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in the 5th century, so 1,600 years ago. That's a microscopic fraction of the 100,000 to millions of years required for even the smallest evolutionary change to be established.

I'm with you on most of what you say, but this is just plain wrong. You can get significant (even very large) change in just a couple generations (depending on the selective force). On the other hand, you can have virtually no change over thousands of generations if the selective force cited is, well, irrelevant. Any such candidate force needs to have the ability to significantly reduce the reproduction of those purportedly affected. I've never seen any evidence what so ever that 'high background' radiation effects significant (any?) curtailing of the ability to reproduce (in anything), since any potential effects do not manifest until long after reaching reproductive age.

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German leaders can speak for themselves and don't need CCP lackeys trying to put words in their mouth. Since they don't appear to have made any comments on this, the likely situation is this is just another case of the CCP playing the clumsy fool and making, to put it nicely, odd statements. It is also strange they seem OK with clowns like Shi representing them.

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There's plenty of strong evidence - for those even a little scientifically / mathematically literate.

To think that mankind has had such an impact on the earth in the last 100 years

Of course 'mankind' can have such an impact. More over - it has. And while you seem to think it is some stunningly huge impact, It's not that big of a deal for the planet. But it will be a major impact for us (and sadly a number of other 'innocent bystander' species). In the scheme of things, very early on, cyano-bacteria had a much more major impact. So, climate change is really all about us and the next several generations, and whether we want to hand down a geo-political mess of mass famine, mass dislocation, and major conflict or own up to some responsibility and try to get some control before it goes off the rails.

None of this is going to cause you to lose any of your 'freedoms', except maybe the 'freedom to be self absorbed, totally irresponsible and Narcissistic'.

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... I believe .... I don't believe ...

Just a heads up - belief has nothing to do with it.

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Where else is sufficient power going to come from?

In Japan, the obvious answer is geothermal. Even without state of the art techniques estimates indicate over 100% of the current energy of the country could be supplied. With modern techniques this would go up by an order of magnitude (10X). However, it is worth noting that the modern techniques involve a kind of 'fracking' (similar in kind to that used in oil and gas extraction) and so merit more care. And there is some greenhouse gases emission - though in the range of 1/10 fossil fuel generators. So even here you don't get something for absolutely nothing.

use to run out in about 85 years. Renewable energies will be around, well forever.

That's what breeder technology is all about. With it various calculations show you would have an inexhaustible supply of energy under most scenarios. Of course, there are all sorts of issues confronting this.

Renewable energy is not able to generate the level of power, 45GW made by nuclear

Actually, as noted above, geothermal (which is effectively renewable - and ironically largely nuclear in origin(!!)), can definitely generate all of that and much more. This is, in my opinion, the craziest and most maddening thing about the whole energy situation in Japan. Here you are sitting on an ocean of energy (literally) which with current known technology can supply all your energy needs without spending anything externally and absolutely nothing happens with it. Estimates show that the yearly nuclear govt. subsidy could pay for a multi-hundred MW plant per year.

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China is acting the bully and the world knows this to be so. China is wrong on the Senkaku, wrong on the south china sea, and wrong for Tibet.

That's just a start. Then there is India, Vietnam, et.al. Even the US (though the idiot pilot involved in that one paid with his life). But to be fair, I think you need to do a full replace of 'China' with 'CCP' - that's much closer to the real situation. All this crazy stuff is an effort to distract their own people from the massive socio-economic-environment problems they have.

It's probably debatable who was at fault for the collision, especially since the Chinese

Only for those who refuse to view the 'replay'.

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The Kamikaze attacks were not aimed at the Chinese so what is the PRC is upset about?

Well, given that the idea is to show evidence of how single party authoritarian government systems can brainwash their citizens into believing nonsense and then use such beliefs to steer them toward insane acts, there could be plenty for the CCP to be upset about.

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China should also learn from Gerrmany. To start with, it could end the occupation of Tibet, acknowledge Taiwan`s right to exist, stop its continuing aggression against India, and hand back the islands it stole from Vietnam. How is that for a start, China?

That's a pretty good start. To follow up on that they could do some soul searching and come clean about how Mao was the biggest mass murderer in history - putting even Stalin and Hitler to shame on that score. And then they could think about actually letting the people have a say in how they are governed. What's the chance of any of that happening?

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Frankly, only the U.S., China, Russia and Britain and probably North Korea have enough power that will "invalidate the peaceful post-war consensus and challenge international order

The big one you left out - France, which has a larger nuclear stockpile than China or the UK. Not that they are in any way rogue like China or North Korea, but just saying. You also left out India, Pakistan and Israel - the first two of which are by far the most likely to go off the rails and cause a catastrophe.

