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Posted in: Apple to raise app prices in Japan, eurozone, other markets See in context

Apple should then make all apps that are available in the US and elsewhere, available to Japan to Justify this increase. Overseas app developers have to specifically request that their app is released to Japan.

Japanese developed apps, are not subjected to US$ rates... except when you convert the profit Apple takes from these.

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Posted in: Hong Kong replaced by Singapore as Asia's top finance center See in context

I really don't know why Hong Kong, still is deemed a Financial hub by Foreign Companies, especially now that its run by the CCP. Freedoms have gone - you can get arrested for expressing thoughts contrary to those of the CCP, and even Education has been revised to follow the CCP view upon things.

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Posted in: U.S. fines Boeing $200 mil for misleading investors on 737 MAX safety See in context

As always, Investors come before the Families of those who were killed.

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Posted in: Hong Kong replaced by Singapore as Asia's top finance center See in context

Singapore is certainly a great place to go to, if you want to travel around places other than Singapore.

It however, does have many disadvantages, especially if you wish to live and work there.

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Posted in: Airbnb hosts are sick of Airbnb, too See in context

AirBnB has become more expensive than hotels in some cases.

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Posted in: Kishida pitches Japan's permanent investment tax break at New York bourse See in context

If they want investment in Japan, they should look at the high individual taxation which makes is unattractive for high caliber individuals to come here to work.

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Posted in: Japanese police to try system for sending video during emergency calls See in context

The Police here are incredibly efficient at times, and use both street & residential surveillance to its fullest, however the contribution of cell-phone videos may introduce a heightened anxiety between people - especially if they find themselves being apparently filmed by another.

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Posted in: Hundreds demand cancellation of Abe's state funeral See in context

It is a waste of money. And, given the scandals over the Olympics and Moonies, it would be best that the Government just gets on with Governing, and as they like to often say to neighboring Nations, "looking forward, to the future, rather than back at the past"....

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Posted in: Europe faces dilemma on Russians fleeing Putin's draft See in context

A great opportunity for Putin to unleash agents / saboteurs to go outside of its borders and wreck havoc within Western Countries. So, little wonder, some Countries are questioning the wisdom of welcoming so many.

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Posted in: White House condemns World Bank chief Malpass's climate comments See in context

I support his comments - towards the fact that he is not a ("/an Environmental") Scientist, and therefore not qualified to make a statement one way or the other. He therefore has to rely upon his Scientific advisors.

Unfortunately, these days, people (the press) are so keen to latch onto the miniscule of comments and blow them up into something much bigger.

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Posted in: Blinken urges calm on Taiwan in talks with China See in context

The World has enough problems on it's hands with Russia and Ukraine. Russia could easily slip up and launch a Nuclear attack on selected Ukrainian targets, and would the West stand back and do nothing ? However, China may seek the opportunity at that time to launch a preemptive strike against Taiwan, a "Country" the US has pledged to defend.

To counter Putin's declaration to use Nukes if an attack is made upon Russian Territories, NATO should counter this, with should Nuclear fallout resulting from such a retaliation, cross into any NATO territory, then that would be deemed an act of War against NATO. Perhaps, that may reduce some of the rhetoric coming from Moscow.

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Posted in: As shelters fill, New York weighs tents to house migrants See in context

It's about time that the problems being faced by those in the South, are brought home to roost amongst those cozy peoples in the North who were so willing to be armchair critics.

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Posted in: Japan intervenes in currency market buying yen for dollars for first time since 1998 See in context

For a longer dated perspective, take a look at:


JPY Used to be around 300 to the US$ back at the start of the 70's

The Historical data is interesting, seems we're back to the levels not seen since 1990 / 1987....

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Posted in: Biden, Truss commit to protect Northern Ireland deal See in context

@Mickelicious - To those within the Military, it was well known, that NORAID was an American organization that both Funded the IRA and provided them with Arms.

With the UK leaving Europe (in it's current form), the Good Friday Agreement needs to be reworked - and to do so will require the Cooperation of all 3 parties - Ireland and Europe included.

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Posted in: U.S. Embassy in Cuba to process full immigrant visas in 2023 See in context

What about the other way around ? Perhaps Cuba would be a relatively safe place to be, in the event of a Global Nuclear War ?

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Posted in: Palace reveals details of queen's state funeral on Monday See in context

Ask yourselves the question... why, do you feel sorry for the passing of the Queen,

and perhaps then, you will realize her Greatness.

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Posted in: Putin thanks China's Xi for his 'balanced' stand on Ukraine See in context

@Rodney, your vote may be honorable in thought, however reality is somewhat different. Let us simply hope, that one day, sense will direct us all towards a commonness of peace.

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Posted in: Mourners brave 9-hour wait to say goodbye to queen See in context

I don't know what to say here, were I in the UK, would I go to London ? Would the Queen have thought I'd been an Idiot having done so.. since she's .. "Dead", and I am a "Nobody" to her....

Well, from afar, I felt saddened by her passing. Travelling to London, will be impractical for me, but, that still does not change my feeling of sadness.

I can still have a feeling of "Sadness", regardless where I am, or how I feel towards the "Establishment".

What I really fear, is the Future....

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Posted in: Putin thanks China's Xi for his 'balanced' stand on Ukraine See in context

And... the same goes for China.. you could both, (Russia & China), learn a Lot from the British Commonwealth of Nations, as promoted by Queen Elizabeth.

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Posted in: Putin thanks China's Xi for his 'balanced' stand on Ukraine See in context

Putin should resign for the good of his Nation, and in his place have someone who will build upon a Russian Commonwealth for the Future - Partnership between "Nations" rather than Ownership should be the focus of all.

