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Posted in: As British voters cool on Brexit, UK softens tone towards EU See in context

The EU was a good thing prior to the Maastricht treaty. If it would be possible to join an outer circle of EU from that, then perhaps that would be a good thing, and not only for Britain.

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Posted in: Biden says missile that killed two in Poland may not have come from Russia See in context

Panic ? I have decided to stay put with my Wife who can't go anywhere due to her disability - I will stay beside her to the end, in the meantime, I'm making provisions for my Kids to be sent outside of the area.

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Posted in: Biden says missile that killed two in Poland may not have come from Russia See in context

@wallace - good luck, I don't care regardless your Politics, but this reported action IS the trigger for WW3.

I'm relocating.

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Posted in: Biden says missile that killed two in Poland may not have come from Russia See in context

Global Nuclear War now becomes a Reality.

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Posted in: Japan to reopen to cruise ships after 2 1/2-year ban See in context

Stupid decision.

Look at whats happened recently between NZ and AUS.

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Posted in: Twitter prank spurs unexpected scrutiny of U.S. insulin prices See in context

I've been reading a fair bit about life within these so-called "Tech" Companies, personally I wouldn't want to work within their environments - very demeaning at times.

As to the Layoffs - yes, sadly that is necessary. Welcome to the Real World.

And as for comments about Musk's attitude... I don't know. If wanted to save my own Company I'd work 7 days a week, and all hours I could, in order to save it... but, when push comes to shove - I've been there and have been let down before, and I get nothing other than a boot on the ass and shown the door... an Employee, is just that... an "employee"... I've worked several 24 hr+ stints in various Companies, and have taken decisive action to avoid Bln $s of losses in Clients money, but at the end of the day the Management who got their status by being friends with the existing management, received all the benefit. I still appreciate those who stuck by me, and worked with me to do the monkey work... there's a lot of unsung work heroes out there, who should be employed by Companies out there, but exploitation as Musk suggests, should become his demise, and of that, I would stand face to face and tell him that personally.

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Posted in: Japan to develop underwater drones to lay, remove sea mines See in context

Japan to deploy underwater mines ?? Wouldn't that be in contravention to Article 9 ?

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Posted in: Twitter prank spurs unexpected scrutiny of U.S. insulin prices See in context

Twitter is heading to bust land... I never cared for it, and disliked the requirement of Government organizations for you to use it, in order to get "Support"...

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Posted in: Robber, clerk fatally shoot each other in Chicago grocery See in context

My own feelings go out to the family of the shop-keeper - Hassan 


I wonder, will BLM get involved here, and start protesting about shopkeeper violence towards their members ?

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Posted in: 50.1% of Japanese companies suffering from labor shortage: survey See in context

I'm in the Aged population (50+), but willing to work... so don't please, blame everything upon me !

It's the younger generation who think we older folk cant work hard as them.. and are afraid of telling us what to do because we are older than them...

Ageism is like Racism.

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Posted in: Kuroda says BOJ will maintain easing, watch impact of global tightening See in context

Today, Milk has risen by 14% in my local Supermarket.

All the products made from Milk will clearly rise in step with this, so I am not surprised at @indigo's 15% claim, it's definitely in the right ballpark.

Raising interest rates, however would be rather fatal for Japan, and it would suddenly head towards the situation the UK is in, and that, would certainly, not go down well with the populace here.

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Posted in: Tom and Jerry have been given an ultra kawaii redesign in Japan for a new animated series See in context

Isn't this just a rip-off of the Tom & Jerry Kids Cartoon Series ?


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Posted in: England beats Japan 52-13 in rugby test See in context

Anywhere online where I can watch the match for free ?

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Posted in: Jane Fonda: Nonprofit’s work ‘far more important’ after Roe See in context

I would imagine operating an Clinic that handles abortions has to have a certain License to do so. Please correct me if I am wrong.

If not, then perhaps a simple solution would be, as follows -

The Nations Government should not Criminalize abortion, and individual States within that Nation, should not be allowed to either Criminalize it, or persecute those who have undergone such an operation.

Individual states of that Nation, should not have the obligation to issue abortion practice licenses to Clinics.

The Nations Government should enforce that Clinics should not conduct business that they are not authorized to conduct.

Solution or not ? What do you think ?

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Posted in: Woman arrested over stabbing incident on street in Aichi Prefecture See in context

In Japan, what does this mean :

of no fixed address

Homeless, or simply someone who rents their accommodation ?

