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Juan Rodriguez comments

Posted in: Robot suit gets global safety certificate See in context

I'd like to see somebody dancing Gagdam Style in one of these suits

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Posted in: Obama, Abe firm on N Korea; no decision on TPP See in context

What a cute picture

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Posted in: Abe says he won't tolerate China island challenge See in context

It is all politics my friends, don't need to get your blood pressure up.

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Posted in: Bruce Willis says he's against new gun controls See in context

Is not just the gun control, all of these new laws being signed in these past 10 years are to prepare the American people to just bend over and obey everything the goverment says.

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Posted in: Jun Komori makes televised apology for lying to fans about auction sites See in context

"When asked what she thought of the reports that her career in the public eye had been jeopardized by the incident, Komori replied that she believed deleting her blog had been a sign of contrition, but that she later realized it had not been sufficient."

How about returning back the money?

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Posted in: Aso says weak yen result, not goal of anti-deflation policies See in context

Well said semperfi, right on point. This global economic crisis will stay for a while, I think a weaker yen was unavoidable either way. How would Japan stay afloat if it does'nt play along right? The way this current low market is going is affecting everyone world wide. The great news is that for the most part, Japanese products have always been top of the line, I hope Japan keeps manufacturing them and not outsourcing their jobs.

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Posted in: Man held for killing wife's friend who mediated in divorce talks See in context

And they got just married couple of months ago

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Posted in: 'Gangnam Style' parody 'Gaijin Style' hits the web See in context

Hahahahaha, this made my day!

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Posted in: Japanese husbands shout their love for wives in public See in context

“The economy is getting better in Japan and I see a lot of Japanese married couples getting more active in deepening their relationships,”

I am glad to see this quote here ;-)

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Posted in: Woman stabbed, robbed in parking lot See in context

@sfjp330 You are absolutely right, this area is normally really calm and beautiful, I've found tranquility here. I just hope the culprit is apprehended soon for everybody's sake.

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Posted in: LDP's Abe pledges to revitalize Japan, strengthen military See in context

Lets give Abe-san the benefit of the doubt and hope for the best ;')

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Posted in: Woman stabbed, robbed in parking lot See in context

Where exactly in Hiroshima? I lived there before, it is a rather safe area. Who would stab a woman for only $30k yen?

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Posted in: Noda warns of security perils in Asia during talks with Obama See in context

So basically, Obama and his goons are for hired to do what they do best: supply armament throught the whole world for a mere price of freedom, that is awesome! Please Japan, get the US bases out of your country.

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Posted in: 'Grrr!' Rolling Stones release greatest hits See in context


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Posted in: Odor-eliminating underpants a hot seller See in context


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Posted in: Osaka man kills brother over salary advance refusal See in context


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Posted in: U.S. serviceman apologizes for assaulting boy in Okinawa See in context


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Posted in: Daniel Craig says he wanted out of 007 See in context

The movie was just ok, I liked Casino Royal better, he is a good actor though.

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Posted in: U.S. envoy goes into damage control mode over latest Okinawa incident See in context

The same mindless rhetoric

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Posted in: Japan industrial output falls; jobless rate unchanged See in context

So, realisticly speaking, who has the highest unemployment percentage, Japan or the US? Please advise.

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Posted in: Brazilian student auctions virginity online to Japanese man for $780,000 See in context

$3k for the guy, that is funny!

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Posted in: U.S. military to impose curfew in Japan after alleged rape See in context

....kids, go to bed!

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Posted in: China flexes muscles with drills in East China Sea See in context

“The primary aim (of the exercises) is to strengthen the capacity to safeguard territorial sovereignty and maritime interests,” Shen Hao.

And what is the secondary aim Mr. Hao?

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Posted in: Japan's 1st legal office for foreigners opens in Tokyo See in context

Best news of the week so far!

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Posted in: 80-year-old Yuichiro Miura to attempt to climb Everest See in context

Dayum! Now, thia guy is a tough cookie!

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Posted in: Mother, son found dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

Aberrational thoughts lead to aberrational actions :-/

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Posted in: What happens to Japanese porn stars after they retire? See in context

The #69 guest comment in this article should be given a free porn movie

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Posted in: Man on flight from Japan held in LA after smoke grenade, leg irons, body bags found in luggage See in context

You know, even if you are wearing plain clothes the TSA will have an excuse to strip you down to your socks, squeeze your genitals, do cavities inspections, check your bottle of water bought at the airport. Basically have your way with you; all in the name of so called "security"

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Posted in: German activist arrested for vandalism in Taiji See in context

This moron probably thought he was being "righteous" and wanted to "prove" his believes by desecrating the statue, way of go kiddo, you've got your 15 minutes of fame.

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Posted in: Bin Laden movie to premiere in U.S. ahead of election See in context

Hollywood was created by The Elite, to dumbs us down. This so called film is just another way to control your mind and decisions, thus empeding your ability to react or to think freely for that matter. There us no left or right side,it is all a "Show" folks.

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