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Posted in: Do you support Tokyo hosting the 2020 Olympics in view of the scandal concerning a $2 million payment for "consulting fees?" See in context

It may be an unpopular opinion but I say yes. My reasons being the Government would find other ways to waste the money even if they lose the Olympics. The silver lining positives I believe are it brings is the international attention and eyes to corruption and scandal in Japan. That may not get regularly reported if there was not so much focus from being a upcoming Olympic Host city. I know every World Cup or Olympics has negative news on the run up but I think some more international attention to Fukushima or the shitty sexism in Japan is a positive. Another reason is perhaps it can open a bigger internationalization to Japan. I mean the tourism increase has brought at least some small benefits like better Wi-Fi access and at least a debate on AirBnB here.

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Posted in: 'Jurassic World' No. 1 as Japan’s box-office revenue for 2015 is 2nd highest on record See in context

*Of the 1,136 movies released in Japan throughout the whole year, 55.4% were Japanese, hinting at a gradual shift away from foreign movies that had been predominant in the Japanese cinema market since 2011.***

I feel this shift has little to do with the quality of Japanese Cinema which has been dominated by essentially bad "Made for T.V." movies of ongoing t.v. series. The chokehold of Japanese television companies delaying foreign releases here is awful. For example the Martian is already out on DVD in western countries. John Wick was released here over a year after it's North American Release. People here still believe the myth that movies are delayed here because of "subtitle translations" I mean countries like Syria and Mongolia got the Martian a week after North America lol it's pathetic.

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