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So many World Cups and championships going on how does a Japanese bandwagon fan manage to support them all?

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Has anyone noticed he seems to travel and do more "international diplomacy" aka Taxpayer trips globetrotting across the globe. I feel like every other week there is a post of him in another country. Seems a bit excessive. How many times do you need to meet your American overlords in different settings G7, UN, NATO, Quad, 3 way Summit with South Korea etc.

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DeanzaZZR are you talking post WW 2 in China Operation Beleaguer? or Korean War?

Talk is cheap. The last time we fought China there was a military draft. My father was drafted and fortunately did not get any closer to the action than Alaska. All those talking about war, I hope you aren't draft age eligible.

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This guy clearly was a spy. Nothng says head of the Youth Exchange association than a Japanese man in 60s. If you read about his case. He was inquiring about North Korea from a Chinese Ambassador and other Embassy officials he was friendly with (Who also got arrested.) Seeking information about your enemies while I don't think is wrong is clearly espionage. He got caught it's interesting to see he isn't bitter about it but what he did would be considered spying in many countries.

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Involving 100 is incorrect it was 10 members of the party. It was the Chinese Dragon group celebrating the release of a member from Prison. Clickbait headline here is a Japanese link


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Strange they would ask Obama when I am pretty sure his administration was always having issues with Abe government. Meanwhile the guy Abe boot licked all the time they aren't asking?

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Posted in: Support for Kishida cabinet lowest since it was formed: NHK See in context

Just get the Moonies to pay for funeral. Seems like they have more than enough cash for it.

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Another Profile: I'll take the moderate over the Maverick.


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I know he's Nippon Kaigi, so the remilitarization is there. But as for his economic and social policies he more "liberal left" as LDP Japan member can go. He might have joined Kaigi just for policital advancement like Koike back in the day. As his faction and Hiroshima group is dovish (for obvious reasons) that is a good thing. Hopefully he didn't have to make to many deals with the devil Abe and Takaichi


I support his trying to give subsidies and cash in pocket to families and has criticized Abenomics.

Try looking at the policies before criticizing (there is things criticize for sure.)


For those people thinking oh they didn't vote the Kono guy might not be Nippon Kaigi but he's more corrupt and right leaning power hungry type then Kishida he's a "Maverick" Like McCain was a Maverick in name only. He's part of the Aso faction that alone tells me he's business community screw the little guy.

The public here isn't voting CDPJ or Reiwa Shinsen as I hope but this guy is better than Takaichi and Kono. This embarassment in handling Covid and economy and still like an abused lover Japanese keep going LDP #SAD

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Well granted her experience under Schroeder in her youth might have been a good experience. But like Xi Jiping hanging out in Iowa as a Uni Student. Age and life change people's views. She has clearly went hard right and is an Abe Protege. Very Anti-LGBTQ Very Pro Constitutional Revisionism and all other things Nippon Kaigi granted she couldn't do worse so why not give her a shot.

Kono is too arrogant and will have to kowtow to Aso and others that are backing him.

Kishida is saying the right things actually leads a moderate wing of the LDP but his faction isn't big enough even though he's Nippon Kaigi but his eagerness to be PM is a red flag but in terms of lesser evils in the statements they have made about Covid strategy etc he seems ok doubtful he will follow through. Aso screwed Kishida over last year because he suggested giving 300000 yen to families in stimulus. Aso acts like the money they are giving away is from his own pocket.

Said "Kishida is a leader for peacetime no war time." Like any of these chickenhawks are haha.

Yeah ideally CDPJ and Edano would win the next general election but my faith in this Japanese electorate is gone. All the bungling and and they keep going back to their abuser the LDP.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,447 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 16,841 See in context

Sorry are NOT the actual daily number.

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Divinda as I learned Covid 19 deaths are actually the daily number of people died but the ones that were officially given permission to be announced by next of kin. As I was wondering why some of the Date of Deaths on some days were from people weeks or months previous. I think they only release it quarterly or annually but the NIID Mortality rate site


This small report suggested for August and September 2020 Covid was responsible for an extra 595 deaths


So I am sure it is much higher these days.

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The situation here is definitely a concern but the mixed messaging from government, the patchy data and just the fatigue of the whole situation have people burned out sadly.


You meltdown daily about the tests numbers. But those are always preliminary numbers as a lot of the tests are still coming in by fax and some clinics/doctors don't do it day of especially if inundated. Not sure what happened to the online system they did probably died like COCOA. Also all the private clinics are NOT required to file how many tests are even positive cases to public health (which is absurd) I think some do but they don't do it right away.

So definitely it's bad even you go on the data of 20 to 23% positivity rate on testing the StopCovid site has. It is a serious situation but these numbers are poor and pretty worthless as it stands.

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Honestly not trying to go conspiracy theory here about hiding numbers. I am just trying to understand the

what the process is for announcing deaths. Like do families have to sign off on it before the announcement as I was under the naïve impression that the announced death tolls were those the day of. I was looking on the Social welfare site that JT has for the testing numbers to see what today's death toll was and noticed the date of death of some of the people announced was like 10 or 12 days ago.

