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Posted in: Number of serious sex offenses in Japan rises sharply in 2022 See in context

I'm guessing that more and more Japanese have started to actually report what happened to them and that they have been taken more seriously than before. At least that's what I hope. Out of the scary amount of things I have heard happened to people I barely know anyone that actually ended up reporting it.

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Posted in: Japan needs stable, sustained inflation, gov't official says See in context

Japan need to force wage increases where ever they can, starting with the minimum wage. Just telling companies to raise wages won't do much. Japanese companies are in a great position as they know that very few Japanese are willing or able to look for work outside of Japan, so they will see very little need to raise wages unless it's forced.

I think the raises we will se are within the big name corporations that for a long time have been funded with out tax money, which will probably be told to raise wages or lose the free money stream.

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Posted in: Is tipping getting out of control? Many U.S. consumers say yes See in context

I don't mind the extra money, I just hate things not being clear and precise. Don't make me do math or guilt trip me for not paying what ever you are expecting when I'm just out to eat.

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Posted in: Dentsu officials admit to Tokyo Olympic test event bid rigging See in context

Looking forward to see those Dentsu tops faces once that 50万円 fine hits them, definitely not gonna do that again.

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Posted in: Japan decides to ease medical rules on COVID-19 on May 8 See in context

For some of you posters above, mask wearing for Japanese in general is not about thinking about everyone's well being, it's about not sticking out and fitting in. If everyone started wearing a mask on their elbow tomorrow they would do so as well. I have been here so long my mind works the same so I'm no different, kind of feel good with my mask, would be nice to skip it in summer though.

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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context

Dang! Great comments section and almost no one biting on each other's behind.

Probably because no one is benefiting from this stupidity.

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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context

Absolutely no quick fix to this, but the government has basically just been working against itself every chance it got. I can in some way understand Japan not wanting to ease up their immigration but they need to treat their foreign population they already have with respect, no need to try to push out people that are already here contributing to your country.

I honestly don't understand how average families here are living with more than one kid, I make well into the 6 figures and I'm not looking to get more than one. For foreign people living here on an average salary it sounds even harder, looked at tickets to europe for the summer and they were up at 80万 for 3 people, not a fun price to pay if you are an english teacher.

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Posted in: Japanese makers of Tropicana fined ¥19 million for '100% Melon' juice with only 2% melon juice See in context

With small fines lack that you are basically inviting other companies to do the same thing.

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Posted in: Japan refiles request to list divisive gold mine on UNESCO See in context

Japanese thinks this gives it some kind of international boost in popularity and value but I feel it's only Japan that really cares about it, I didn't even know about UNESCO sites before I came here back in high school. Only time I ever hear about it, it has to do with Japan.

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Posted in: Japan Inc finally giving raises, just not to everyone See in context


It's true that there are a lot of people like that in Japan since they see it as their duty to leave behind money for their family. In Sweden where I am from parents would just have as much fun with what ever they have, if they had anything saved up to begin with. But yeah this is absolutely not the norm, especially now days, I think you might encounter people like this more often if you go to expensive places in the city center, normal everyday salarymen hang around the small bars close to their home. As for the share office people, they talk about wanting to make more money all the time, but looking outside the borders of Japan seems to be unthinkable.

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Posted in: Japan Inc finally giving raises, just not to everyone See in context

People just really need to start pushing to become more international to force Japanese companies to get closer to international standards. I sometimes go to a shared office and even though many of the people there work freelance they never try to get work beyond the borders of Japan, I sit next to them making 4x what they make doing similar work, and even though they know that, they somehow don't even play with the thought of changing. Many are stuck within a very thick bubble.

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Posted in: Father arrested for inflicting brain damage on 5-month-old son See in context

A parenting test should be introduced in Japan

Yeah because more tests are what Japanese need, I'd say more time outside of books, school and work for husbands would make them better fathers, 90% of fathers here are just Saturday babysitters. Also how would you test for that? Shake or not shake the baby?

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Posted in: 61-year-old man arrested for not paying taxi fare See in context

I always wonder how they pick these crimes for the news, someone didn't pay their taxi fair, someone dated a 17 year old etc, must be thousands of these cases every day. The one getting picked must have some really bad luck, or a reporter is personally involved with the case.

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Posted in: Quarter of trainees in Japan told to return home if pregnant: survey See in context

A country in such desperate need of babies that it put billions into different kinds of campaigns in hope of it making young people having more babies only has one reason for not wanting these babies or wanting these "guest workers" to stay more than 5 years. The reason being it's not the kind of baby they want. The people in charge of this place would rather see the country burn than normalizing that Japanese can look more than one way.

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Posted in: How to find a foreign baby name that also works in Japanese See in context

Hope to give birth to a girl, then you have like a thousand options on names used both in the west and Japan. If you get a boy your options are basically ken or kai. I just went with full Japanese, no need to make things harder than it already is, if you are thinking of staying here.

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Posted in: Japan's births set to hit new all-time low below 800,000 in 2022 See in context

A country built around every mother being a house wife were fewer and fewer families are able to afford it, of course the first thing families will do is have less children.

