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Posted in: Brumbies sign Japanese rugby player Tatekawa See in context

Ill support him when the Brumbies play. Great stuff

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Posted in: China's UK envoy compares Japanese militarism to Voldemort See in context

Whats the big deal, many of us here weren't even alive during this war. There've been plenty wars since then that Japan has not fought in.

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Posted in: Getting smaller and smaller See in context


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Posted in: Should U.S. Osprey aircraft be deployed in Okinawa? See in context

I say no. Maybe let the okinawans decide what they want.

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Posted in: Do you support the decision by donor nations to give $16 billion to Afghanistan to prevent the country from sliding back into turmoil when foreign combat troops depart? See in context

I think you could see it as security also for helping out the victims from the war. If you dont help, Taleban will just come back into power and plot the next attack on America. At least with helping Afghanistan now, you could help them provide security for themselves and let them deal with the Taliban... I would love to visit Afghanistan one day as a tourist..

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Posted in: Toy fan pumps out some serious wind power on the cheap See in context

Don't think your body would heat up that much by turning that thing, doesnt look hard at all, 100 turns of the fan to one turn of the hand is pretty impressive. If they designed one in black, add a bit of metal to make it a bit classier for adults, then I wouldn't mind buying one... But these look cute

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Posted in: What to do if someone on the street goes berserk See in context

I think this is a great article to make people at least aware that such things go on. I mean really, lets not get too caught up on the statistics or likelihood, its like swimming in shark infested waters doing whatever you like, splashing around, because some stat you heard somewhere made you think it unlikely, that would be a bit foolish. Better safe than sorry.

Middle of the road makes sense, easier sensing any impending danger if you have a building or something on one side of you.

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