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Posted in: Face mask distributer imprisoned in sex shop by yakuza for 11 hours See in context

Hiding in a sex shop is a great way to disguise yourself. Maybe a little role playing as "The Mask Mommy" to amuse the Yakuza. They might need some maternal affection during trying times to help with criminal anxiety

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Posted in: Obama, in memoir, recalls Japan's revolving-door leadership era, bowing to emperor See in context

Obama a real class act. Born in Hawaii where respect for the elderly is normal. Bowing has always been part of my behavior in Japan while visiting the "land of the rising sun" for almost 45 years. The Emperor seemed pleased to met another gentle person. A curtsy to HRM the Queen has always seemed correct why not a bow?

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Posted in: Don't move See in context

Give me the Nanny State any day of the week. People need to be reminded of certain dangers if absent minded or in a rush to nowwhere. Falling not only hurts the falling person but others below or above. Take it from me. A very kind Afro-American gentle person saved me on a near escalator fall with luggage in hand @ Penn Station. Always remind myself to be careful and respect the safety of others even if I am a foolish @ 76 !

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Posted in: Foreigners to blame for livestock theft, according to Japanese media See in context

Yes I am guilty, Every year when visiting Japan I grab farm animals. Nothing as nice as my beside the road chicken stuffed with cilantro roasted on an open fire. Carlos G actually wanted to take a cow on his escape from Tokyo, but it was too big to fit in a private jet. Killing the golden hen has always been a favorite of the political class. However never very popular with overseas bandits curently roaming the countryside looking for golden eggs to make French toast . Perhaps providing better take-away food @ 7/11 might stop these guys from ''grab a snack tactics" @ local farms in the middle of the night . Pigs ears and tails are popular items to steal among this class but not everyone eats pork . So eat everyone eat it is a pandemic and time to be kind

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Posted in: Suga reshuffles LDP leadership; likely to retain key ministers, except Kono See in context

Pity about Kono, he should have been elected PM. However being side lined comes right from the Trump play book. "Replace him with a relative" and keep him out of any future new govenment. Hope the new gang of five can produce results. Abe was a handsome international fellow who had the right guy a defense minister. Kono had the look of an old street fighter like Joe Palooka but spoke excellent English and a geat sense of humor !

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Posted in: 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' to end in 2021 See in context

Oh what a terrible loss to the world of worthless reality TV. In New England they have earned their real name "Kartrashians"; self promoting ex-sex tape stars . Hollywood has dropped to the lowest form of entertainment .They paint a terrible picture of the USA today as entitled "role models" who are sadly all about money,money

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Posted in: North Korea fires multiple cruise missiles into sea See in context

Just ignore Tubby for now. He and the Blond Bandit can take the center stage again after the health crisis is over. Kim will never give up his nukes' and Trump will never stop lying, so let's live with it. More important things to do today and the Chinese hold all the cards for now. We ignored them until it was evident they just might be a military threat with ICMB capability. Hope the Easter Bunny got through the lockdown yesterday ?

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Posted in: Guy deliberately bumping into women regrets it when he tries it on pro-wrestler See in context

Why pick on the old folks. They are having a difficult time getting around and sometimes loose their balance. However if they are those 86 year old men trolling for children in supermarkets please bump into them giving a good kick in where the sun does not shine. At age 76 about 200 lbs over 6 feet I have the advantage, but sometimes I run into people by mistake. Afro-American folks in NYC are the most forgiving but my Boston brethren are not. Never got bumped in Japan .Furthermore the expression " If you bump into him or her please say hello" might take on new meaning if we were not so busy . Love the little older ladies in Kyoto in matching hats who have a pack mentaliy when boarding buses. Usually the lead lady gets to the door first then the sharp elbow troop follows to secure seats. Younger girls might take notice to travel safely with older ladies


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Posted in: Blasts kill more than 200, injure over 450 in churches, luxury hotels in Sri Lanka See in context

They forgot to list the usual suspects Jimmy Kelly and Timmy Dolan from Northern Ireland. Sick world full of hate in the name of religion. It can happen anywhere and will as long as we play on discrimination for political gain. Happy Easter and Passover as we try to understand ignorance in the name of our personal belief systems

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Posted in: S Korean parliament speaker compares Japan to 'brazen thief' See in context

