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Posted in: Kishida urges S Korea to do more over wartime row to improve ties See in context

Although South Korea often takes this too far and the Japan issue is often just used to point fingers elsewhere, South Korea not forgetting and still being angry about war issues is very understandable. Basically the same type of people that started the war are still in office and no matter how many times you pay money and bow, it doesn't matter if the next day you go and do or say something that is the opposite to that. The reason why Europe don't blame Germany for Nazis or ever bring up the subject is because if there ever was anyone in power in Germany that did speak up for Nazis the ones that would be the most angry would be the Germans themselves.

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Normally I'd say jobs should be given based on merit, but it's not like the ones currently in power got their position by merit anyway so let's just randomly pick people and make it 50/50 men and women. Having a national lottery to fill up power positions would have a better chance of success then what we currently have.

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As I work from home I have basically been staying inside since the pandemic started, and I'm not fully aware of how well all of these rules are actually followed, but what is actually changing? bars get to be opened 1 hour longer?

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First something needs to be done about private hospitals in this country, all these small hospitals are doing is running elderly community centers where people over 60 goes to socialize and to get over priced subscriptions that they don't really need. Ever wonder why everyone wants to run a private clinic? Time to regulate.

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In most situations it would be nice to see women running for PM, but the only reason they are allowed to be where they are is because they are the total opposite to what you would imagine a female politician would be. Since the PM is just a prop and the ones really doing the decision making won't change, having a female PM would be a good thing for the LDP, since it would further increase Japans smoke screen to the rest of the world while still not having to change anything.

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Guessing family members of the LDP is heading towards the childcare application sector.

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I'd say he's more like an old salaryman who is watching his family inside a burning house, and in response, tells them that they can only use the fire extinguishers after 8pm, and he will call the fire department after he's finished watching the Olympics.

I'd say that is probably a more accurate description, just keeping it moderate for the admins :P. But as others have said he most likely never wanted to be pm, and I'm interested in what he was promised in exchange for taking the blame for the pandemic and the olympics.

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Posted in: Surprise, criticism abound among public over Suga's resignation See in context

I think he was quite a good mirror of Japan though, he feels like an old salaryman that has put all his time into his job, where he has done nothing of value or creativity just to provide for a family that doesn't really care about him.

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Posted in: Japan's top COVID-19 adviser criticizes Bach's revisit to Tokyo See in context

These experts only seem to take the chance to criticize when the person in question is not Japanese. Absolutely no love for Bach but would be nice if they put more effort into doing their job and roast the people in power that is the actual source of the problem.

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