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And also be courageous enough to turn out the politicians who are inflaming passions. Not easy on all fronts as the LDP and CCP know what buttons to push. They know how to frame the debate.

Well, that could work in Japan, but the only way for the people of China to toss out the CCP is by armed revolution. Sadly, they have no other recourse...

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That fact that he is being held for ransom is ridiculous. Could you imagine other companies trying to do this with their workers? "No we're not letting you quit - sorry. But since you want to leave we'd like you to stay. Okay now back to work."

Yes, I can imagine it as that's pretty much how it works in MLB land as well. If you are drafted you can be 'held' (more or less) for up to 6 years before being able to declare free agency. During that time you won't be making the 'big bucks', even if you are a Mike Trout (or any number of other examples).

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Not right now, for the last 50 years at least.

Even that is clearly debatable.

They have killed millions of innocent people in countries that were no threat to them.

No, not millions, but admittedly likely hundreds of thousands. For millions in the last 50 years or so you really do need to go to the PRC (true their own people, but how would that make it 'better'??), where even the government admits at least 40 million were killed

At the moment, the most favored candidate for that (dubious) distinction is the PRC Based on what?

No matter what you think most of the world sees the US as the biggest threat to world peace not China. Go anywhere outside the US and canvas people's opinion.

Actually if you look at the research results, it would seem you are just wrong on this. No where near 'most'.

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The biggest threat to world peace right now is the U.S.A.

?!? To quote good ol' John Boehner (who appears to have finally come to his senses), 'Are you kidding me?!' Really, you just lost any credibility on this. The US may not exactly be a beacon of benign behavior, but it isn't close to what you claim. At the moment, the most favored candidate for that (dubious) distinction is the PRC (actually, you could probably refine this to the PLA, since it isn't entirely clear who is calling the shots).

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who are they trying to convince other than their brainwashed masses who are fed with their anti-Japan education

That's pretty much exactly who they are trying to convince. The CCP may not be exactly 'likable', but they aren't idiots and must realize that most (all?) of the rest of the world isn't buying the nonsense they are tossing out. So, it is definitely all about internal consumption. They have several domestic 'bombs' waiting to go off - some of which have the fuse already lit. What do authoritarian (actually most any) governments do in cases like that? Bring on the tried and true external bogey man threat, pump up nationalism (and racism if you can pull that off) and distract everyone from their real problems. Always eventually ends in tears for them, and unfortunately, often many others as well.

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Just a frame of reference: $250 billion is more than 3 years war budget for the US

Just to make sure this is corrected and people aren't misled: It's more like just a bit over 1/3 of 1 year's US defense budget. The base budge for 2014 is 526B, but that doesn't include OCO and other aspects which will bring it in total up to around 700B.

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“Japan’s accusations and hyping of the China threat have an ulterior motive,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said

Pot. Kettle. Black. I would be funny if it were not so sad...

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This has to be the biggest step backwards of any advanced country in the world.

While this law is very discouraging, the 'patriot act' easily takes the dubious distinction you mention.

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Hmmm, lot of folks commenting here who don't seem to know what the word 'heritage' means...

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Brainwashed people think CO2 is a prblem, it goes back to Al Gore and his menacing ways. Global warming has been a joke on all of the world

Such are the ravings of the scientifically illiterate. Forget Al Gore - he's irrelevant to this.

Wake up people and stop listening to the corporations who wish to control the price of everything and control you

Actually, it is you and your ilk who are towing the line of various interests in the fossil fuel industry.

Do you really believe that the earth can be destroyed?

Of course it can, and will be - though that's still a few billion years in the future, so not to worry. Look, to anthropomorphize to make a point, the planet couldn't care less about climate change. It's seen far worse and will see far worse. Climate change is about us now and the next several generations. Do you want to hand down an environment with mass famine, mass dislocation, and mass conflict, or do you want to actually take some responsibility and work to clean up the mess before it goes totally off the rails?

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Would love to see Ospreys operating there as they are well fitted with their speed and hovering capabilities

They're part of the US's response - on their way or there already.

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The reactors are not 'shut down'! They are 'offline'! A huge difference!

There is a difference, but probably not what you think. I think 'shut down' is a reasonable description as their sustaining reactions have been stopped (aka 'shut down'). 'Offline' indicates they are not connected to the grid. Not likely (or sensible - even by TEPCO standards), to have them offline and not shutdown.

