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Posted in: Number of young women to halve in 40% of Japan localities by 2050 See in context

Better/higher education, higher pay, better potential partners (educated + higher salaried) and better miscellaneous opportunities.

You have all this in pretty much most japanese capitals, but the media brainwashes you into thinking these are only available in Tokyo.

Most foreigners I know think Tokyo = Japan

I thank God everyday for coming to Japan and only enjoying Tokyo for 24h, the next day I was in a beautiful capital of half a million people that made me feel in love with this place.

I'm permanently stuck in Tokyo since corona hit but I wouldnt think twice about moving to any of the beautiful charming smaller japanese capitals when chance hits!

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Posted in: The 'tyranny of thinness' still dominates fashion See in context

"They use curvy models in their shows to show inclusivity but in fact this is to preserve and maintain a system based on the tyranny of the thin ideal," Volonte said. 

It's called bowing to the mob and thinness is not an aesthetic ideal much less a "tyranny" (another word soon to have its meaning completely diluted), it's taking care of your health, same way no one finds emaciated people healthy much less attractive.

Last winter gave me extra 20 pounds and that was enough to give me backache and make me get out of breath after walking up a long flight of stairs, can't even imagine how's the life of someone weighting 10, 15, dozens of extra kilos beyond their acceptable, definitely not good for your everyday life.

Promoting obese people they call "curvy" is a disservice especially with teenagers that might be conned into thinking that's actually normal and they shouldn't do anything to change their lives for the better.

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