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I've never seen Sushi cost that much

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same thing is happening near my city


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Posted in: Boehner says it is time for U.S. to deal with immigration reform See in context

For much to say about immigrants if they do their job without hesitation and do not disturb the community of others or even cause a disturbance then yes they should be allowed equal approval.

In my Opinion, illegal immigrants are given low down jobs to support their family's and have their kids have a better education for them to keep themselves above. if they were to take those jobs, it would give the majority of these who want careers a better chance of getting them.

Overall: The reform could be a good procedure if they set their priorities straight. any more limits will cause some trouble for either side.

P.S To those want "them to go home," that just makes you more ignorant then of those you are talking about. making the terms that you are the lowest of the low by accusing someone just because they do something better or equally tasked. come on, how can you call no rights to someone who can do the same job.

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another meaning of Friend-Zoned

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