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Posted in: Thousands of Australian students skip school for mass climate protest See in context

Australians should contact organizations such as the U. S. Green Building Council, and the Leadership in Energy Efficient Design to see what the U. S. is doing to combat climate change.  Recycling and conservation are two important measures.  https://new.usgbc.org/education

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Posted in: Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn: Did he fall or was he pushed? See in context

He was caught!

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Posted in: An increasing number of companies in Japan have banned employees from smoking during their work hours, aiming to resolve low productivity caused by their smoking breaks. Do you agree with this policy? See in context

Second hand smoke for non-smokers poses a health risk.  I hope they know to segregate smokers from non-smokers.

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Posted in: Abe visits Japan Coast Guard vessel, shrine for dead submariners in Darwin See in context

It seems strange that Abe has taken the view of Western countries, i.e. Australia, when there are many disputed military actions against Japan prior to WWII, tensions between U. S. and Japan in Tokyo Bay (much of this history seems to be hushed up?)  . . . in fact, the European (white) countries had colonized many parts of Asia in the Pacific, and these countries did not gain independence until after WWII.  Similarly, In the 1950s the disputed territories in the North of Japan there were reported conflicts (~1977) as reported in a Newsweek article, where Japanese may have been/ were killed by Russia -- perhaps this action was reflected in a Japanese movie, "Toshokan War" or "library wars" where civilians and university guards are killed by an outsider military who does not want the indigenous offspring to study a comic book, (perhaps representing the traditional Japanese language, and Kanji).

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Posted in: Abe, Putin to accelerate WWII treaty talks See in context

Perhaps the Japanese do not want to have a lot of Navy ships polluting their Northern waters.

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Posted in: Car hits and kills 15-year-old cyclist; driver arrested See in context

It's very sad to hear of bicycle and pedestrian accidents . . . . It's important to have bicycle lanes on roadways, as well as side walks for pedestrians. Bicycle riders need to wear helmets and reflectorized clothing, pedestrians also need to be warned to wear reflectorized clothing while traveling when it is dark.

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Posted in: Tokyo struggles to recruit volunteer city guides for 2020 Olympics See in context

I'm ready to volunteer . . . provided my family and I can get to Tokyo in 2020. I'm a former WT&F gold.

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Posted in: Shibuya braces for more Halloween chaos after wild weekend See in context

Is it really necessary to celebrate Halloween?

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Posted in: City lights See in context

I know that in other countries "light pollution" is a concern -- as too much light may affect wildlife, such as nocturnal birds.  Perhaps Japan this should also be a concern in Japan.

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Posted in: Neil Armstrong film accused of being unpatriotic See in context

I wish all astronauts well . . . esp. the first who landed on the moon.

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Posted in: Would you be in favor of Japan switching to daylight saving time in summer? See in context

If it saves energy, may be a good idea.

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Posted in: Heatwave blankets much of Japan, killing 14 people over long weekend See in context

Make sure heat prone areas have well shaded shelters, where appropriate raised floors to allow circulation of hot air out, insulated to keep air conditioned air in.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. renew nuclear pact amid plutonium stock concern See in context

No nukes. - Let's save the people, the planet, and the environment!

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Posted in: Japan OKs ambitious nuclear energy target, plutonium reuse plan See in context

Enough material for 6,000 atomic bombs sounds much too dangerous . . . why not spend more effort on developing solar voltaic, wind mill, and other environmentally more friendly methods of producing energy . . . Japan suffered from 2 atomic bombs in WWII . . . . .

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Posted in: A record 3,111 people became stranded on Japanese mountains last year. Should stranded climbers have to pay for the costs of their rescue? See in context

If Japanese are billed for being rescued, it may discourage some from requesting rescue assistance when they really need it.

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Posted in: Sign of the times See in context

EV on a curb?  Electric Vehicle charging station with 3 people in tux . . . maybe Level 3 Electric Vehicle charging station?

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Posted in: Demand for foreign workers may soften Japan's immigration rules See in context

In continuation of previous . . .,

Nikkei who are struggling or unemployed in their 'foreign' residences should be given priority over new comers, to find employment and see their ancestral homeland.

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Posted in: Demand for foreign workers may soften Japan's immigration rules See in context

Japan may wish to consider recruitment from many Nikkei communities overseas such as the U. S. where many of Japanese descent may be looking for work.

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Posted in: Trump, Kim sign agreement; N Korean leader to get White House invitation See in context

By taking diplomacy seriously, the leaders will help the Far East region (and U. S.) to maintain peace and security for their respective countries.

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Posted in: A BLT that showcases dueling dynamics See in context

BLT is a favorite . . . the bacon in the photo looks a little old though . . . itadakimasu!

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Posted in: Japan supports Trump's decision to cancel U.S.-North Korea summit See in context

Perhaps, Japan should act more as a regional super power, and support negotiations between Chousen and U. S. - talking and meeting can lead to greater peace and understanding between peoples.

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Posted in: JR Central employee overcharged foreigners for bullet train tickets See in context

My apologies . . . I see the amount was 100,000 Y which is close to ~1000$ -- at that amount it starts to get serious.

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Posted in: JR Central employee overcharged foreigners for bullet train tickets See in context

For the 100,000 Y ~ 100$, which he got, -- seems like he is being severely punished for such a small sum.  It's not uncommon foreigners have more money.

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Posted in: Only 1% of Japan's biggest coral reef healthy: survey See in context

What can be done to bring the sea temperatures down to normalcy?

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Posted in: Chinese premier urges Japan to join 'Silk Road' infrastructure project See in context

It sounds like an interesting opportunity for Japan  . . . like the ancient Silk Road which connected the East and West . . . .

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Posted in: Can Japan play a role in bringing peace and stability to the Korean Peninsula? See in context

Japan, as an International power, should offer to help establish peaceful relationships in the region.

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Posted in: Amnesty accuses Japan of breaching int'l rules on death penalty See in context

Commendable of Amnesty Intl, provided the Japanese govt can provide a way to reform and resituate the inmates without harm to others.

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Posted in: Japan pushes renewables, but keeps nuclear in energy plan through 2050 See in context

If a community wishes to save energy, while providing for a healthy supply of water, they should consider the use of rain cisterns attached to metal roofs - having water nearby may cut down on the amount of energy to pump it. - worth investigating?

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Posted in: Around and around See in context

Please be careful . . . Abunai! . . . it' s not  uncommon to find a shark - Same! - at the bottom.

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Posted in: Putin unveils nuclear weapons to counter West See in context

Japan should make better relations with the U. S. and North Korea-its Yayoi neighbor.  Of course keep an eye on Russia.

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