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Posted in: Japan's central bank tweaks monetary policy; yen strengthens See in context

I'm guessing this is good for most people here. For someone like me that gets most money from abroad it's currently bad, but even when it's good I just hate this extreme back and forth, stresses me out.

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Posted in: Frustrated virtual reality pioneer leaves Facebook's parent See in context

Introducing John Carmack as a Frustrated virtual reality pioneer almost made me spill my coffee. Might mostly be because it's my field of work but feels like his name should be good enough.

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Posted in: Asian shares decline after retreats on Wall Street, Europe See in context

Of course they had the lowest amount of cases if they shut down entire cities at every new case. The point is that since most Chinese haven't been exposed to covid, once set free they will experience what every other country did 2 years ago, they have just delayed it.

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Posted in: Japan OKs changes to system for recognizing paternity after divorce See in context

Why attach the pregnancy to a marriage at all? they are two separate things.

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Posted in: Yakuza may be blocked from using all expressways in Japan within the decade See in context

Such a weird system, what's the point of making so a certain group of people are unable to buy cars or drive on the highway? Just arrest people that does something criminal. All in all it's just a walk around all the illegal business they run, that the police is 100% aware of but are told not to touch, then they make all these weird rules to make it look like they are doing something about it.

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Posted in: 2 ex-Square Enix employees rearrested over insider trading See in context

Never really got the whole insider information thing when it comes to stocks, stocks are all about having more information than everyone else, basically everyone trading for a living would probably be guilty at some level.

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Posted in: Indonesia bans sex outside marriage in new criminal code See in context

3 years prison for insulting the President of Indonesia

Guess I'm safe then since I don't even know his name.

I really don't get all these countries looking to the past and picking all the shittiest things to bring back. One thing for sure though, as long as it's men in charge these laws won't apply to them, but I guess they can just buy as many wives as they want.

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Posted in: Do you think participation in extracurricular school activities in Japan is beneficial for students? See in context

They make them overly serious and joyless and after all that joyless hard work they are encouraged to just quit and focus on their studies. I went to a high school which had special programs for future athletes and even they managed to keep the fun in it.

I think sport here is done the same as how it is with studies and work. 10x the effort compared to most western countries but still end up worse or at a similar level because they work hard at the wrong things while the system is just making it an overall un motivational shitty experience.

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Posted in: What do you think of bicycling etiquette in Japan? See in context

As said, totally non existing, was told "gaikokujin something something" with an angry face by some granny coming at me driving against traffic yesterday because I didn't give up the road 100%. I keep checking bicycle laws in case I'm the one being crazy. Where I live I see way more bicycles on the right side of the road instead of the left, I wonder if it has something to do with Kansai being the opposite on the escalators. Really can't see no other reason for people being so confident riding on the wrong side of the road, so many really seem to think they are in the right when they are coming at me waiting for me to yield.

And at the same time I see news reports on police checking if bicycle riders are properly putting down their feet at stop signs. Like 9 out of 10 won't even stop at a red light, priorities please.

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Posted in: Is 'standard' Japanese language test best metric for hiring foreigners? See in context

I have never taken a JLPT test and probably wouldn't be able to pass one, but having lived here my whole adult life I'm more comfortable speaking in Japanese then I am in English. Although I can read most commonly used kanjis I have totally given up on trying to write in Japanese. The only time I use a pen to write is when I need to sign something, so now I would even become hesitant if I were to write in ABC. I see more and more Japanese struggling to remember their Kanjis as well. 7 years ago when I worked at a Japanese company they always had the youngest person write on the whiteboard, because the person freshest out of school was the one best at writing.

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Posted in: China softens tone on COVID severity after protests See in context

Great job China in sustaining successfully a zero covid policy that resulted in the lowest infection and death rate in the world.

And there goes the narrative that China is trying to "control" its population with lockdowns.

Well of course, since they have been on lock down every time there is a new case. The virus hasn't gone anywhere, once they give up on their zero policy which they eventually will have to do they will go through the same thing every other country has.

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Posted in: Ex-student awarded damages over high school rule that banned dating See in context

Private school or not, they shouldn't be able to create what ever rules they want, at least basic human rights should be protected. I came here as an exchange student back in high school, a teacher found out I was going on a trip to Tokyo with my girlfriend, called my host family etc. Coming from Sweden where we are moslty treated the same as adults from High school it felt that I traveled 10 years back in time. All these restrictions and weird rules just hinders Japanese from growing up, and eventually they are thrown out totally unprepared.

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Posted in: Multiple people dead in Virginia Walmart shooting, including gunman See in context

It's very easy to see why this happens, someone mentioned Swiss as an example, lots of guns few killings. Easy answer, they have money, they have safety nets, they get help. These things happen when mentally unstable people get pushed to the edge, which happens in countries with no access to affordable medical/mental care and no safety nets or help for the poor. Cheap and accessible guns is the topping on the cake on all of this.

Overall the mentality and culture in the US that everyone should fend for themselves needs to change. You live in a society, everyone living a better life is in the best interest of everyone. What use is there to be rich if you can't go out without feeling unsafe.

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