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Posted in: What happens if you get a traffic ticket in Japan? See in context

A question to people in here.

What is the lowest speeding you have been stopped and fined for? Feels like not doing at least 10kmh over the limit puts you in danger here, as everyone is going at least 10 - 20kmh over the limit.

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Posted in: Law change lets Japanese police crack down on rule-breaking cyclists See in context

Still they will probably only pull over cyclists during their "campaigns" which is always railroad crossings. Nobody cares if they don't come to a full stop or if they went over the rails after the lights started blinking, that's only a danger to themselves. Start cracking down on the cyclists that come right at you on the wrong side of the road or the ones suddenly doing 90 degree turns right into the road without looking.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s beckoning cat temple asks foreign tourists to stop writing on the beckoning cats they buy See in context

They take them down once a year and they go right back into stock. I think we all know that and I don't think that's a bad thing, a waste to just through them away and make new ones, no need for a multi page article of excuses of why they don't want them to write on them.

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Posted in: 3 killed, including 2-year-old boy, after truck hits 2 cars in Gunma See in context

We don't know the reason yet but I definitely see a lot of cellphones being used by the professional drivers.

I wish police focused more on that stuff than sitting around hunting people for stupid mistakes that doesn't matter. Even after a year police still sit in the same intersection by my house, just because there is construction there which has made it hard to understand who should give way or not, everyone is basically just standing still trying to figure it out so there is zero danger but it gives the police an easy way to stack points.

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Posted in: Non to English at Paris Olympics, say French MPs See in context

Stupid to think that more people will be interested in learning a language by forcing it. I have met quite a few French people that were surprised how little French other people understood, all this due to French speaking countries trying to push it as some kind of global language. Reality is that it's number 5 on most languages used, and most of those people are in Africa, which most people will never go to. Take away that and you go even further down the list.

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Posted in: Japanese opt for short, cheap overseas trips for Golden Week holidays See in context

If they were anything but short it would not be a golden week trip.

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Posted in: To fend off tourists, town starts building big screen blocking view of Mount Fuji See in context

I really doubt it's mainly foreign tourists, especially at that place. I'd guess the reality is that it's 90% Japanese tourists, but you tend to remember what sticks out.

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Posted in: With or without official word on intervention, weak yen may persist See in context

Although it sucks for people making their money in Yen, the Yen is just correcting itself to where it should have been in the first place. Printing money at such a quantity non stop for decades and still be seen as a safe haven currency is crazy, people and investors have just started to realize it's true worth.

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Posted in: Golden Week holidays start amid post-COVID tourism boom, weak yen See in context

As someone working from home I usually buy food and bunker up at home during golden "week". Sadly for some reason my kids preschool has decided to have a school trip to Kyoto tomorrow, so I guess I'll be joining in on the fun of being stuck in traffic.

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Posted in: China sends fighter jets to shadow U.S. Navy plane over Taiwan Strait See in context

Everyone here is reacting as if it is something that only China does. All countries shadow military planes belonging to unfriendly nations that approach their borders.

It's only done when you are very close to the actual border, and not in a normal and regular flight zone. Also it's only done towards hostile countries such as Russia, when we know they are doing it to check our response time. In Chinas case they know we are not hostile and would never do anything unless they did something first, they just want to further show the image that it belongs to them.

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Posted in: China sends fighter jets to shadow U.S. Navy plane over Taiwan Strait See in context

China claims sovereignty over democratically governed Taiwan, and says it has jurisdiction over the strait. Taiwan and the United States dispute that, saying the Taiwan Strait is an international waterway.

Please stop legitimizing their weird claims by writing it like it's a legitimate thing. The whole world disputes that, and it's not a dispute it's 100% official, only China claims otherwise.

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Posted in: Dozens of potential jurors at Trump hush money trial dismissed for bias See in context

The big problem here is that while sound minded people will logically be against Trump and call themselves out as not being fit to be jurors in this case, Trump supporters are the kind of people that would never have the honesty to give up an advantage to help their idol. I'm afraid the replacing of jurors will just continue until most of them consists of pro trump people.

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Posted in: Japan seeks to reclaim tech edge with overseas help See in context

Sadly what is likely to happen is not so much about becoming a leader in tech but going back to the made in Japan era. China getting more expensive and unreliable and Japan getting weaker and cheaper means Japan might regain that position that were given to China for a long time. That's not a leadership position though, but might give Japan an economic boost as that's were Japanese workers shine, working hard and following a pre made plan, not innovation.

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Posted in: China summons Japanese, Philippine diplomats over negative comments See in context

Don't want negative comments, maybe stop doing negative things.

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Posted in: Half of anime industry workers log over 225 hours per month: survey See in context

Nationwide, it is far worse than that in all industries. I know friends and friends of friends who work full-time. They have told me that their direct supervisors have told them at certain times of the year to delete overtime on certain days. They would also have to work overtime on the weekend, but they were told to report the overtime on the following Monday because weekend overtime pays a higher rate. These are the more forward thinking foreign companies ran by Japanese people.

I cannot imagine how the Japan-based Japanese companies treat their employees in these "Black companies."

The answer is overtime is not logged at all as it's not paid. Haven't logged an hour of overtime during my time here, I think I had cases of getting a day off after working weekends though.

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Posted in: New recruits mark 1st day at work across Japan as fiscal 2024 begins See in context

My worst nightmare in an image. Young peoples end of 4 years of playing around to start a 50 years pre decided 500 - 1000man salary ladder climb of constant overtime in overly bright office spaces.

