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Posted in: Teacher forces 96 students to kneel for 20 minutes as punishment for being late See in context

I think the most interesting thing about this whole affair is...

the students complied.

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Posted in: Clinton to make boosting wages central to her economic plan See in context

Only private sector can pull the nations economy out of the sluggishness it has been in.

A statement of faith by the right; empirically false.

And we Democrats know this. And that is why you will lose. And we will win.

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Posted in: Pelosi receives Japan award See in context

Currently the US and Japan seem in some kind of honeymoon.

After taking their second vows. The first was a shot-gun wedding. Now, we are meeting much more as equals, and I am very happy about that.

I love the Japanese people. They have all the foibles and greatness of humanity. And I think it high-time for Japan and the Us to come together on a much more equal footing.

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Posted in: Appeals court convicts S Korean ferry captain of murder See in context

In the US and UK common law, he may have been found guilty of depraved-heart murder, or second degree murder. Depraved-heart is when if the defendant commits an act of gross recklessness.

If the facts are as alleged, then, yeah, he committed depraved heart murder.

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Posted in: Michelin-star sushi restaurant in Tokyo defends foreigner rules See in context

People! Its not racism. Its just bigotry based on race.

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Posted in: Helping hand for Nepal See in context

Uhm, in Operation Tomodachi US Forces delivered 189 tons of food, 2 million gallons of water, and 87 tons of additional relief materials during response operations.

Source: Japan Ministry of Defense White Paper Special Feature, Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake. (Appendix 1).

Conclusion (and I quote): "The fact that US servicemen and assets were located on or adjacent to recovery operations saved an incalculable number of lives and expedited recovery operations."

So, yeah, I guess the Japanese government thinks " IF it wasn't [sic] for America and Operation Tomodachi many Japanese would have died."

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Posted in: Abe hails Japanese Holocaust hero Sugihara See in context

Two interesting related aspects to Sugihara's story:

First, he was not murdered or imprisoned for his rebellion. To be sure, he became a persona non grata, but he was allowed back into Japan, and even pursued a new career. His punishment was, in effect, ostracism.

Second, considering the first, where were all the other potential Sugiharas....? Just as, where were all the emmigres?

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Posted in: Give us a hug See in context

A hug, when on American soil, is perfectly acceptable.

Not for every one. Not me. I hug my family and a few, very old friends.

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Posted in: Tea Party's Ted Cruz launches White House bid See in context

And, of course, Calgary Cruz is a typical Republican after all: no honor; no shame.

Headline: Ted Cruz to sign up for Obama Care.


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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for Tunisia museum attack See in context

See, ISIS actually thinks this is good publicity for them. Which it is. Because they appeal to madman and barbarians.

They can't help but be barbaric. And barbarians are stupid.

And that is why we civilized peoples will destroy them.

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Posted in: Sign of the times See in context

Let me get this straight. These guys are saying:


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Posted in: U.S. rebukes Israel's victorious Netanyahu on Mideast policy See in context

The White House on Wednesday scolded Netanyahu following for 1) abandoning his commitment to negotiate for a Palestinian state and 2) for “divisive” campaign rhetoric toward Israel’s minority Arab voters.

1) Netanyahu's promise of No Palestine goes against official US policy. As such, the White House acts appropriately, and those here who support Net are, once again, siding with a foreign leader against the United States.

This is getting treasonous.

2) The rhetoric wasn't "divisive.' It was bigoted. Israeli Arabs are 100% Israeli. End of story.

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Posted in: U.S. rebukes Israel's victorious Netanyahu on Mideast policy See in context

This is the story of the modern state of Israel in about 20 seconds, like it or not.

No, that is the story of anti-Zionist propaganda. In 20 seconds.

Like it or not, Israel exists. Get used to it.

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Posted in: Myanmar border conflict riles China See in context

Kokang’s rebel Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army is led by shadowy octogenarian commander Phone Kya Shin.

And only one man can change that.

Bond. James Bond.

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Posted in: Netanyahu promises no Palestinian state if he is re-elected See in context

Netanyahu promises no Palestinian state

Uhm, the violent break between Hamas in Gaza and the P.A. in the West Bank settled that years ago.

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Posted in: Michelle Obama arrives in Japan to showcase girls' education aid See in context

YouTube celebrity Michelle Phan is joining Mrs Obama in Tokyo to help spread awareness for the Let Girls Learn campaign

Phan is a "make-up demonstrator and entrepreneur who became notable as a YouTube personality"

"You've come a long way, baby....."

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Posted in: Dinner guests See in context


Everybody's a li'l bit Irish on St. Paddy's Day,

Yep. I drank yesterday.

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Posted in: Do you support same-sex marriages? See in context

God made Adam & Eve.

Well, if you're gonna go Hebrew Bible -- or Old Testament -- on us, you might as well get it right and support polygamy.

Oh, what was that? You don't agree with polygamy?

So, I guess you're telling us you only quote the Bible when it suits your convenience....

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Posted in: Clinton: Republican letter to Iran undermines U.S. leadership See in context

Treason is treason

Look, as much as I appreciate the desire to hoist the chicken hawk Republican poser bullies on their own petard.

And as much as I appreciate playing hardball.

It wasn't treason.

It was politically inept and diplomatically stupid. But not treason.

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Posted in: Nobel laureates among women planning march across Korean DMZ See in context

There will be no reunification so long as the US remains in South Korea.

And that is a decision that belongs primarily with the people of South Korea. Not Steinhem.

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Posted in: Tea party may be on verge of becoming a 3rd party See in context

Tea party may be on verge of becoming a 3rd party

FThe "Tea Party" is just movement conservatism. Without movement conservatism, there is no Republican Party.

Conservatism is broken., bad for America, and thankfully, dying out.

Good riddance.

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Posted in: Australia offers to pay for Bali pair's jail time if spared death penalty See in context

Meh. Let them die.

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Posted in: Clinton: Republican letter to Iran undermines U.S. leadership See in context

The far-right has officially gone rogue.

Yeah. Since 1994. Just back then, the Republican party was not just the right wing.

Now it is. And has been since Bush.

The Republican party is broken. It must be destroyed.

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Posted in: 2 police officers shot outside Ferguson Police Department See in context

America is at war with itself.

What a tawdry comment.

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Posted in: Five things expats wish Japan had See in context

People seem to think 'expat' means 'American'..

You seem to think 'expat' excludes us.

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Posted in: Five things expats wish Japan had See in context


Skinship. Some people have promoted this lie that We in the West are grabbing and fondling and hugging and patting each other all day every day.

It bothers me. I hand shake or a pat on the back is good enough. I like hugging as much as the next guy -- but only people close to me. And dogs.

And don't get me started on the kiss hello. Its obnoxious, presumptuous and just plain rude. No, I don't want to kiss you, thank you very much.

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan launches complaint app See in context

as it looks to turn the page on a series of scares including the discovery of a human tooth in some fries.

Somehow I don't think an app will solve that problem....

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Posted in: Five things expats wish Japan had See in context

Fruitcake. Simply not available.

And this is a bad thing?


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Posted in: France's linguistic guardians drop fierce anti-English stance See in context

“Passing laws (against loan words) is to tilt at windmills,” Rey said.

True. Language evolves. Still, I wish Japan would pass some laws against katakana gairaigo abuse.

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Posted in: Nigeria says 36 towns now retaken from Boko Haram See in context


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