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Posted in: Incest-themed TV anime sparks decency investigation See in context

It's important to realize that this is fiction. Fiction is a medium where one can explore themes that are on the outskirts of acceptability. The characters aren't real. Nobody gets hurt. The point is to make you think about what's right about and wrong about social norms, and maybe sell some ad space, BluRays, and figurines.

This series in particular doesn't seem too edgy to me. The brother and sister are not blood relatives, so you should just think of them as normal high school students. The age difference isn't extreme. They're not related. Even going by conservative American standards, there's not a whole lot going wrong here, certainly nothing that doesn't happen in real life.

Certainly, the sexualization is gratuitous, but that is not exactly something new to the television world.

(Also, there are plenty of "worse" incect-themed animes that have been on TV, like OreImo. Actual blood relatives! Oh noes! And the characters are younger, and the animation leaves very little to the imagination as to the physical proportions of the female protagonists. Where was the outrage then?)

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