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Posted in: China calls for independent monitoring of treated Fukushima water See in context

Sure, in exchange lets hold every Chinese factory to the same standard ;)

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Posted in: 'Please regulate AI:' Artists push for U.S. copyright reforms but tech industry says not so fast See in context

But where's the problem, why do they fear an additional distribution channel? If someone gives an AI the prompt for artificially producing new artwork that is based on existing human artwork and contents of the AI data feed, then the AI 'knows' it from the input order prompt or from what it chooses itself during processing or generating. Then this following output is not freely displayed, only partly or descriptive, then offered to the requesting customer and of course it becomes a product that has to be paid for and is object to copyright, sales tax and so on. And from that money influx pool , minus AI operating and maintenance costs, the human artists are then paid too. I guess that's something those AI computers or blockchain systems could easily handle and such helping the artists and multiply their selling efforts.

Because that would destroy their whole money making idea. They found a way to take bits and parts of the whole worlds art and media library, then put it back together into new content that is changed enough to not fall under copyright. Why invest into new movies and media when you can just resell what you don't own.

AI advances will just go up the ladder until there is very few left that is able to make money on it, the people cheering for AI now will be the ones complaining in a couple of years.

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Posted in: YouTuber arrested for allegedly slandering woman in unblurred video See in context

The main thing here is that the person was actually doing something bad, but since in Japan slander laws is about everything no matter if it's true and a know fact, if the person in question find it offensive they can sue and most probably win. Japan has a lot of Youtubers which make content about catching people taking up skirt pictures or paying under age girls for XXX, these channels will most likely go down the same route.

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Posted in: EU opens probe into TikTok, YouTube over child protection See in context

Youtube have Youtube kids, especially made for kids, if they are on Youtube anyway that's on the parents.

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Posted in: Video chat service Omegle shuts down following years of user abuse claims See in context

Not sure how they could sue and win based on that, in that case any device/app used for communication could be sued if a crime happened after using their device/app to communicate, basically most crimes. But I guess they blame the random algorithm and because of it they are seen as the matchmaker.

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Posted in: There's too much guesswork in renting an Airbnb; company trying to fix that See in context

Only time a listing should be able to have a cleaning fee is when they have an option to skip it and clean yourself. If not it should always just be one price, no need to make things more complicated.

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Posted in: Kishida unveils ¥17 trillion stimulus package as poll numbers slump See in context

add more taxes then give back half of it as a one time handout to make yourself look good. Anything other than a permanent tax decrease has no real effect to our lives long term and is only meant to trick simple minded people into keep voting for LDP. Also news of handouts like these further devalues the Yen.

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Posted in: Japan 'on standby' to take all possible steps amid yen decline See in context

Japan have just been buying time delaying what is to come. No easy solution to this, either way the average person making their wages in yen will have a bad time.

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Posted in: Chinese grabbing up Tokyo real estate See in context

As with everything else when it comes to China, governments really needs to start putting restrictions on countries not participating in the open market. Companies and individuals will always go after the money, doesn't matter who you are selling to. We all want an open market, but it doesn't work when some countries can buy up companies and land in other countries but they don't allow foreigners to do the same in theirs. In China as a foreigner you are only allowed to buy a property if you have lived there for a year or more, you are only allowed to buy one property and you are not allowed to rent it out. Also all land is owned by the CCP, so after 70 years it's not yours anymore.

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Posted in: Israel pushes deeper into Gaza and frees Hamas captive; Netanyahu rejects calls for cease-fire See in context

This is a bad situation were both sides are looking for people to take sides, were both sides are bad. Only victims here are the innocent people not able to choose where they were born trapped in all of this. Many claim that the west has always been on the side of Israel, but that has always mostly been the US, most of Europe has always seen Israel in a negative way.

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Posted in: Security tight for Halloween in Shibuya See in context

Halloween is not part of Japanese Culture. Just Like Christmas.

