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Posted in: Schools reopen in some parts of Japan after pandemic shutdown See in context

In these rural areas if they are taking safe precautions I think it's okay to open up for students if the proper guidelines are met.

The 45% of companies that refuse tele-work and have their staff come into the office and shops in Kanto can open then kids going to school with safe precautions in rural areas is okay I feel.

There are more people roaming lunch time in Tokyo still then the populations of some of these small prefectrual cities.

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Posted in: Rohingya activists rebuke Japan envoy over denial of genocide See in context

Japan is known to deny a Genocide or two... so it's not surprising and they did something similar to Rohingya in 1942 in the Arakan massacres.

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Posted in: An Olympic first: Cardboard beds for Tokyo Athletes Village See in context

This article doesn't mention the length of the beds, but the BBC one did

2.10 m that is shorter than a lot of the basketball players so wonder why they are going to do?

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Posted in: Myanmar's Suu Kyi heads to Hague court for genocide showdown See in context

She looking more and more withered, as the poison of power takes over her soul all the comprises she made.

Honestly looking like Emperor Palpatine as she accepted the Dark Side Star Wars style.

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Posted in: Typhoon victims felt worst was over; then floods came See in context

Do people in Japan sandbag dike during typhoons or potential flooding situations? I just saw people tape board up windows (With cardboard!) in Tokyo that is about it but I figure Sandbags might have helped a few places?

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' finale draws staggering 19.3 million viewers See in context

Honestly I don't even now how they correlate that viewer data now as say the photo above

there is at least 15 people watching one TV do they account for viewing parties and other modern age situation like piracy? Number is probably near Cheers the way it seems every media outlet, podcast, website, athlete, and social media influencer has mentioned it.

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Posted in: Japan's Netflix contender bets on youth-driven viral hits See in context

I guess because it doesn't fit the "Youth" narrative of the article. But for combat sports fans in Japan AbemaTV is the go to for MMA and Kickboxing. The big Kickboxing shows on 3/10 from K-1 and RISE (Featuring Tenshin) pulled in at least a combined 4 million viewers if not more (Data is screwy as they were showing on various streaming channels at the same time.) The fact it is free is great. They have niche channels for everyone so I hope they can turn a profit and grow as the analysts forecast.

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Posted in: China demands U.S. drop Huawei extradition request with Canada See in context

Agree with ChipStar. It's not a given that Canada would approve an extradition request from the USA and will simply hand over Ms Meng. The request needs to go through the Canadian justice system and the decision will be justified with a reason for all to see.

Just to play a little devil's advocate, Even before this case, Canada's high extradition rate has been criticized by some criminal justice reformers. Basically in Canada it is like a rubber stamp when one of our allies requests an arrest. In this particular case timing seemed political with the trade deal negotiations etc. but

just for further reading if people are interested.

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Posted in: Japan probing abuse of health insurance system by foreign residents See in context

I know the problem because I can speak Chinese.

Chinese brokers earn money by refugee application and medical tourism.

RealCDN actually JeffLee is right. Article or not I know people who tried to sponsor their grandparents from the US but because of pre-existing health conditions they would allow them to be sponsored but would not allow them to be covered for Canadian Health Insurance.

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Posted in: Honda goal gives Japan a 2-2 draw against Senegal at World Cup See in context

"75-90% of fans only support when they are winning and it all depends on how well they did from the previous World Cup. 2014's World Cup wasn't that great for Japan so it was quite easy to get tickets over the past 4 years. There were tons of empty seats in fact. As I tried to buy tickets for their September matches, they were sold out instantly. I really don't care who chooses to be a fan but it annoys me that I can't buy tickets suddenly lol"

DaDude agree with you, All countries bandwagon jump, but I feel Japan is the worst at Bandwagon jumping. When the Hiroshima Carp won the Japan Series all of a sudden I saw Carps caps and jersey all over Kanto. I stopped wearing my cap it was embarrassing lol, or when The Rugby team went on a run at the last WC. apparently "down since Day 1" fans came out of the wood work.

SmithinJapan didn't say anything negative about Honda, he was right in the right place at the right time. Inui was the man of the match, Shibasaki made some crucial passes, Yoshida was steady in the back.

