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Posted in: 10 kinds of posts that make Japanese want to block their friends on Facebook See in context

hahahhaha wtfjapan for a moment there I thought you were refering to JT

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Posted in: With eye on Japan, China plans big military parades under Xi See in context

Leader with Head of a Lion but tail of a mouse

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Posted in: Photographer says barring him from Syria sets a bad precedent See in context

“I am concerned that this case might set a very bad precedent in this country. In the future, other journalists might have orders issued and their passports confiscated,” 

It is called New World Order just like V for Vendetta

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Posted in: The most annoying people you’ll meet at a Japanese fitness gym See in context

The men that wear shorter shorts than my own boxers hahahaha, man those are annoying and repulsive

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Posted in: U.S. news anchor Brian Williams recants on coming under fire in Iraq See in context

“I made a mistake in recalling the events of 12 years ago,” Williams said on the broadcast.

You meant "you made a mistake in lying about those events"!

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Posted in: 'Running police' to take part in Tokyo Marathon as security precaution See in context

hahahaha the posts in here are funny, thanks for the laughs. In all seriousness, I hope everybody is safe during the race

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Posted in: Tokyo named safest city in world; Osaka No. 3 See in context

I have never felt as safe in all my life as the years I spent in Osaka. As a woman, a wonderful hassel free time

My wife is there right now and I completely agree with you. Having lived there, I loved Osaka over Tokyo, it is very calm and safer in my opinion.

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Posted in: Westerners join Kurds fighting Islamic State in Iraq See in context

The USA funded Alqaeda, we used them against the Russians. Alqaeda is now IS, you do the math

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Posted in: Katy Perry dazzles at Super Bowl halftime show See in context

550 million? A lot of tv programming

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Posted in: Bradley Cooper says he is surprised by 'American Sniper' controversy See in context

I am a Vietnam Vet with as much scorn as I can muster for the American Coward, and the cowardly politicians who screamed "Bring 'em on!" from their Undisclosed Locations.

It is time for prosecutions of all who supported and ordered these Bush mass killings."

Best comment Ive read so far in JT, you sir are awake

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Posted in: Bradley Cooper says he is surprised by 'American Sniper' controversy See in context

“You never know when you make a movie if anybody’s going to see it, so to have the audacity to think that it would cause any sort of effect at all would be pretty presumptuous"

Yeah sure buddy

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Posted in: Death sentence upheld for man convicted of killing 7 in Akihabara See in context

how old is this monster?

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Posted in: Cross-dressing Matsuko Deluxe: AKB opening Tokyo Olympics 'would embarrass Japan' See in context

Matsuko had the cojones to actually say it, props!

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Posted in: Group says 'American Sniper' film spurs threats against Muslims See in context

I saw the movie for educational purposes.

Utter brainwashing. Chris Kyle, in real life wasjust another misinformed America soldier, going 4 times to war and you still havent figure out your master is the enemy? But I guess there are a lot of people thinking 911 was not a false flag

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Posted in: Japan vows not to give up on hostages until very end See in context

Japan vows not to give up on hostages until very end

Actions speak louder than words.

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Posted in: 'American Sniper' triggers angry debate See in context

Hollywood uses ‘American Sniper’ to destroy history & create myth http://rt.com/op-edge/224507-american-sniper-movie-usa/

Forgot to add my link to my previous post

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Posted in: 'American Sniper' triggers angry debate See in context

Hollywood is the most destructive weapon used against us. If you are not awake and in tune with reality then enjoy the brainwashing

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Posted in: Woman murdered in Tokyo; missing son found dead after possible suicide See in context

how do we know he even did it? could be a cover up

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Posted in: 'American Sniper' makes North American box office history See in context

American's get copious amounts of anti-war, anti-patriotic movies out of Hollywood. When a rare one comes out that doesn't dump on America it gets noticed - especially since it appears to be so very well done.

Can you please share few that have made it as big as these war propaganda movies? I am not being sarcastic, I really would like to know.

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Posted in: 'American Sniper' makes North American box office history See in context

Someone please tell me,what is patriotic about a sniper killing Iraqis defending their country from an American invasion? This is one movie I won't be watching....!

Exactly! All the brain washing from Hollywood is ludicrous, people will believe whatever war propaganda this entity releases. They should make a movie on how the US trained and funded Alqaeda who are now ISIS. That I would watch, would pay double the admission too.

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Posted in: 'The Interview' becomes Sony's all-time online hit See in context

Just saw the movie from viooz dot com and it is the same story as always, jew jokes, brain washing propaganda and absurd terror alert. Well, at least I had two laughs

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Posted in: U.S. economy posts strong growth in third quarter See in context

Just end the Federal Reserve and cut the military expenditures in half, they are as uselful as a solar power flashlight

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Posted in: Abe calls election; delays sales tax hike See in context

Abe is a very interesting fella isn't he?

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Posted in: Man arrested for breaking into woman’s hotel room, spanking her with shoehorn See in context


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Posted in: 18-year-old Japanese sets record for fastest 100 meters on all fours See in context

I hope somebody tries this Exorcist style

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Posted in: Japan's smartphone 'zombies' wreak havoc on the streets See in context

Stupid is Stupid does

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Posted in: Japan officials under fire after Hanyu's collision at Cup of China See in context

Damned if you do and damned if you don't. Tough situation they were all in, this kid showed a lot a of heart. I will refrain to say anything negative about the rest.

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Posted in: Man held for attempted murder after stabbing woman on street in Kanagawa See in context

Japan is one of the safest country out there but you should always watch your six at all times, never ever get too relaxed since you really dont know what lunatic is lurking out here

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Posted in: Hanyu returns to Japan for medical tests See in context

That hit was harder than I thought, he was lucky to just have couple of stitches. Props for the kid for getting up and perform.

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Posted in: Video of pick-up artist grabbing Japanese women on street triggers online protests See in context

This SOB just needs a good beat down, lets see him trying that in LA, fuk this guy!

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