Now I know why the Koreans are called the Irish of the North Pacific. It only took us 700 years to drive out the English but we will never let it go. As these politician get older they forget everything except the grudges. Grudgingly displaying reluctance and unwillingness to acceptance the fact WW2 is over. I believe Japanese compensation in 1965 was the end of that discussion. They do not need to be great buddies but should realize the many cultural things shared in common. The threat up North and across the Sea of Japan should be a good reason to keep better relations in order to survive. In the meantime as my Anglo-Irish Grandmother reminded me; try telling better jokes about your former Imperial adversary and you win the resentment game

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to kill 15-year-old girl at her request See in context

Really sad story .... Everyone needs some kind of help these days to cope. However agreeing to kill a very desperate depressed teenage girl is truly sick. Her parents should take notice and the police should lock up this pervert before he acts out his fantasy again ! What a way to get-off, try self abuse over murder any day

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Posted in: China urges Japan to ensure rights of 2 detained in shrine protest See in context

The PRC communist party should send letters of condolences to the families of the 20 million Chinese they let starve. Let us not forget the thousands of South Korean, and UN soldiers they killed in order to put the Kim family in power to continue the same brutality !

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Posted in: Ghosn allegedly shifted personal investment loss of ¥1.7 bil to Nissan See in context

It appears our neighbor friend from Brazil missed the Protestant Ethics program during his Jesuit education in Lebanon. Also he will not be too pleased with his current accommodations in Tokyo They appear to lack that certain "omotenashi" so very familiar in Japanese culture . I had planned to visit Carlos with a hospitality kit (holiday obento box) with some of his favorite goodies. Carlos always enjoyed pao de queijo , pimenta malagueta , farinha de mandioca , polvilho doce and azedo , trigo para quibe , azeite dende , feijoada , but I cancelled my annual Momiji trip to Nihon this week from Buenos Aires. Hope he likes the local rice porridge.

Ciao, Juanito

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Posted in: Trump wades into furor over racist Roseanne Barr tweet See in context

As my old next door Rabbi would say to me ( his favorite 16 year old Shabbos goy) that this is a person we can not afford. The Rabbi was poor as a shul mouse but rich in his sense humor, ecumenical spirit and charity. Miss Barr would have been seen in my opinion as tref after attacking members of her own tribe like George Soros with her anti-semetic rage. She is the perfect pawn for the recent wave of hate and blame being prosecuted out of the Whitehouse. Turn the topic of immigrants into outright discrimination into beware of those people. After all they are not like us who pray to strange gods and look so different 

I would not trust Donnie to turn on a dime for the opportunity to enrich himself at the cost of his family or the nation. Mr. Kushner beware of the Pharisees among you and yours ! Ms. Barr is gone for good but this time around no well meaning Mormon healer in Utah will not interceded on her behalf. It is interesting that Mitt Romney is one of the few Republicans who claims his moral seat but was seen as a dangerous member of a religious cult by the Christiane right wing base when he was a recent presidential candidate

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Posted in: Sex crimes by elderly increasing See in context

No it was an attack with a dead weapon. Poor fellow should have gone to a local soap land with lots of Viagra and better intentions. Did they lock him up and ask that he wear sand paper mittens in order not to hurt the person he truly loves. Terrible and dangerous behavior from this old fellow. Not a laughing matter if he came crashing through your door. Banish the pervert to off shore islands in the Sea of Japan until he truly repents

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Posted in: Man on a mission See in context

Yes Liam looks a bit scruffy next to lovely Arisa. Hope he did not try to pull off a St. Patrick's Day make on this lovely Japanese beauty. Her husband Koji has a very strong baseball pitchers right hand and I am sure a great punch to match. Well all in the spirit of great friendship we love seeing the Irish and Japanese getting on so well. Have a laugh on this comment and our support for actors who represent us very well in this troubled world. God bless from this Irish passport holder.  A "Plastic Paddy" hailing from both North & South America!

XXX  Juanito

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Posted in: Porn star's lawyer says she had sexual relationship with Trump See in context

I hope Donald was wearing a good "Willie Cover" during his interview with Ms Clifford for her cabinet position. I am sure it was "stormy weather" in the White House after Mrs. Trump got word of this affair . It appears this is what Hollywood Harvey did for years..... please just sign here , take the cash and STFU !  Perhaps it is the correct "outer borough way of doing business". Ironically both Harvey and Donald hail from Queens, New York

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Posted in: Gov't considering national award for star figure skater Hanyu See in context

Give him the award. Continue to present similar awards to all deserving young people who represent Japan in their chosen field of sports. He is an artistic "Japanese National Treasure" . We love him here in Boston. He is smart, has a very kind gentle humble manner and gets on very well with his fellow skaters . Certainly a great role model for Japan and all the world. Let's start talking about these accomplishments and lay off the politics. Please defend that Gold medal in Beijing. We are rooting for him. GO GO GO Yuzuru-Chan . We love You!