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As several here have pointed out, most of what sangetsu03 said is total nonsense. Two other bits of nonsense are that you in fact are liable for payment in the US. Yes, you can declare bankruptcy, but then you will lose most of your assets as they will be sold off to pay creditors. And, depending on the type of bankruptcy, you may still need to pay a portion on a payment schedule. Of course, if you have no assets or income, you 'don't have to pay', but then as noted by others, everyone else picks up the tab. Second, it is not true that health insurance companies will always pay up front. In the case of accidents they will typically not pay, claiming you 'have other insurance'. The idea here is that they are trying to see if some other insurer is liable, just like auto insurers will check on that possibility. But in contrast to any auto insurer, they will try to force you to pay up front while they sort things out. That's totally bogus, and can make a hash of things as the service providers will be coming after you during this period. I know for a fact this happens even with so called 'top rated' health insurers in the US. Lastly, anyone with even a nano-gram of brains knows that healthcare system in the US is totally broken; that's a given. The issues revolve around how to fix it.

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Even geothermal has a limit. As the shafts pick up heat to the surface and bring down cooler liquid, the area around the shafts gradually cools.

Well geothermal plants typically have rather longer life than a nuke plant. Also, Japan is one place where geothermal really makes sense and many studies have shown geothermal can supply well over 10X the entire current energy needs of the country. And in any practical sense, geothermal is indefinitely self renewing. And one of the 'secrets' about nukes is that there isn't enough fuel for them to take over high percentages of energy needs for the long term. Unless you turn to breeders, which opens an entire other can of worms.

Also, on the overall energy/climate/practicality front, this is a key piece of the future: http://www.jouleunlimited.com/. Just FYI, I have nothing to do with them (sadly!), but have followed them for several years now.

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A proper test for radiation would destroy the fish, and is impractical. A cursory test for radiation will catch highly contaminated stuff only. I don't really know the solution to this.

It's plausible that you could do a good job of testing if you could consistently achieve a good sampling. Yeah, a lot of 'if', 'could', 'plausible', 'consistently' in there. I'm not sure if you could get an accurate assessment (even with very sensitive counters) without destroying the fish for most purposes, as the water in them (especially whole ones) would be a very good rad blocker for the levels here.

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and btw the plant there is much newer than anything in the US right now for civilian properties- so i imagine his expert knowledge is gleaned from the large past experience in the US (nothing for quite some time)

No, there are well over 40 commercial plants in the US newer than Fukushima. The last being Watts Bar 1 in 1996 (actually Watts Bar 2 is supposed to go on line this year, but who knows)

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Wow - this is the stuff from which the saying 'you can't make this up!' comes from. Comedy writers couldn't do better!

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A better key to moving forward would be if Japan would stop thinking it is a victim and not the aggressor.

If you really believe that is 'better', then you are just part of the problem.


I love the story and if children grow up not having the burdens of the past while knowing what occurred there's hope for forgiveness and human beings moving forward.

Exactly. No one is asking that anyone forget anything. Indeed, this is all about remembering - but with a spirit that rises above hate and xenophobia.

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“If we are going to pave the way to peace for the children of the future, we can’t pass on the grudges of the past,”

It's this sort of mind set that is the key to moving forward in many areas. If this was a predominant view, we all would be in much better circumstances. Sadly there are far too many @spudmans in the world...

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It's hard to believe (mind boggling actually) that anyone gave any credence whatsoever to the notion that TEPCO's solvency had even the slightest relevance. That's pretty much inexcusable and quite discouraging. It's similar to (though due to impact, significantly worse than) the shameless, self absorbed, irresponsible behavior exhibited by the Wall Street creeps. Who also are all running around free...

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Yes, homo sapiens have a short memory (and it seems to be getting shorter all the time). Their foresight, such as it is, is even shorter (and also appears to be getting shorter). Throw in some self absorbed greed and you have the start of a recipe for a real mess. Not all that great prospects on the face of it - still, there may be hope. I agree that the 'fracking' aspect of EGS is a legitimate concern and something to be very careful of/with. While it is true that EGS systems would measure in the few kilometers, and typical larger quakes measure in the 10s to 100+ kilometers, deep, it is not something about which to be cavalier. But even using traditional techniques you could approach filling all current needs. On the cost front - yes up front costs can be 'high', for some value of 'high'. You could plausibly put 300MW online with each 2.5 Billion slush fund per year. And then, as you say, it is pretty easy sailing from there out.

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