Most people celebrating these events don't do it because of religion etc, it's just tradition and fun.

I know many Americans are still very religious, but in most of Europe Santa and Jesus is basically the same thing, we enjoy all the events because it's fun and tradition, Japanese can do the same.

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Posted in: Security tight for Halloween in Shibuya See in context

They only thing they don't like Shibuya Haloween because they just can't make money from it

That's the thing though, they have a perfect opportunity to use these banners to promote an alternative event at a more appropriate location where they are able to make money on it. Instead they do they choose the lazy stupid option, that will most likely just repel the average law abiding participant but draw the attention of the attention seekers and trouble makers.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya braces for Halloween crowd despite calls to stay away See in context

Instead of spending money on "no halloween in shibuya" billboards which was probably outsourced to some fancy design firm owned by a relative, you could have spent that money to direct people to a more appropriate avenue. Maybe even start earning money on it.

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Posted in: China's defense ministry blasts Pentagon's annual report See in context

China has over 500 warheads, the U.S. has over 5,000, and yet China is the threat?!

Although republicans have gone over the line to justify starting wars in the past. China/Russia

etc are the only countries actively trying to start wars just to expand their own borders.

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Posted in: Gov't floats ¥40,000 income tax cut a year to ease inflation pain See in context

Hardly, the 10% you charge for consumption tax and keep is the scam.

But no need to worry as if you make less than 10,000,000 you can still keep it.

This is what they want you to think, in reality all people freelancing for Japanese companies will most likely have to go into the system if they want to keep their clients. This is a system to make it easier and cheaper for the big corps, not a thought about small businesses and freelancers. This clearly shows that the people in power is still stuck in the boom days, still think that the way to keep things going is to pour money into the big japanese brand companies, in any other country these would be long gone and replaced by more efficient and younger companies.

I do work for a well known global company for one of it's foreign branches, and some Japanese representative that I never talked to before reached out to me to check on my invoice status, no one is safe.

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Posted in: Gov't floats ¥40,000 income tax cut a year to ease inflation pain See in context

increase taxes with 10% with the new invoice system, give back 0.5% of it as a handout, nice.

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Posted in: Japan’s population is going to keep shrinking from here, meaning the country can’t leave half its population unable to fully work, or under compensated for work they’re already doing. See in context

The good thing about a significant drop in population is that there are less people competing for the same resources, leaving more for each individual.

What resources are you referring to? land maybe, but Japan is at least at the moment very resource poor when it comes to things like oil, gas etc. It would be one thing if we were Norway. Japan is mainly service driven, so less people working just means less money coming in, while having to sustain a growing population relying on those taxes.

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Posted in: Man arrested after drunken fight with friend in Niigata bar See in context

Of course there is way less fights than any country in the west but It's not like it never happens, daily thing in shinsaibashi/namba, I guess they just pick one randomly to use as a filler article. For example they also do the occasional adult caught with 17 year old article, but there is like thousands of those cases.

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Posted in: Apple scraps Jon Stewart show over China, AI clashes: report See in context

Apple's love for China's communists is deep, devoted and intense. Remember when they said China was the only country in the world capable of building its products?

China Is as much communist as the Democratic republic of north korea is a democracy. It's a capitalistic authoritarian dictatorship, a lot of money to be made and cheap workforce to be used if you are allowed to. Now when China isn't as reliant on western companies and can demand more, western companies wants to move elsewhere, but big portions of these companies have already been bought up by interests that needs to stay loyal to the CCP.

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Posted in: Kishida to deliver policy speech as gov't maps out new economic stimulus package See in context

If you want to do something start by undoing what you have already done with the qualified invoice system, a system that makes things harder for smaller businesses and freelancers and what we get for spending more time on taxes is to pay an extra 10% in taxes.

