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Posted in: Obama: N Korea's isolation means less leverage in talks See in context

Trump has a meeting only because of the effort of the current president of South Korea, who was a refugee of North Korea.

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Posted in: Kim Jong Un lookalike provokes N Koreans See in context

Whether this was thought about, he might be putting those girls in danger when they get home. If they are caught laughing at a guy mocking a dictator who openly believes he is god, them girls and their families could be in a lot trouble when they get home. I don’t know if he should be arrested, but it definitely was the right thing to do to get him away from them.

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Posted in: Everything metallic gone from isle after N Korean visit, caretaker says See in context

To me, this shows the amount of desperation of these boaters. They were probably hoping to sell the metals, for food or supplies that were needed to upgrade the ships.

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Posted in: Fake monks targeting foreign visitors to Japan? See in context

This is real, I had a monk approach me and a friend in Ueno this past March. He came up asking us to sign his book praying for peace around the world. After which he handed us beads and paper coins, then proceeded to ask for a donation. The donation amounts were "ONLY" in 1,000 Yen intervals. I gave him 1,000, he then demanded that I give him 2,000 Yen, I forced my beads back to him and tried to retrieve my money, to which he refused to give it back. I ended up walking away, and my friend threw away the beads. So beware they are still out there, they will approach you asking if you wish to sign a book praying for world peace.

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Posted in: IOC must consider serious reforms to save Olympics See in context

The only viable option is permanent hosts. It will not matter if IOC cuts additional events, the problem are the sunk costs the cities incur preparing for only 2 1/2 weeks worth of revenue.

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Posted in: What should be done about the debacle of the new Toyosu fish market which is supposed to replace the 80-year-old Tsukiji fish market, but which has been held up due to contamination issues? See in context

Langley Esquire did an episode on this subject and supposedly there were some legitimate reasons for the move that actually benefited the fisherman not the shops.


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Posted in: Kiyohara's ex-wife thinking of educating sons in U.S. See in context

Complete BS on the part of the school, bring to the U.S. find another program that won't charge them that much...

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker under fire for Obama remarks; refuses to resign See in context

Not the best way to articulate your point, however, I don't understand how this is an issue demanding resignation from either posts.

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Posted in: Japan may change temple map icon to avoid Nazi swastika confusion See in context

Don't change it, it's been that way for 1000 of years. There are other ways Japan distance itself from identifying with Nazism that would be more important. Understanding what the symbol means should be something the public educates itself on..

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Posted in: Becky loses sponsors, regular TV appearances over affair scandal See in context

I agree, the male should be having the same if not worse repercussions. As a whole though, I think the amount that the agencies are going to destroy her career is absolutely stupid.

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Posted in: Are you tired of reading or hearing about the World War II sex slave issue? See in context

It is not my place or the publics to decide this question, only the 2 parties involved.

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Posted in: Japanese women asked what does and doesn’t constitute cheating on their boyfriend See in context

The religion antidote seems to be very common. However, the concept of cheating isn't so much rooted in religion as it is in the betrayal of your partner. When a marriage ends in divorce because of a spouse cheating, they don't cite "sin", they cite the feeling that they were betrayed on the most deepest level humanly possible by someone they trusted.

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Posted in: Japan needs immigrants to boost population: minister See in context

If the point is that it's time to seriously and neutrally begin to have a discussion than I agree. However, every country is worried about the job market supporting the strain of the soon to be elderly. The problem isn't so much of people not wanting children, but that more people are educated about the enormous task at hand and would like to make sure they can provide.

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Posted in: Japan should accept more refugees, fix asylum system: UNHCR See in context

Unless the family can speak Japanese and understands the culture, the Japanese government is doing them a favor. Japan is not an easy country to assimilate into, even if the governments accepts them it does not mean the community will, and could actually create additional hardship for the families.

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Posted in: Gov't panel discusses baby stroller use on public transportation See in context

I think it's should be our common courtesy to understand and assist mothers with young trying to navigate. Usually there are so many supplies for the child that it is not always possible to fold, and sometimes the mother struggles juggling both child and stroller.

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Posted in: Gov't targets boosting birth rate to increase economic growth See in context

I have to agree with most of the comments, the issue is what Japanese are brought up to become; and that is slaves to the company. Work place ethics need to change, mandatory overtime needs to go, the next generation is not going to want to raise a family they cannot be around for.