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Posted in: N Korea accepts South's offer of talks on Jan 9 at DMZ See in context

Better 1,000,000 tons of rice sent to NK than SK getting hit with barrage of artillery killing 1,000,000. Let's face it Kim has created a nuke state and the world will need to live with that unless we want to take him on. Will SK be willing to ask the US military to leave like the French did in the 1960's . It appears Germany did not to attack France after that decision and Japan has been far better off without an offensive military since WW2. China learned the great lesson of gaining economic world superiority without firing a shot since the Korean conflict.

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Posted in: N Korea accepts South's offer of talks on Jan 9 at DMZ See in context

Self determination for both Korea's and perhaps talking the same language might just work. Keep Abe & Trump out of this diplomatic move, Too much to loose on both side of the DMZ. Perhaps a concept of mutual security agreement for both North & South and no need for foreign troops to be stationed in either of the Korea's. I worry more about other countries with nuke capability in the Asian sub continent. Prosperity would be enormous if trust could be established and respect for both systems that just might benefit all the people

Please keep the dog off our New Year menu as they could teach humans a great deal about love and loyalty

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Posted in: Winter greens, apple, cranberry, goat cheese salad comes together in 20 minutes See in context

Lovely salad for the Weasel to consider on Christmas Eve

I used dried Ocean Spray Cranberries (Cranrasins) , Chinese Water Spinach, Rice Vinegar with a drop of cream sherry. Feet First Farm Shallots and Apples from New Hamshire . No honey but a touch of Maple Syrup and the rest of the suggested greens, for a special New England taste.

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Posted in: Arabs, Europe, U.N. reject Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital See in context

What a side show to deflect the current USA reality program by making provocative moves on the international stage. Play the stupid game with Tubby Kim so he can push pacifist Japan to rearm, and then turn South Korea in to a massive US Military base. Do we expect the Chinese not to have valid concerns about Trump and their own security? As far as the Arab countries see it, they and us are already paying the price past political mistakes with terror acts throughout the world.

I had a conversation some years ago with a Muslim gentlemen in a Coptic owned old hotel in Cairo Egypt. He said, "Was it not the Christian West that was responsible for the Holocaust and then asked the Muslim East to bear the responsibility for their crimes". Although I might not totally agree with his position on the creation of Israel we will never see Middle East peace until the Palestinian's have their own state. If the USA does not wake up and get our act together the Russians and Iran will be running the new international reality show. China can have the last laugh as the curtain falls on the final act of the "way off Broadway" Trump show !

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Posted in: Crown prince ready to ascend throne but worries remain over Crown Princess Masako's health See in context

Dear Masako will be fine and the Japanese population should be grateful that she has been honest about her struggles. Perhaps taking a page from the current lives of William and Kate who seem to be living a modern life. I am sure they were very aware of the effects of depression that plagued Princess Diana while living in the royal bubble. Get rid of those self serving grey men surrounding the Imperial Family and Masako will shine.

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Posted in: Ryokan custom ignites debate after visitors label it sexist See in context

These cultural traditions should not be disturbed by outside influences. Ryokan staff can become confused sometimes when the husband is a cross dresser. However no problem for each guest to have their own ohitsu rice container if requested in advance. with non gender specific hamoji rice paddle included.  Sumo guests sometimes require extra large ohitsu vessel even when traveling alone. Ryokan must anticipate this and have their in house Geisha lend a hand with serving extra helpings of goan . Hospitality first and always respect tradition

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Posted in: What you'll be wearing in 2018 See in context

brilliant taste, wonderful sense of style that I believe will become the new norm for my casual office Friday.

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Posted in: Chinese ships sail near disputed islands with Japan See in context

First let the international boy scout troops set up camp to settle things down a bit . Perhaps installing a non-sectarian shrine dedicated to all the victims of WW2. It could be island condominium administered by both China & Japan to further foster better understanding of shared mutual Asian values. No guns allowed but perhaps building a weather & earthquake warning station. I would never consider a McDonalds but how about a dim sum/sushi bar using the local catch to encourage dialog through hospitality

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Posted in: Kennedy weighs in on topic of wartime history See in context

What do you want her to say ? Japan has tried to overcome the military past with a constructive and peaceful approach by assisting Asian neighbors with development since WW2 . It is about time this generation learns to let go and move on rather than being stuck in very old resentments.

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