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Posted in: This delicious pudding made solely with persimmons and milk is trending in Japan See in context

With all the health benefits of persimmon, maybe this fruit will help to prevent getting the Coronavirus?

. . . . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persimmon#Nutrient_and_phytochemical_content


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Posted in: Denying defeat, Trump offers fodder for world's strongmen See in context

A democracy must have honest elections if the majority of the people's will is to be represented, and what we are reading in the media, and as the result of judicial actions is that the 2020 Presidential elections have been honest . . . .

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Posted in: Trump slams global climate agreement Biden intends to rejoin See in context

The countries which have not agreed to the Paris Climate Accord, . . . .


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Posted in: Burger King releases its first-ever 'buns-free' burger in Japan See in context

'buns-free' burger is good if you wish to reduce your calories/ carbohydrate intake, however, the two beef patties seem excessive, why not make it with just one?


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Posted in: Astronaut Noguchi says SpaceX ship offered 'best' flight to ISS See in context

It is nice Japanese (& Japanese American) astronauts visit the ISS -- and have contributed to the International Space Station construction (e.g. Kibo modules I & II).

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 534 new coronavirus cases as Japan goes on maximum alert See in context

In the photo, not all the people are sitting the recommended minimum 6 feet apart - although they all have face masks, perhaps the added measure of safety should be added - both social distancing measures are commonly implemented in California, US.

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Posted in: Woman dies from head injuries after being found on Tokyo street See in context

Japanese government should support a Help line for these troubled individuals, to diffuse such situations before they occur.

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Posted in: Japanese firms start to reconsider asking for resumes to specify gender See in context

If Japanese companies take these practices, it may have an effect on population growth?

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Posted in: Biden calls for healing in appeal to Trump voters See in context

If you look at the number of popular votes cast for President Elect Biden, the number of votes was not too narrow, . . . . https://www.teenvogue.com/story/biden-leading-popular-vote-electoral-college-2020-election-results

More like 4 million votes difference.

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Posted in: Trump claims victory despite uncounted votes; Biden urges caution See in context

Watch out for the updating news . . . former Vice President Biden currently leads in electoral votes, 11/ 4/2020, 2:57 a.m. PST USA, https://www.politico.com/2020-election/results/president/

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Posted in: Fireman arrested after injuring man with judo throw See in context

Judo (柔道, jūdō, Japanese pronunciation: [dʑɯꜜːdoː], lit. "gentle way"),

from Internet Wikipedia.

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Posted in: Survey finds only 23% of vehicles stop for pedestrians at crosswalks See in context

Use traffic cameras to photo car and license plate of violators, then assess penalties.

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Posted in: Duck and cover See in context

Colorful birds, prized for their beauty,

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Posted in: Japan to lift entry ban on travelers from 9 countries, regions; exempt returning residents from quarantine See in context

There are many Japanese who would like to return/ visit Japan, from Northern California, U S, where the numbers of new patients have been diminished . . . Will Japan consider lifting the entry ban based on the County from which a person is from?

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Posted in: Japan gov't OKs bill to offer free coronavirus vaccines See in context

News on AstraZeneca -


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Posted in: As teen suicides rise, 21-year-old Japanese student starts online message counseling See in context

As a parent, I would like to offer some advice:  make certain your child has enjoyable, intellectual activity during their youth (biking, hiking, sight seeing, learning foreign language) with parents; also, it's a good idea to visit a country like the U S, (where is safe, e.g. California, Northeast coast) in order see their own home in perspective (I think most Japanese are lucky to live in a place like Japan, seeing another country will make them feel more grateful) . . . make certain they have some fun, before they get to the age where they are asked to take on more responsibility.

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Posted in: Why Beijing may want to keep Trump in the White House See in context

What about . . . .



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Posted in: Asian shares, U.S. futures gain after last Trump-Biden debate See in context

According to CNN polls, former U. S. Vice President Biden won the debate,


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Posted in: Halloween revelry in Japan to take new forms during pandemic See in context

With all the negative connotations of Halloween . . . Japan should consider not celebrating Halloween this year or even after the COVID pandemic . . . .

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Posted in: How walkable is your city? London, Hong Kong put pedestrians first See in context

I wish more cities, e.g. in Western countries like U. S., would consider some of the Japanese ideas, such as "Hokousha Tengoku" or "Hokoten" (Pedestrian Paradise) where streets are temporarily closed for pedestrians only on particular days during Spring.

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Posted in: Trump, Biden go on offense in states they're trying to flip See in context

Former CIA director not backing Trump,


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Posted in: Why blonde-haired, blue-eyed Sailor Moon is neither white nor Japanese See in context

Why not also have a character, dark haired brown eyes?

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Posted in: U.S. influence in Pacific wanes; Japan considered 'smart power' by think tank See in context

U. S. needs to present a more sincere and honest image which welcomes other peoples of different background and cultures, not just in the Pacific but in other areas of the World also . . . and, if only on a limited scale, be of a more understanding of different cultures and peoples, which US can offer services and products to.

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Posted in: Japanese manners debate: Is it OK to tell your coworkers 'I’ve found a new job?' See in context

For the most part, I never told co-workers if I was going to another job . . . during my many years working . . . .  However, if I was moving to a new location several thousand miles away to pursue new opportunity, then I told the boss only . . . however, someone found out, and put it on a map of the world (where other "alumni" were also indicated with a small pin) . . . additionally, if I was working for a small firm (and my family needed better circumstances . . . then I needed to ask my boss for permission to see if it was acceptable to him that I be able to move on) . . . . in most all cases only the boss/ employer was told, and when possible permission was asked based on the state of affairs at present office . . . .

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Posted in: Man on death row since 1999 dies at 88 See in context

He committed brutal crimes for gain in 1972, then died of pneumonia 48 years later.  Why was he kept around for so long?

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Posted in: Ardern wins landslide victory in New Zealand See in context

Congratulations to Ms. Ardern! . . . she has done a great job with COVID-19.

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Posted in: Japanese women who don’t follow mainstream beauty standards See in context

Japanese women do not need cosmetic surgery, they are a nice looking representation of their race, the people of Japan, and the Orient.

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Posted in: Cabinet to spend ¥549.2 bil in reserve funds on virus subsidies See in context

[in the photo] what is "Ranagi no ~ " ?

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Posted in: Fujifilm seeks approval for Avigan as COVID-19 treatment in Japan See in context

I hope it will work out for Japan, it appears to have a good record in other countries (according to article) . . . the other countries of the world also need a better hope.

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Posted in: Japan to release treated Fukushima water into sea, media report See in context

If the filtered water is released back into the ocean, it should be as far away from Japan as possible . . . is it fair to have it safely released into International Zone waters? . . . the nuclear reactor was made by a U S company . . . but the accident was due to an earthquake . . . . If the Japanese government says evaporation is also a "realistic option", is there a way to safely have the water evaporated naturally by the sun?  Polluted residue after evaporation can then be further treated for placement in containers outside of Japan (Antartica or Outer Space . . . Outer Space may be an option, by sending a container with remote power - consider Newton's 1st law - that being the case a container with contaminant could go beyond our solar system into deep space).

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