So I just clicked on a few other dates like this one from August 16th https://www.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/tosei/hodohappyo/press/2021/08/17/26.html

3 of the deaths announced that day are from June like 2 months before???

Like what do they need a hanko approval before confirming someone is dead!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5,386 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally hits record 23,917 See in context

As it is now the only information we will eventually get are how many died, we will not get any information on if anyone got better or how many news cases were moved to the severe ICU section.

6 died in Tokyo according to Yahoo News.

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Posted in: Ministers Kishi, Nishimura visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Chicken Hawk like his brother so not a shock.

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Posted in: What will 2021 mean for Valentine’s Day in Japan? Survey asks teens their chocolate plans See in context

K no need to lash out, besides rejection is part of life you'll find the right person if you allow it without having such a downer view on yourself and the casual racism.

telljp.com LifeLine 03-5774-0992 if you need someone to talk to.

This year China gives people all over the world COVID-19 as a chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Yeah, I like it, 'cause I have never got any chocolates and I been expecting I won't get any chocolates from cute girls (all girls are cute). I am the last person to get it from girls...

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Posted in: Netflix woos Japan with new original series about a reporter's exchange with Suga See in context

I don't watch Terrace House but taking the episodes where Hana Kimura are in off air seems reactionary unless the family requested it. Showing those episodes could lead to further discussion about suicide and mental health and a reminder what those awful trolls did. Also it is weird Netflix takes the hit for what those PoS did on Social media.

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"The five band members' thoughts and feelings on their own group as well as their future are reflected in the lyrics, according to the record company J Storm."

Nothing says sincere thoughts and feelings like having a highly paid Pop Star write your thoughts and feelings for you.

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It boggles my mind why he is popular, essentially he is the Male Koike backseat governing the national government criticizing when they make mistakes but don't really offer clear alternatives.

This Military hawk wants better ASEAN ties so it can be more belligerent to China, and they "We don't have to like them to work with them" attitude to SK isn't going to work. He wants a liaison office with Pyongyang so when it breaks down (as NK blackmail aid negotiations always do.) he can boost the militarism rearming he wants. He advocates Japan should have strike first capability. Ishiba isn't to be trusted as much as I loathe Abe this guy is the bull in the China shop awful version of him. Westerners always painted Abe as.

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"(Makihara) created great songs of all times. I don't understand why he touched drugs again," said Yoshitaka Hirayama, 48, who came with his wife from Saitama Prefecture, near Tokyo. "I want to listen to his own words as there are many drug scandals in show business."

> Where the heck do you think he got the motivation to write those "great songs" you love Mr.Hirayama? #Oblivious

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In these rural areas if they are taking safe precautions I think it's okay to open up for students if the proper guidelines are met.

The 45% of companies that refuse tele-work and have their staff come into the office and shops in Kanto can open then kids going to school with safe precautions in rural areas is okay I feel.

There are more people roaming lunch time in Tokyo still then the populations of some of these small prefectrual cities.

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Posted in: Rohingya activists rebuke Japan envoy over denial of genocide See in context

Japan is known to deny a Genocide or two... so it's not surprising and they did something similar to Rohingya in 1942 in the Arakan massacres.

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This article doesn't mention the length of the beds, but the BBC one did https://www.bbc.com/sport/olympics/51045519

2.10 m that is shorter than a lot of the basketball players so wonder why they are going to do?

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She looking more and more withered, as the poison of power takes over her soul all the comprises she made.

Honestly looking like Emperor Palpatine as she accepted the Dark Side Star Wars style.

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Do people in Japan sandbag dike during typhoons or potential flooding situations? I just saw people tape board up windows (With cardboard!) in Tokyo that is about it but I figure Sandbags might have helped a few places?

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Honestly I don't even now how they correlate that viewer data now as say the photo above

there is at least 15 people watching one TV do they account for viewing parties and other modern age situation like piracy? Number is probably near Cheers the way it seems every media outlet, podcast, website, athlete, and social media influencer has mentioned it.

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I guess because it doesn't fit the "Youth" narrative of the article. But for combat sports fans in Japan AbemaTV is the go to for MMA and Kickboxing. The big Kickboxing shows on 3/10 from K-1 and RISE (Featuring Tenshin) pulled in at least a combined 4 million viewers if not more (Data is screwy as they were showing on various streaming channels at the same time.) The fact it is free is great. They have niche channels for everyone so I hope they can turn a profit and grow as the analysts forecast.

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Agree with ChipStar. It's not a given that Canada would approve an extradition request from the USA and will simply hand over Ms Meng. The request needs to go through the Canadian justice system and the decision will be justified with a reason for all to see.

Just to play a little devil's advocate, Even before this case, Canada's high extradition rate has been criticized by some criminal justice reformers. Basically in Canada it is like a rubber stamp when one of our allies requests an arrest. In this particular case timing seemed political with the trade deal negotiations etc. but

just for further reading if people are interested.


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I know the problem because I can speak Chinese.

Chinese brokers earn money by refugee application and medical tourism.

RealCDN actually JeffLee is right. Article or not I know people who tried to sponsor their grandparents from the US but because of pre-existing health conditions they would allow them to be sponsored but would not allow them to be covered for Canadian Health Insurance.

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