's home with a pot of food!

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