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FAB! Totally concur T2.

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Isn't it strange that Peach cannot find pilots, whereas ANA has no trouble?

There is a big market of qualified pilots out there. However, with Peach's methods and manipulation of terms and conditions, most pilots leave sooner than later.

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Maybe, Scolari should read up on Andrés Escobar of Columbia and what happened to him after the 1994 World Cup.

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They're probably the form team in Europe right now.

I think Bayern Munich might have a little say in that matter.....

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Incredibly hot on the floor, Saturday. 37 in the shade, but I would say early afternoon during the One OK Rock set it would have been in the 40s down the front in the blazing sun. A lot of people suffered heat stroke, especially when they were trying to leave the stadium floor due to the queues at the exits. I would imagine it was similar yesterday. It was a relief to get into the Messe to watch a few bands.

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A pretty good article on an iconic British bike brand, which died a slow painful death in the face of the Japanese bike industry and modernisation until being rescued by John Bloor. However, Steve McQueen did not do the jump scene in The Great Escape. This was performed by Bud Ekins, a stunt man and close friend of Steve's. He also did the more dangerous stunts in the film Bullet.

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But the old english boys network who are in charge of the IRB are only concerned with looking after them selves and their rown interests

The IRB have spouted hot air about developing the game world wide for a long time, now, but seem determined to keep it amongst the big players. Look at the current RWC in NZ and the farce when they were awarded 2011. Then, we have the affair of 2015 and 2019. Also, look at the self interests of the then 5 Nations when Italy initially applied to join and how they were put off. Same can be said of the Tri-Nations and Argentina along with the current 6N. The cash cow of international rugby, talks. However, to say the IRB is just an old English Boys network is plain wrong. The big 8 nations have 2 seats on the council each and some 2nd tier ones: one, plus the various regions have one each: The chairman is French and the vice chairman English. For all it's faults pretty international.

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The Irish did their homework and stopped the green and gold at source. Used their nous to keep the ball above ground and get the turnover. Keep Cooper quiet, disrupt the supply to the backs and you can pretty much stifle the Australian free flowing game. Games are won by forwards, backs decide by how much. The Irish proved that today. Aussies will be in the mix at the end.

Sláinte mhaith

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Japan's down fall was the ability to defend out wide, not the ref.

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Net Ninja:

The 787 and the 737NG are for different enviroments. One is a wide body jet, and one is a narrow body.

And, what is your basis for American commercial pilots are the best?

You will find in most countries, a lot of airline pilots began their careers in the military.

Finally, American assembled might be a better description in the modern age.

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The airplane.. what purpose does it serve.

The same as your donkey, it is a mode of transport to get you and your stuff from A - B. And, take your religious clap trap elsewhere.

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