Honda's brash style back in 2010 era made Honda the star but real Samurai blue fans outside of kids would not say he is the best player only fair weather fans and media who always push him even though he is in his proper role now as a energy/super sub. I remember try hards that believed hype he was on World Elite level with Ronaldo, and Messi in that era hahaha.

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Posted in: Finance Ministry admits disposing of documents to hide land sale talks with school See in context

Will this be on the a big enough story to cover? I think there is more dead horse to beat over a dirty American football hit...

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Posted in: China box office tops North American market in first quarter See in context

Definitely Agree Toasted Hereitc. The theater experience and ritual is still something I enjoy fully.

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Posted in: What are some of weirdest sandwiches, pastries or other food and drink items you have seen in Japanese convenience stores? See in context

The worst for me was the Shiso (Perilla) Pepsi. That was awful. Those "Clear" coffees or teas, recently feel real strange to me.

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Posted in: Family of injured college American football player files criminal complaint See in context

I agree this play was cheap and dirty, but the fact it is a top 5 news story the past week on all the news networks here is absurd so is nothing newsworthy happening in Japan right now? N.K. denuclearisation not more important? Japanese spy agencies using Xkeyscore? Or does there have to be another 50 year old "boy" band singer harassing H.S. girls this week to knock this minor story off the front headlines?

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Posted in: Fuji Xerox to install personal booths for teleworking at subway stations See in context

Well this looks like it could double as a suicide booth.

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Posted in: Bruno Mars throws towel at model for using phone at Japanese concert; she mistakes it as a gift See in context

I understand his annoyance because of this point in the article

"Mars threw the towel at her in exasperation after having to perform to the back of her head throughout much of the show."

The Model was basically instagramming the whole show live. That is a bit excessive in the vanity of it like sure a pic or a selfie, or a video here and there is understandable, but when you are doing it for the majority of the show (seeing the youtube video and her instagram.) it is a bit much and vain.

Also Some concerts and comedy shows do have those air lock pouches for cellphones in U.S.. So banning them is possible. But not sure it is the right answer.

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Posted in: Abe to raise North Korean abductions at Trump summit See in context

"Japan's government worries the emotive matter of the abductees, which Abe has made a key issue during his political career, will take a back seat to nuclear and missile issues in the U.S.-North Korean summit."

Might hurt to realize but "IT SHOULD!"

I got downvoted in another article for saying this but this is a bilateral issue Japan needs to discuss with North Korea. Abe mentioned (more for political distraction I feel.) about meeting NK but I hope they do to resolve this Japanese issue. Using these poor families as political pawns is LDP snakeoil and shouldn't be a factor in the upcoming summits of Korea and with the US.

The problem of Nuclear Missiles and NK criminal acts of nuclear proliferation are at the very least a regional destabilizing problem if not a global issue to the world and should be at the forefront of the discussions.

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Posted in: Abe fears U.S.-N Korea talks will omit Japan security concerns See in context

I think Japan worries of Normalization of ties like with Nixon/China in 1972.

His fear is understandable after all his Trump brown nosing he gets left out in the cold. But if Abe is meeting Trump next month he can address his concerns then.

Seems he is just playing this up now because of the domestic pressure about Moritomo again. He should be thanking KJU for shooting missiles last year that got Japanese all worried and thinking Abe's "stable" leadership would somehow protect the nation. When his polls numbers were so low and reversed and he got a new mandate.

The other issue with Japan is the always have to bring up the abduction issue, even in the 6 party talks a decade ago they always want shoehorn in the abduction issue. That is a separate issue they need to address with NK one on one. China didn't bring up Senkaku at those meetings, or SK and comfort Women I don't recall but Japan it's always poor bloody Megumi Yokota 14 people missing from 40 years ago is less pressing issue than thousands in armed conflict or worse nuclear war.

If it is such a pressing Issue for Abe and Japan set up a summit to deal with it yourself.

