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Posted in: ANA takes delivery of first Airbus A380 See in context

Which engines are you referring to? RR or CFM?

No CFM engines on an A380, they're are not powerful enough and are basically on single aisle aircraft or A340 classics.

A380s have either EA GP2700 engines or RR Trent 900s.

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Posted in: Nissan's second thoughts on UK-made SUV add to Brexit worry See in context

Good move by NISSAN. Build them in Japan. Far better quality, and more jobs for Japan.

Better quality?

Subaru scandal, Mitsubishi scandal, Kobe Steel scandal, Toray scandal, Nissan scandals, TEPCO and other nuclear industry scandals, Koito aircraft seats scandal, Tanaka airbags, Olympus, Snow Brand Milk products, Daiko foods, Toshiba Accounting etc., etc.

Remind me again of better Japanese quality.....

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Posted in: Tokyo court approves detention of ex-Nissan boss Ghosn until Jan 11 See in context

In Japan, motto is - Do the crime, do the time.

By that statement most of corporate Japan and goverment should be behind bars then......

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Posted in: Japan officially announces IWC withdrawal; will resume commercial whaling See in context

Please, respect Japanese culture, food and traditions.

Along with lying through their back teeth and being at one with nature?

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Posted in: JAL apologizes for canceling overbooked Tokyo-Fukuoka flight See in context

Narita has a curfew of 23:00 and transport towards Tokyo is pretty much non exsistent after then including taxis.

Haneda is open 24 hours, but try getting public transport out of the city after 23:30.

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Posted in: World Rugby advises teams to cover up tattoos at 2019 World Cup in Japan See in context

There are lots of onsen, gyms, public baths who don't mind tattoos. Today's Japanese are quite used to tattoos both local and overseas, just look at the Sanja festival in Tokyo for staters and the influx of tourists with ink. Also, the younger generation here are getting inked up more. It's only those in a time warp who have an issue with it and are following what they are told in the media. Saying that, one hotel did make a fuss about the ABs using their facilities a couple of years ago. This has probably come about due to the crusties of the IRB and JRFC but with initial good intentions. If you want an interesting cultural lesson on tattoos, chat to a Maori or Pacific Islander. I spoke to a few last year on the British & Irish Lions tour, they are proud to explain the symbology and what it represents, plus ask you about yours and why you had that design. The original people here with tattoos were firemen and coal miners plus the Ainu long before skin art was associated with the yakusa.

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Posted in: All Nippon Airways’ first A380 rolls out of final assembly line See in context

The Resident,

I stand correct on the Skymark A380s, they have indeed gone to Emirates.

However, there is something in the Skymark deal with ANA buying 3 A380s from Airbus.

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Posted in: All Nippon Airways’ first A380 rolls out of final assembly line See in context

Forget about the weight for a mo....think about the volume that would take.

If you want to include the trim tank which is in the horizontal stabilizer at the back, the aicraft holds 85740 US Gallons or 324540 kgs of fuel. The trim tank itself holds 6260 US Gallons.

I think you'll find these are the ex Skymark A380s order which they couldn't afford in the end.

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Posted in: May stands firm on her Brexit plan; says no to 2nd referendum See in context


Both sides lied and spread horse dung.

Project Fear and Project Promises which can't be filled - I've heard there's a repainted bus for sell.

So in that context, it's fair - Britain voted to leave, now get on with it.

Jimizo summed it up very nicely in his final sentence - competent people and not the current clowns steering the process.

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Posted in: 5 die, 40 injured in fire at construction site in Tokyo suburbs See in context

Not an expert but would be very surprised if Japan suffered from lax safety or building supervision or materials standards

Which part of Japan Inc would you like to discuss, nuclear, construction, manufacturing.........?

Do some research, the list is endless.

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Posted in: World's 1st Paddington Bear-themed park opens near Tokyo See in context

Paddington Bear -the most famous illegal immigrant in the world!


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Posted in: No World Cup hooligans? Russia says told you so See in context


I took issue the statement ''at Premier league matches.'', never football saying violence had been totally eradicated. I'm very well aware of the mentality in the UK, let alone England on a match day, or on any given night in any market town around the country. But on your subject of 822 incidents how many actually involved Premier League team supporters? There are 92 professional league clubs in England alone.....

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Posted in: No World Cup hooligans? Russia says told you so See in context

Nan Ferra Today 10:21 am JST England needs to import these Russian thugs to control British hooligans at Premier league matches.

Really? Please let everyone know when the last major clash at an EPL match occurred between opposing supporters? The only incident of note last season, was West Ham fans invading their own pitch to protest against their own management. The heyday of hooliganism in England was in the 70's. Confrontations at matches have been pretty much eradicated have been for many, many years. You don't seem to know much about the subject, but issue a blanket statement.

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Posted in: JAL starts operating passenger jet featuring Disney characters See in context

JAL have had Disney themed aeroplanes for years.

They flew a B747-100 in the 90's adorned with characters.

So, it's nothing really new except the artwork.

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Posted in: Townsend wants even more from Scotland against Ireland See in context

Going well for the Republic, so far!

No such team!

It's Ireland from all provinces.

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Posted in: Mechanic dies after being crushed by plane wing at Kagoshima airport See in context

Bill Hefer,

Main undercarriage legs just don't collapse, they are designed with geometric locks to prevent such things happening.

