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Posted in: What do you think about the custom in Japan of women giving chocolates to their male co-workers on Valentine’s Day as a form of “obligation,” and then receive chocolates back from the men on White Day See in context

It is all commercialism and propaganda. The chocolate companies did a great job on promoting such a practice. Now that it has become a custom, they can sit back and watch the chocolate sales skyrocket on Valentines and White Days. The chocolate company owners are laughing their way to the bank. Cha-ching!

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Posted in: Stamp for gift-wrapping paper See in context

Have we become too lazy to write even just a few words/characters? What's next -- pre-recorded messages so we don't have to open our mouths to say Hello, Thank you, or I'm sorry?

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Posted in: Sit back and relax See in context

I don't think I can sit back and relax in something this expensive. I'll be worrying about how I will be able to pay the credit card I used to pay for it.

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Posted in: Man feigns death for 3 hours to avoid police questioning in Osaka See in context

My mother once said, "The most difficult person to wake up is the one who is already awake."

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Posted in: Some hotels in Tokyo, Osaka slash rates by 55% See in context

Is this a joke? Check out the link given above http://article.japanican.com/en/articles/japanican_special_yen_buster.html and you'll see rates for one person based on double occupancy. This means the rates are at least twice of what you see in the website. These rates are not a bargain at all!

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Posted in: 1,100 don masks in Marunouchi theater for special screening of virus movie See in context

What a great publicity stunt! I definitely would like to see this movie!

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Posted in: Kobe Luminarie See in context

OMG! It looks spectacular! I wish I was there!

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Posted in: Cranberry Party See in context

With high sugar, high fat, high calorie foods easily available like this, Japan is on its way to joining the US in its high rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

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Posted in: Fiji's Air Pacific scrapping flights to Japan See in context

Another sad consequence of global recession.

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Posted in: Malaysia Airlines to allow cell phones on flights See in context

“This is one of the in-flight service comforts that we are introducing on a trial basis for our customers.”

Bad move for Malaysian Airlines. Comfort for whom? It sounds more like discomfort and annoyance to me. Passengers deserve peace and quiet. Who wants to sit next to a person talking on a cell phone? I hope there will be designated "Cell Phones Allowed" seats in a particular area of the plane.

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Posted in: Man commits suicide in train toilet See in context

I hope the authorities investigate this thoroughly before dismissing it as a case of suicide. While a neck wound may be easily fatal, such is not the case for a self-inflicted wrist wound. Committing suicide by cutting the wrist is like trying to kill oneself by holding one's breath.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing father with ax in Miyagi See in context

The news did not mention why the son axed his father. It is true that the son committed a crime regardless of the reason, but first ask why he did it before you condemn him. Perhaps the father abused him? Perhaps the father beats the mother and the son had enough of it?

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Posted in: Nike, Adidas compete for naming rights for small park in Tokyo See in context

Why not divide the park into two and have each company manage their respective areas of the park? Competition between the two will result in improvements and the people will benefit from it.

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Posted in: Doctors use plane technology to make new heart See in context

“An artificial heart is an interesting idea, but we should focus on the established treatments we already have,” Swedberg said.

I think we should focus on preventing heart disease to begin with! Eat healthy, exercise, and don't smoke!

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Posted in: Japanese army major dies during visit to Iwo Jima tunnel See in context

If the name Iwo Jima has already been changed to Iwo To, why did the news item still use the old name? A better statement would have been:

... collapsed while visiting a wartime tunnel on Iwo To, previously known as Iwo Jima, and later died, ....

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Posted in: Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother slain in Chicago See in context

Domestic violence is real. If you or anyone you know may be a victim, seek help now before it is too late.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist dies snorkeling in Australia See in context

Was he wearing a life vest? There are some snorkelers who don't think they need to wear one because they get over confident in their ability to swim. I hope readers learn from this sad incident -- wear a life vest!

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Posted in: Northwest collects extra fees from JAL passengers by mistake See in context

I don't think JAL was at fault here. It was Northwest's computer glitch that resulted in the collection of the surcharges. If it wasn't caught, would Northwest have refunded the money?

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Posted in: Singer-songwriter teaches Japanese kids the fun of learning English See in context

I have not seen any of his shows but I think it is a great tool for learning a foreign language. I wish there was similar show for English speaking kids who are studying Japanese.

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Posted in: Delta launches new SkyMiles award structure See in context

OK, what's the fine print on the new and seemingly beneficial change? 99.9% of the time, these "improvements" make it more difficult for frequent fliers to get a free flight. I guess I'll check frequentflier.com for more information.

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Posted in: What do you think society will be like 20 years from now? See in context

The US will probably not be the super power it used to be. We are seeing signs of this downfall beginning to happen right now. Which country will it be 20 years from now? China? India? Japan?

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Posted in: Top tips for flying with tots See in context

If all else fails, how about Duct Tape?

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Posted in: Naked Briton detained after swimming in Imperial Palace moat See in context

What happened to the bag? I hope the pole he used was long enough to successfully fish the bag out of the moat.

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Posted in: Japanese girls go sexier in their fashion styles See in context

It is a free world. Let them wear what they want. If it offends you, you are free to look at something else. Don't impose your standards on others because you have no right to do so.

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Posted in: Hawaiian Airlines urges travelers to U.S. to be aware of new immigration measures See in context

And the US tourism authorities are wondering why tourists are not coming to the US.

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Posted in: As fares and fees rise, passengers want service See in context

A better title for this article is, "As fares and fees rise, passengers want less torture."

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Posted in: How difficult or easy is Japanese to learn, compared to other languages? See in context

Compared to other languages, speaking Japanese is easier. However, learning how to read and write is more difficult.

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Posted in: U.S. serviceman breaks into love hotel room See in context

If he got hurt, he can sue the love hotel owners for millions. Ooops...this happened in Japan, not in the US.

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Posted in: GOP convention opens amid talk of Palin's unmarried daughter being pregnant See in context

Pregnant single teenage daughter? If Gov. Palin, like Pres. Bush, starts promoting abstinence as an effective method to prevent pregnancy, AIDS, and other infections, I am going to puke my guts out! Preaching abstinence to these teenagers does not work! They will have sex and that's the truth. Teach them to use condoms and contraception instead!

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