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Posted in: Abe congratulates Putin on re-election See in context

Congratulating Putin, is very typical Abe,

understandably he is hoping to stay relevant on the World Stage even if it means

cozying up to dictators and trying to project this false image of power about the

Korean issues that frankly Japan is not directly needed for in the discussion at this point.

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Posted in: Ter Mors gets gold; Kodaira wins silver, Takagi bronze in 1,000-meter speedskating See in context

Japanese Olympic coverage only Rivals America in terms of terrible coverage in my experience. Don't know why people getting down votes for highlighting the awful coverage Japanese TV does. There are like 5 channels showing Olympics all showing the same event or one doing a puff piece on a J-Athlethe how about mixing it up show different events on different channels? Yet NHK wants fees for this?? Cordcutting is the way to go.

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Posted in: Japanese man testifies in Thai court over surrogate babies See in context

I remember this story. This guy is the son of the founder of Hikari Tsushin a telecoms company. His father Yatsumitsu Shigeta is one of the richest businessmen in Japan. Apparently Dad threatened legal action hence this story died in Japan quickly at the time.

Old link I found, but I remember a lot of stories about this in SE Asian news.

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Posted in: 'Vanishing village' looks to LDP for survival See in context

They need enforced retirement not just on office workers, but politicians as well. Would you let your 70+year old Grandparents run your day to day affairs ? So why would you want them running your country? People generally get more stubborn with age and less will to change or quick to adapt to new ideas.

Imai Chikara is a prime example of this. Kaneta the 46 year old candy man needs to realise these LDP chicken hawks can't protect him either. Maybe these places need to disappear/die off so young people like Tanaka Yohka can put some good use to that land.

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Posted in: Japanese high school student repeatedly kicks his teacher while class is in session See in context

Letsberealistic Google is your friend.

Typing in "Teacher Student fight" should get you hits on many youtube videos from USA, UK etc.

This was mild, and that teacher should have been more assertive this was an embarrassment all around.

Frankly they should probably have smartphones/Tablets in those locked bags like they do in Comedy standup shows now in the US.

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Posted in: Accused groper who jumped onto train tracks to escape arrested See in context

Saikyo line is a terrible line, always crowded in has cameras on some cars. It is common to mention employment status in Japan for crimes I know, but this is one case where it is a bit important, I mean if you ain't got a job where do you need to be, that you have to cram on to the overloaded Saikyo line at 8:30 in morning? I hope the cops ask him that question. I wish these crimes were taken more seriously in Japan need to hardline this perversion.

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Posted in: Younger employees increasingly resisting transfers See in context

Not just Japan but many first world nations, have trouble attracting youth to rural areas to work. For corporations or business yet video conferencing or business trips are probably feasible.

One area I think that they need to transfer people or at least training is have have doctor's work in rural areas for a few years to make up for the shortage and who knows they may settle and decide to stay. I've met more than a few entitled d-bag doctors in Japan.

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Posted in: 11 cat carcasses found buried in Kanagawa park See in context

Future Serial Killer potential. Hope they catch the creep. Sagamihara has gotten a lot of bad publicity this year.

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Posted in: Big welcome See in context

Here comprise for power, and ignoring the plights of minorities like Rohingya, and Kachin state, real admirable. Her lust and ambition for power is troubling. She sold her soul to devil.

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Posted in: Decapitated head of cat found on grounds of Hokkaido elementary school See in context

Do they have criminal profilers in Japan?

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Posted in: 7 dead in water-related accidents across Japan See in context

I don't know if it is because they report it more here in Japan or what but every year people die from water related accidents or heatstroke but generally it always seems preventable. Japanese citiies are doing pointless campaigns constantly. So how abou instead of complaining about foreigners with Tattoos, music or having fun on the beach they warn of the dangers of heatstroke and give some common sense water safety tips to a majority of people who seem to miss these events happening yearly in Japan during the summer months.

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Posted in: Japan to evacuate citizens from South Sudan after violence erupts See in context

I love how, some Japanese people are so unaware of their governments actions, or believe words like "Self Defense Force" means they have no military, yet I have seen Jets, Tanks, and Helicopters in this country that imo constitutes a military. So why does Japan have a "Self Defense Force" Base in a foreign country? Yep no military here....

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