As it was under what appears to be a maintenance tow, grounds locks/gear pins should be installed. This is a standard requirement across aircraft manufacturers.

In this industry, I've never known a gear pin to shear and they take some big loads when you do undercarriage checks on the ground.

Gear pins falling out because the safety retaining clip isn't fitted to them? Then yes, they have been known to come out.

A lot of undercarriage levers can be over ridden on the ground whilst the aircraft is sitting on it's wheels, but that is a deliberate act and a maintenance procedure. It's still a heart in the mouth moment when you do it on something like a Boeing 747 and it can and has gone wrong in the past.

So, if they were towing without the locks in or the locks weren't secured or the aircraft had known undercarriage faults or someone fiddled about in the cockpit then that is a serious safety lapse.

As what has tragically happened, aeroplanes can bite and they do so very quickly and nastly.

With various news items across the industrial spectrum and being involved in this particular one here, a lot of companies preach safety but are very lax in actually enforcing it and just go through the motions.

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Posted in: Japanese, British fighter planes meet for first time since World War Two See in context

Did British planes face off against Japanese planes in WWII?

Somehow I don't think so, but I'm no expert.

Answer to question 1 - yes.

Answer to question 2 - correct.

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Posted in: Britons cast historic vote on EU future See in context

As much as I respect Corbyn as a man of principle.

Is that the Jeremy Corbyn who at the height of the IRA’s “armed struggle,” attended and spoke at official republican commemorations to honour dead IRA terrorists, IRA “prisoners of war” and the active “soldiers of the IRA”? Yet, as leader of the opposition, he undertook the customary task of laying a wreath at the Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph?

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Posted in: Black Sabbath announce final tour kicking off next year See in context

Roosterman77, I concur on all accounts.

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Posted in: Japan reaches Women's World Cup final after England injury time own goal See in context

Having followed the game 'live' via the internet this morning, I was hoping to watch the news and see the highlights this evening. So far, all I have seen is the actual penaly kick by Japan and the own goal - how many times?? One channel has been showing that incident from no less than 8 different angles. You only need one to know it was an own goal. I would say I've seen it 30-40 times in the last hour. I've now switched to BBC and CNN hoping to see a bit more.

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Posted in: Former All Black Jerry Collins killed in France car crash See in context

A sad day for world rugby and New Zealand in particular.

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Posted in: New Zealand PM pushes flag change after election win See in context


Not taking anything away from anyone from any nation who fought at Galipoli, but you best go and read up on it first, before making assumptions about England (UK) forces. The UK had the 2nd most casualties after the Ottoman Empire and more than three times the total number of ANZACs combined.

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Posted in: 'Downton Abbey' to return for Season 5 on Jan 4; 'Sherlock' date up in the air See in context

FAB! Totally concur T2.

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Posted in: Japanese firms near crisis point as labor shortage deepens See in context

Isn't it strange that Peach cannot find pilots, whereas ANA has no trouble?

There is a big market of qualified pilots out there. However, with Peach's methods and manipulation of terms and conditions, most pilots leave sooner than later.

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Posted in: 'Nobody will die' says defiant Scolari See in context

Maybe, Scolari should read up on Andrés Escobar of Columbia and what happened to him after the 1994 World Cup.

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Posted in: Liverpool tops Premier League after beating Spurs See in context

They're probably the form team in Europe right now.

I think Bayern Munich might have a little say in that matter.....

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Incredibly hot on the floor, Saturday. 37 in the shade, but I would say early afternoon during the One OK Rock set it would have been in the 40s down the front in the blazing sun. A lot of people suffered heat stroke, especially when they were trying to leave the stadium floor due to the queues at the exits. I would imagine it was similar yesterday. It was a relief to get into the Messe to watch a few bands.

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Posted in: Two Wheels + Testosterone = Triumph See in context

A pretty good article on an iconic British bike brand, which died a slow painful death in the face of the Japanese bike industry and modernisation until being rescued by John Bloor. However, Steve McQueen did not do the jump scene in The Great Escape. This was performed by Bud Ekins, a stunt man and close friend of Steve's. He also did the more dangerous stunts in the film Bullet.

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But the old english boys network who are in charge of the IRB are only concerned with looking after them selves and their rown interests

The IRB have spouted hot air about developing the game world wide for a long time, now, but seem determined to keep it amongst the big players. Look at the current RWC in NZ and the farce when they were awarded 2011. Then, we have the affair of 2015 and 2019. Also, look at the self interests of the then 5 Nations when Italy initially applied to join and how they were put off. Same can be said of the Tri-Nations and Argentina along with the current 6N. The cash cow of international rugby, talks. However, to say the IRB is just an old English Boys network is plain wrong. The big 8 nations have 2 seats on the council each and some 2nd tier ones: one, plus the various regions have one each: The chairman is French and the vice chairman English. For all it's faults pretty international.

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Posted in: Ireland upsets Australia; S Africa, Argentina impress with big wins at World Cup See in context

The Irish did their homework and stopped the green and gold at source. Used their nous to keep the ball above ground and get the turnover. Keep Cooper quiet, disrupt the supply to the backs and you can pretty much stifle the Australian free flowing game. Games are won by forwards, backs decide by how much. The Irish proved that today. Aussies will be in the mix at the end.

Sláinte mhaith

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