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Posted in: Anime shop offering ¥300,000 reward to anyone who can help them catch graffiti vandals in video See in context

A Pointless exercise, (apart from self-promotion), there's graffiti sprayed on walls of the buildings opposite too...

Would be better to invest in wall coverings that don't allow aerosol paints to gain a foothold, and simply wash off.

As for the "kids", tagging the walls - they need proper art lessons, they're nowhere near the likes of Banksy, they should be shamed for being only able to produce such rubbish, and should, when caught simply be forced to clean up the walls that they, and their fellow comrades have tagged during daylight hours... that may make them think a bit before doing it again.

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Posted in: 15-year-old girl dies after being hit by train in Tokyo See in context

I know of a Teacher in JHS who is so intolerant, particularly of those who aren't Native Japanese, that he goes out of his way to show off how powerful he is, but getting the Parents to write "Sorry" letters, and come into School whenever he sees fit, and threaten the pupils concerned that they won't get recommendation letters to get into SHS. He's the type of teacher who will make any pupil he dislikes, consider themselves worthless, and not worthy of living. Unfortunately, there appears to be little that can be done towards this particular person...

So, the causes of Suicide can, come from the least expected quarters.

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Posted in: 50.1% of Japanese companies suffering from labor shortage: survey See in context


It's 50K GBP in Cash in the Bank or equivalent in assets, and an annual income of 18.5K GBP for spouse visa, plus you will need to pay an upfront payment for her NHS cover (~2.5k) and not draw upon DWP payments. After 5 years she can apply for Naturalization... for a lot of people like yourself, the return to the UK can inevitably lead to one member of the Family being left behind ... Something that's not often talked about.

Unfortunately this all started after certain people of Indian ethnicity, started bringing in their whole extended family members via Ireland, since then, it's become a lot harder to return the UK with a non-EEC partner. It's all about money, how much you have makes all the difference, you've only got to look at the current PM's wife as proof of that.

The UK, is as you said, a horrendous place to work on any salary less than 30K, (50K if in London) people are starving themselves in order to afford other things - such as electricity for heating. The UK is heading towards 3rd World status, with a minority of Rich living well, whilst the majority suffer - a bit like how things were a couple of Hundred years ago - exemplified by the Poldark Series...

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Posted in: Antitrust battle over iPhone app store goes to U.S. appeals court See in context

Apple is a Trillion Dollar company, they like money, lots of it, and don't really want others to get their hands on any of what should be (in their minds) rightly theirs.

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Posted in: Amid the war ruins in Ukraine, Banksy seeds art See in context

Well, he's certainly being proactive in helping to bring a little cheer to a lot of people who could do with some nowadays. Those walls could sell for Millions of $ later on too.

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Posted in: Australian minister assures Japan on gas, coal supply See in context

Australia could benefit from a stable Oil/Gas/Coal relationship with Japan, instead of China...

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Posted in: Zelenskiy accuses Russian troops of committing war crimes in Kherson See in context

Is Ukraine taking the West "for a Ride" ?

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Posted in: Ukraine war, tensions with China loom over big Bali summit See in context

Indonesia is the Country that released the Bali bomber.... I'm sorry, but that was going a bit too far. And the comparisons to MH17 and the current conflict.... really makes you wonder.

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Posted in: Kishida tells Asian leaders China infringing on Japan's sovereignty See in context

Historically, Japan making such claims is, not going to be received well.

Under current modern day times, it has a point.

An interesting situation.

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Posted in: 'Hunt them down': MH17 families hope for justice See in context

When it comes to this type of thing, a need for pure vengeance / retribution, then you need to go outside of the normal reliance upon your own Government for a solution.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea vow unified response to North Korea threat See in context

And so say all of us

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Posted in: Nintendo praised for new rules against customers who harass staff See in context

There's another perspective, sometimes you contact a Customer Support representative, who has a chip on their shoulder, and wants to feel "powerful", as the Customer, in such situations we inevitably have no solution.

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Posted in: Apple limits file-sharing for Chinese iPhone users after anti-govt protest See in context

It's true about what @theFu says about Apple's privacy and data tracking, they're currently being sued in the US over this. What I worry about, is whether Apple allows the CCP access to this information - particularly the details of Chinese expat dissidents. TikTok does this...

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Posted in: Police to launch unified online system for lost and found items See in context

The IT System will probably include 3D imaging of all items, allowing you to describe exactly what has been lost and to compare with whats been found.

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Posted in: 'Hunt them down': MH17 families hope for justice See in context

@Yrral - if what you say is true, Zelensky should be indicted and put on trial himself.

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