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this is really sad and I am sorry for the woman's family. But I ride a motorcycle in Tokyo and the bicyclists here seem to think they are invincible. I'm actually more scared of a bicycle or moped cutting in front of me and me killing someone more than me being hurt by a car.

And what is someone riding a bicycle at 12:15am (midnight)? Bicyclists here almost never wear reflective over garments, and even rarely wear helmets or have lights on their bikes, especially the mama-chari riders. I'm not saying the woman was at fault (maybe turned out into traffic without looking), but honestly it is really hard to see bicyclists at night. The motorcyclist obviously should not have run but I understand the fear of prison time in Japan for something that might not be your fault.

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China created their Digutal Yuan because of USA sanctions and Dollar control of SWIFT (international transfers between currencies). And the Digital Yuan is tied to the Yuan so they are 1:1 equal. CBDC has nothing to do with credit cards, making payments with your phone, or replacing SUICA cards. CBDC are being created to avoid using the Dollar for large international money transfers.

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Honda had such a lead in Hydrogen fuel-cell cars starting in 1999. The FCX clarity was available to the public from 2008-2014. It just could never get traction in the market.



Hydrogen is a better long term technology, and I'm glad to see this being given some effort again.

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Cricky can you share info on how the new Howa rifle is co-developed with H&K? All I can find is about the HK SFP9/VP9 and how the new rifle is called the Howa Type20. It does look really good though.


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I'm just glad to see Japan has decided to develop their own domestic stealth fighters (money remains in Japan, helps build domestic technology and production) rather than just sending the money overseas buying more F35s.


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