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Posted in: Man dies after his jacket gets caught in escalator at Mito train station See in context

I guess it had power enough to pull the jacket to strangle him but not enough force to make the machine stop and no one around at that moment to press the stop button.

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Posted in: Japan accepts record-high 303 refugees in 2023 See in context

Although Ideally their home countries would become stable so they could continue living there, sadly that's not the reality. For those saying they should go to neighboring countries, they are, in the millions. Rich countries in Europe, America and Asia have for a long time used these countries for cheap oil and minerals, which is why we have a responsibility. Countries like Japan is just taking the benefits but none of the responsibilities, and like always Japan gets a pass, while European countries are angry at eachother when ever one country takes in 100k more than another. Logically Japan should do just as much as countries in Europe are doing, it's not about being nice or if it's good for the country or not.

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Posted in: Tokyo hopes AI app will spur marriages See in context

That has nothing to do with AI :P, just the standard dating app algorithm. If this was released 2 years it would say Tokyo hopes Meta universe app will help spur marriages. Companies jumping on what ever buzz word to get investments, I guess they managed to trick the government into giving them our money this time.

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Posted in: China vows to safeguard its territorial integrity after South China Sea incident See in context

The CCP will just continue to claim stuff until anyone takes action, showing force is the only way. Have warships escort ships and if this ever occurs again, give 3 warnings and sink it.

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard hits Philippine boat with water cannon in disputed sea for 2nd time this month See in context

No. That is what China hopes will happen but its aggressive activities will keep turning more and more against China. Nobody outside a small circle of vassal nations are buying into Chinese lies. We know what has happened, but many Chinese dont. Ask the young Chinese about Tienanmen Square massacre, they dont even know their own recent history as it is hidden from them. The CCP fears truth and openness, and lies about everything it can.

I'm not talking about the one's directly affected by it, I'm sure they are a lot more aware. I'm talking about Europe and America that would need to get involved to get it under control. Ask the average American and I'm quite sure 7 out of 10 would say what islands/waters? while two would probably think you are referring to Taiwan, while maybe one have a good grasp on the situation. I'm not saying this for us to give up on the situation, just that leaders need to get more aggressive, especially when the Orange guy have a high chance of getting into office, then it's lost for sure, they won't give up that chance again.

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard hits Philippine boat with water cannon in disputed sea for 2nd time this month See in context

Yes, that's why China does it (also with the Senkakus, Indian border, etc. too), but no, I don't think anyone is under any illusion that this is some "equal" dispute. Even those countries that are under China's yoke and that support it in the international space (Russia, Cambodia, Pakistan, etc.) are fully aware of the reality.

Sadly the average person, if they even know about the disputes only know the headlines, which went from "China is trying to claim territory that doesn't belong to them" to "Chinese coast guard hits Philippine boat with water cannon in disputed sea" This is what most will see, and many will be too young to know the real facts and old headlines. As the dispute will seem less and less one sided, people will care less about those topics, then people vote for people that think that these disputes don't matter to their country.

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard hits Philippine boat with water cannon in disputed sea for 2nd time this month See in context

Feels like the CCP already succeeded in what they are trying to achieve with all this. The news and people now word this as disputed waters etc, a couple of years ago it was the Chinese being ridiculous trying to police international water or other countries territory. Now after all these people have started to think it's a normal dispute between two equal sides. This is why they do it, the more they push the more people will start to think that it's actually theirs. Countries needs to stand up now, countries like Russia or China don't care about anything but power and violence, showing restraint and sending angry letters is just seen as a weakness and will embolden them.

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Posted in: 60 dead, over 100 injured in Russia concert hall attack; Islamic State group claims responsibility See in context

Didn't ISIS already say they did it?

Civilians should never be targeted, but Ukraine is probably losing the same amount of people everyday, and none of those people wanted to be at war.

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Posted in: Higher share prices lift Japan household assets to record in 2023 See in context

This is one of those times the median value would be more interesting, the average Japanese person is not benefitting of what's happening on the stock market, because they are not participating. A rich maybe 4% is probably overjoyed though.

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Posted in: Asian shares rise after Wall Street rallies; Nikkei ends at record high See in context

Too many people tend to think that a record high stock market is a good thing for everyone in the country, especially the Japanese since so few invest or do any kind of research into it. More often than not it's the opposite and a good day on the stock market usually means the yen got weaker. If you are not actively trading yourself or you work in one of the big global companies it's probably not a positive thing for you.

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Posted in: Japan’s exports rise nearly 8% in February on strong shipments of cars and machinery See in context

Because the yen is cheap all global Japanese companies are pushing out products as hard as they can, while they can, the same companies and almost the only companies to raise wages by a noteworthy amount, which then the BOJ used to justify the interest rate hike which they hoped would strengthen the yen, which in that case would make those companies that raised wages lose money and make them probably cut bonuses of those same employees :P.

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Posted in: BOJ rate hike may help exit of unprofitable 'zombie' firms in Japan See in context

This is the first article where I see this being shown as a good thing. There is a scary amount of these companies in Japan, most of these companies hire people. What Japan wants most is for people to start consuming more, but what happens when a large portion of the population loses their job.

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Posted in: China tells U.S. to not take sides on South China Sea issue See in context

There are no sides, the judgement about what belongs to who as already been done, Only one still fighting this is China.

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Posted in: Easy does it: The Bank of Japan's experiment See in context

I guess that explains why Japan currently has the world's hottest stock market.

The stock market is not the financial system. With so many Japanese just putting their money under their mattress instead of investing it's quite bad for the average Japanese.

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