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Posted in: Abe skips reference to WWII remorse in his speech See in context

What a nutter! What is it with this group?

Admit the wrong, move on and learn from past mistakes. It's what we teach our younger generation.

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Posted in: Gov't says Fukushima plant leaking 300 tons of toxic water into sea daily See in context

I have hung in for a long time, but it's time to leave Japan. I love Japan, but It's just not safe for the family long term IMO.

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Posted in: Comedian arrested over high-end bicycle auction plot See in context

Too many comedians in Japan, but very few are funny. Maybe it's just me.....

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Posted in: Snow hits Kanto, paralyzing transport; 267 injuries reported See in context

Snow was great. Couple grumpy oji and obasans screaming at kids for playing in the snow, thought give me a break and relax, let these kids have fun.

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Posted in: Suspect in train groping case escapes from police 'koban' by back door See in context


If possible, I would make you the chief of police!

I really wonder what they teach the police during their training or the actual teat to become an officer....????

Last time my wife and I went to the police they were more interested in why my wife married a gaijin then helping us.....! I constantly see people breaking the law (mainly traffic laws) and all they do is stand there with that dumb wooden pole!

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Posted in: Hashimoto reverses stance; OKs limited restart of Oi reactors See in context

It's not a Mexican standoff now! The government has all the weapons pointed at it's people, while they have nothing but an eccentric leader to fight for them.

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Posted in: Yen hits multi-month highs against euro, dollar See in context


Right there with you, it's painful and depressing! I don't know what's going to happen if it stays like this!

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Posted in: Fukushima radiation higher than first estimated, TEPCO admits See in context

We all knew this just based in our gut feeling of the situation. I am happy that they are passing along information even if it's to little to late. The truth will always come out in time!

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Posted in: Hashimoto clashes with Osaka officials over tattoo survey See in context

If they were hired with the rules in place then maybe, but there has to be some type of grandfathered rule that this policy won't hurt honest people that choose to get one.

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Posted in: Prince Akishino says there needs to be discussion on retirement age for emperor See in context

Japangirl, you are right!

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Posted in: Prince Akishino says there needs to be discussion on retirement age for emperor See in context

I agree with Ted and Smart on this.

Why do Japanese always look so miserable in most family pictures. I always have to hold in my fustration when taking pictures with my wife's family, they never want to show an inkling of happiness.

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