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Posted in: Ready or not, Japan on the way to becoming a nation of immigrants See in context

When deciding this it should be noted that the U.S. was originally created to become a melting pot of many different distinctions. Even so, in American, we are seeing communities becoming identified with certain cultures while the rest of us our forced to learn an outside language instead of vise versa. However, our whole history is dotted with situations like this and because that is what our founders "some what intended" that is ok. In the case of Japan, it really should start with an overhaul in regard to civil rights, especially to foriegners before even thinking about mass immigration. There should also be government sponsored education helping to integrate especially with the language and culture. Japan's view towards its democracy and people should change, but not its culture, if an ethnic group came in demanding changes based on culture and religion it should not be tolerated the same way America would.

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Posted in: Idol singer ordered to pay management company Y650,000 after going to hotel with male fan See in context

Just stupid, grow up Japan.....

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Posted in: Documentary looks at why Japanese parents let young kids walk to school by themselves See in context

America used to be like this also, when I was young we either road bus because it was to far or walked if we lived within a mile.

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Posted in: Gov't to introduce full-body scanners at Narita, Haneda, Kansai airports See in context

The new scanners do not show the actual persons body but a generic outline that is gender neutral. The only downside is the cost and the time consumption, but is much better at detecting issues compared to individuals fatigued by patting down hundreds of people within less than an hours time. In regard to complaints, there are always going to be people that complain as well as though that understand, so if the Japanese government feels it's needed I'd say go ahead, just don't get sucked into the private companies extorting millions for simple equipment like what happened to U.S.

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Posted in: Japan to cut cost for Olympic stadium by third, say lawmakers See in context

Yah, if the stadium has no air condition there are going to be a lot of people with heat related illness during the games, especially individuals not used to Japanese summers, and not thinking of prevention. That possibly might cost the city even more in emergency medical services...

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Posted in: World Rugby demands new World Cup venue list after stadium fiasco See in context

Tokyo Dome...

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Posted in: IOC wants Olympic stadium ready by January 2020 See in context

I still think Abe should take the firm up on there offer to revise the stadium, it is going to cost too much money to restart the whole the process and probably won't equate to any more than what they have now....

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Posted in: Abe apologizes for Olympic stadium fiasco See in context

I think the best thing for him to do is take the firm up on their offer to help revise the cost. They already spent millions to retain the firm, might as well use them instead of the prospect of paying a band new firm and starting over with the initial costs..

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Posted in: Seventy years on, few Americans regret Enola Gay's mission See in context

Anytime innocent lives are taken, whether our own or another should be felt with regret. War is not a football game where the team that loses goes home and comes back. In each war millions of family trees are severed because of the agenda of a few. If that was indeed the only way to end the war then feel regret for the bystanders that had to pay with their life, it doesn't matter who's side anyone was on, life was still taken against it's will..

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Posted in: Secrecy around TPP trade deal fuels suspicions and worries See in context

Just look at how Capitalism has destroyed the economic and political landscape in the U.S. That is exactly the legacy they want to extend into other countries. This plan will not benefit anyone, not even U.S. workers....

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Posted in: 10 train faux-pas in Japan that some men are willing to let slide See in context

I totally disagree with the loud music on headphones, we have this issue in the U.S. The whole purpose of head phones is so that I don't have to listen to what your playing.

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Posted in: Abe says Olympic stadium to start from scratch; Rugby World Cup misses out See in context

Good choice... I'm impressed.

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Posted in: Architect Ando defends selection of Olympic stadium design as anger grows See in context

In the long run, it might actually be in Japan's favor to be the first country to say: "This is getting out of hand, we need to build something within our means and make sure that it can continue to make a profit in the years to come with out becoming a financial burden to the public". The cost vs. return is getting out of hand with the Olympics and the IOC really needs to be put in check with the realities of their games..

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Posted in: Criticism mounts over stadium cost for 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

I still cannot believe with all the evidence there is, showing China's and Russia's empty stadiums, that Japan would through with having the limited space. A part of me hoped that Japan would actually be the country to find a feasible way to make the infrastructure worth it well after the games are done, but the stadium is 3 times more expensive than the other ones!

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