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Posted in: Gov't to request energy-saving measures in winter over power crunch concerns See in context

It is time, for Politicians around the World to be held accountable, for their Interests in Companies that they have connections to, via Family, or Investiture.

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Posted in: Gov't to request energy-saving measures in winter over power crunch concerns See in context

Waste Management can be better. I'd have thought, that Japan would have been on the leading edge of this... but it is not. And the end result, is a waste of "Energy" ... (relevant to this Story)...

I would suggest, that Individual Apartments be provided with Plastic containers within which they can store waste, and then carry to a collective apartment waste disposal area and wash. That would negate the need for plastic bags....

As for individual Residences - the same could be applied - a Self-washing Bin Station, for each Residence in one fixed nearby location....

I often think, that there's a lack of Imagination here these days, where once, imagination flourished.

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Posted in: Gov't to request energy-saving measures in winter over power crunch concerns See in context

I'm becoming tired of things here... The Government is double-faced.

As an example, whilst shopping at one of my formerly favorite stores, I asked for X number of plastic bags - for which they charge 1 yen apiece. They refused..... other branches of the same store comply readily, and I tried to explain that I used these bags for "daily rubbish", which a 1 yen apiece if way cheaper than when you buy rubbish bags in stores elsewhere.

As such, this "Government" restriction is a covert Tax upon the people - presumably, those within Government have invested in the manufacturers of said "approved" rubbish bags and are literally raking it in...

This is just an example of how I distrust the Government here... it's a small thing - but, if they mess us over with small things, then where does it stop ?

JT may say this is off topic, however I somewhat disagree... every household needs to conserve money in order to pay for energy, etc. Waste disposal in Japan is a bit... old fashioned - you need to use Plastic bags, and those bags are expensive when you have a Family and have more waste, each one is essentially money that you are throwing away down the drain.

The shop keeper (manager) in question , was a reasonable person, and listened to me, he gave me the bags that I paid for, and explained to me, that this was a "Government" thing...

I have a garbage bin, and if I simply dumped waste into it, the Garbage collection teams would simply not take it away... so "Plastic" bags are the only accepted way of disposal.

Now have a think about this, and the parallels, to the so called "request" from the Government... they're living in Cloud Coocoo land, and should have advisors who understand how "real people" live their daily lives before making such stupid requests, and the same goes for Companies who Employee those same people... this Government hasn't got a plan, and it hasn't got any intelligence within its ranks.... Sadly, us Foreigners have no right to vote, and therefore we live in a non-democratic society subjected to North Korean/CCP like controls...

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Posted in: Trump team takes aim at records probe; calls it 'misguided' See in context

North American Politics has become an Open "Conspiracy Theory", each side is against each other and will do whatever it takes to gain one up upon the other, at the expense of the People they are supposed to represent.

Why can't the North American people see this ?

Are they so "dumb ass" - "TikTok" addicted, and so blind, that they are unable to think independently as individuals - and see things as they really are ?

Now is the time, Globally, for peoples to see what they see, and tell what they see and, should they be able to vote for a leader, to vote, the way that they feel.

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Posted in: New monarch gives fresh impetus to Scotland's independence debate See in context

We need a Comedian, of the quality exhibited by Robin Williams, to allay our concerns for the Future of the "United" Kingdom.

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Posted in: New monarch gives fresh impetus to Scotland's independence debate See in context

Instead of focusing upon divisions that the New Monarch brings, we should take a closer look at what he has focused upon during his life to date... regardless of where you live, if you mess up your environment in the carefree way that we have been living to-date, it will come back to haunt you and your descendants later on.

I happened to stumble upon this one from 2010 - Robbin Williams (A Comedian, worthy of Historical Note - RIP), was way ahead of us, when it came to Environmental issues - Plastic in our Oceans:


Prince Charles (now King) was ahead of his time in such matters. One has to wonder what else, he is ahead of...

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Posted in: Japan to remove entry cap in 'not-so-distant future,' official says See in context

I have my opinions, but when I express them here, I am sometimes redacted/banned, even when these questions/statements are simply rhetorical and generally inoffensive to many. This somewhat saddens me towards the "freedom of speech" that Journalists seek - how can one engage in constructive discussion without presenting an opposing view, one which may even be hurtful to some - but, without discussing it, the questions will linger and remain "hurtful" forever. Is it not best, to let those who know, correct those who do not ?

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Posted in: Emperor expected to attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral See in context

That said, I would like to see, the UK, offer an opportunity for State leaders, Past & Present, to come to the UK, without Public Protest, in order to pay their respects to the late Queen. German & Italian Officials welcome, along with Russian, and other Countries without having to endure Public Protests (which during this time should be made "illegal" - out of disrespect for the Monarchy).

Now, is an opportunity, for rebuilding "Friendships" among Nations rather than seeking "War".

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Posted in: Emperor expected to attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral See in context

Given the British experience at the hands of the Japanese Imperial forces during WWII, I think it would be better, that this Generation of "Emperor" simply provides a non-presence token of sadness.

Future Generations will of course be welcomed - based upon their actions in the future - but for now, "Sorry", there are some still alive within the UK, who may find his presence a bit "distasteful" at present, likewise for some others - Germany and Italy, included.

Oddly, I would welcome the presence of Russia's Putin - Russia is not a Natural Enemy of the West, it has strayed though, and perhaps through a common kinship, an opportunity may exist to put matters straight again and an end to mistakes made by all sides.

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Posted in: Half of Japan's ruling LDP lawmakers had ties with Unification Church See in context

Who owns whom ?

This is a Global question - not just for Japan.

For example, the W.H.O. - are they really under the influence of China's CCP or Big Pharmaceuticals ?

The list goes on.

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