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Judith Kelman comments

Posted in: Thousands rally against stricter gun control in U.S. See in context

sf2k said "I'm Canadian and I have no idea why Americans are so scared of themselves. Fear feeds more fear. Long time coming to switch that around with peace creating peace and just talking things out."

I have been wondering the same thing. What are Americans so scared of?? If someone owns a gun it immediately produces fear....fear of using it.....fear of them using it on me....so maybe I better get one! Soon you end up with a fearful society. Fear breeds fear. I have never seen a gun in my 67 years I never want to see one I don't expect to see one!! I never wish to use one

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Posted in: NRA takes aim at Biden's gun control task force See in context

Living in a country with strict gun controls makes me think it is the members of the NRA who are mentally unstable. They are still living in the 'Wild West' and apparently wish to keep it that way.

I have never even seen a gun, let alone owned one, and never wish to.....

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions really annoy you? See in context

Yes, "off of" "whatever" "how you doing'" "like" between each word ("Ive been "like" "literally" "sad")...the list goes on....

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Posted in: Gun enthusiasts pack shows to buy assault weapons See in context

Hawkeye I too would be ashamed of being an American just now, if I was one. As someone else commented here, the ones who feel the need to own guns are the ones who are the truly mentally ill. Anyone who thinks weapons make for a safer world are mentally deranged at worst, deluded at best. This FEAR that makes these people rush to spend their money on assault weapons, actually causes aggression, even war. All violence is fear-based. America certainly has a very serious sickness at its heart. I have never even seen a gun, let alone used one, and I have never, in my 67 years on earth, felt the need of one. I pray for peace in all men/women's hearts.

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Posted in: Newborn girl found in bag near highway in Saitama See in context

Thank you Eugene Ryan. We should not judge. Try walking in the mother's shoes for a day. I don't know any woman who would have willingly done this. Perhaps she was afraid of her parents or her husband. I send Love and comfort to her and to her precious new baby.

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Posted in: Gun enthusiasts pack shows to buy assault weapons See in context

Owning a gun is not civilized

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Posted in: Public pressure forces gov't to consider phasing out nuclear power See in context

"That how progress works: We learn from mistakes, and make adjustments. Instead of hysterically abandon modern technology."

Oh yes! And how many of these "accidents" can the earth take before it is totally uninhabitable? Anyone who wants more nuclear accidents, more nuclear wastelands, more nuclear waste piles we have to monitor for thousands of years, more cancer, seriously needs a brain transplant. Oh yes, we can keep learning, but one day there will be nowhere safe to live.

Japanese people, DON'T STOP THE PROTESTS. Don't get tired, keep up the fight...you will win

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Posted in: Noda tells protesters he'd like to phase out nuclear power See in context

Let's hope he is sincere about this. Of course we can do without nuclear energy1 What did we do before nuclear energy?!! It can be phased out. Humans have always found a way when something is needed. The world will be a safer place without nuclear energy of any kind.

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Posted in: 3 Fukushima towns selected for 12 storage sites of radioactive debris See in context

On the one hand you might think that, as it's already overloaded with radioactivity, that's the right place to dump waste. then, on the other hand, what if there is another earthquake?

Time to stop building these disgusting things.

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Posted in: Anti-nuclear candidate loses Yamaguchi governor election See in context

Nuclear power is so expensive compared with other forms of energy that it has become “really hard” to justify, according to the chief executive of General Electric, one of the world’s largest suppliers of atomic equipment. “It’s really a gas and wind world today,” said Jeff Immelt, referring to two sources of electricity he said most countries are shifting towards as natural gas becomes “permanently cheap”. At the same time, a 75 per cent fall in solar panel market prices in the past three years has made solar power competitive with daytime retail electricity prices in some countries, according to a recent report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, while offshore wind turbine prices have steadily declined.

Financial Times 30th July 2012

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Posted in: Anti-nuclear candidate loses Yamaguchi governor election See in context

Nuclear power is neither cheap or safe. The trouble is, people believe what the government tells them. Japan is waking up. Why can't we? Nuclear power stations are not cheap to run or to maintain, or to decommission at the end of their lives, and the waste remains active and lethal for thousands of years. Have you ever wondered why there is so much cancer about these days? Why do you want more?

Pro-nuclear is very similar to pro-gun. Gun sales have rocketed in America since the cinema shooting. Totally mystifying. Is it a death wish? Or just insanity?

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Posted in: Nuclear fears galvanise usually sedate Japan See in context

It's easy to Mock!

Nuclear accidents threaten the whole world. Are we hell-bent on destroying the world? I salute the protesters, and sincerely hope they keep growing. Don't lose hope. Don't lose courage. Love and Peace.....you can't have one without the other, so it is one word, one reason.

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