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Posted in: Each day, you leave digital traces of what you did, where you went, who you communicated with, what you bought and much more. Does this concern you? See in context

I understand that it's necessary for the many things that we take for granted now, as long as it's not public public information that's okay with me. Most of us are able to make ourselves untraceable but then we would have to throw away most of the things we need to live a normal modern life.

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet's support rate falls to record low 32%: poll See in context

Shouldn't forget about the qualified invoice system that was just cemented in as well which is bad for most, but especially bad for small businesses and freelancers. More work and a 10% tax increase off the bat.

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Posted in: IOC warns countries that block athletes for political reasons risk harming Olympic host bids See in context

They don't care about keeping it "non political". More countries participating, more people watching = more money. They have no problem making things political if they think it will benefit them.

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Posted in: Anger, sorrow as Indigenous Australians weigh referendum defeat See in context

Some posters are unaware of the history of Australia. Consider this: aborigines did not have the right to vote in Australian elections until the 1960s. Is that fair in a country that values equality?

But they do now right? so don't really get the point, I'm sure they have all the same rights like any other Australian? I of course understand that even now certain communities/races might be born at a disadvantage and countries absolutely needs to work to help those communities and end those loops. Creating some kind of law/rule based on ancestry/race will just boost racism and division, solve problems without putting people into groups. Sounds like most things they want to do is perfectly doable without creating this division.

They like to quote the "they have been here for 60 000 years" etc, but people just live their own life, you haven't lived the lives of your ancestors. I do of course understand that due to how you look your experience in life might be very different to others, but people really needs to stop talking about the struggles of people hundreds of years ago as if it was their own, you only live your own life not your ancestors.

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Posted in: Japan's AI draft guidelines ask for measures to address overreliance See in context

I'm someone that is very likely to lose out a lot on the advancement on AI, from the start every art related work I had published on the internet is currently in active datasets without my approval. Of course very conveniently all websites were we publish art had very little against that type of use of our content. After a lot of hate they finally made some rules against machine learning use but it was made to only count towards uploads done after the new rules were made and won't apply to the decades of data that has already been stolen. As a final bonus they made it an opt out option, so 90% of users that aren't aware still silently approve of such use of their content.

Sadly I don't think there is much to be done. If progressive countries make unrealistic laws against AI, countries such as China will just do what we don't and the money ends up in even worse peoples pockets.

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Posted in: Japan decides to strip Unification Church's religious corporation status See in context

While you are at it just stop giving special status to religious group overalls, make them classify as the companies that they are and tax them as so.

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Posted in: About half of Chinese worried about Fukushima water release: poll See in context

They should be more worried about their own nuclear plants and factories. China has way lower standards on safety and acceptable pollution. What would be seen as a catastrophe in other countries is an average day in China.

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Posted in: Australians warned of 'shame' if Indigenous referendum fails See in context

Creating special rights or laws based on peoples ancestry is what you absolutely shouldn't do if you want to reduce racism and division. Of course problems do exists within specific communities and racial groups, but you need to fix those problems in a way where you don't divide people based on race, that will just make sure you will have more of such problems in the future.

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Posted in: Hosting Asian Games will 'wipe away' Japanese doubts, says top official See in context

I doubt there is much money in the Asian games, my wife and Japanese around me didn't even know it was going on and was wondering if I meant the Rugby world cup. The audience in China seems to mainly be filled with students to fill the arenas, not sure what China thinks they gain by hosting.

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Posted in: Japan defy crowd to beat North Korea for Asian Games women's soccer gold See in context

I guess they get told who they should cheer for before coming in, if you look at the audience it's basically filled with Chinese school children with Chinese flags painted on their faces, no matter if China is playing or not. Sad to see even the young one's are getting dragged in to the hate.

Was watching the Hong Kong vs Japan game and the whole arena was cheering with Chinese flags, singing the Chinese anthem etc. Thinking it was a China vs Japan match, having no idea the Honk Kong players probably didn't feel the same, none of the players sang the anthem and it all looked like a hostage situation.

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