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Judy Itoh comments

Posted in: Japan calls Ghosn's escape 'unjustifiable' in first official comments See in context

How did he pass facial recognition software and fingerprinting, which I underwent in Tokyo....both airports on exiting and entering? That does not make sense to me!!! I even had to remove my shoes....Nike’s which were a real pain in the butt! They were tight and one size too small! I had to sit on a bench to get them back on! How was anybody else allowed to forfeit this humiliation????

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Posted in: Manager at Turkish jet operator says he helped Ghosn escape because of threats See in context

I went through facial recognition systems and fingerprinting for international flights to/from Japan. I don’t understand how Mr. Ghosn could go through Immigrations and Customs at the Osaka Airport, unless private plane passengers aren’t required to go through the security checks like us “normal” people. Does anybody know?

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Posted in: Nissan not currently considering asking CEO Saikawa to resign See in context

Should he not be in detention center, investigated, and indicted just like Mr. Ghosn and Mr. Kelley? I’m tired of him saying that “he did not know” when anything happens. As a top level executive, it was his business to know. If he is so ignorant, he should be stripped of the CEO title!

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Posted in: School intruder says he intended to stab young Prince Hisahito See in context

I do not understand how “a plumber” was allowed entrance. Obviously, nobody checked to see if a plumber had been contacted and was expected on the property. I ran a large private youchien for 18 years. I took security very seriously. The gates were locked, a monitor/speaker was at the front gate, all guests had to announce their name and why they were there, an employee met them and stayed with them while on the campus, all employees wore a necklace with their name and position listed on it, all rooms had a very high piercing alarm to set off if anything ever happened. We had no famous students like a future Emperor in my school, but every student and every employee’s safety were my responsibility! It was common sense and I took my responsibility for each and every person in my care VERY seriously! I hope this school changes their security protocol! One event is one too many! This should NEVER ever happen in any school!

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Posted in: Incoming emperor's life filled with breaks from tradition See in context

It is an exciting time to be in Japan. Best wishes to the incoming new Emperor and Empress. I have the greatest respect for the current Emperor and Empress and wish them well and much happiness in their futures. It was always so great seeing them every August in Karuizawa. I hope they continue coming back!

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Posted in: 'I have names' - Ghosn vows to clear his name in trial See in context

What were the Board of Directors doing while all of these financial transactions were supposedly happening? They owed an allegiance to the company and the shareholders to make sure nothing damaging could happen to the company’s finances. Are they not being interrogated in a detention center, as well? What about the CFO? Auditors?

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer says bail very difficult before trial See in context

His case brought my PTSD back up in full force. I was also an executive, arrested for 40 lousy vidocin pills which I had no idea were illegal in Japan. My business, worth millions after I saved it from bankruptcy, was stolen out from under me by a Japan congressman, and I was in detention center...treated exactly like Mr. Ghosn, but I thumb printed my print to the Japanese documents which I had no idea as to what they said. This happened to me in 2012. It personally cost me $600,000 plus my business worth several millions! I got out on $100,000 bail, went to court 3 times, was found guilty by the media while I was still in detention center, had 4 years of probation, and life finally returned to normal....minus a paycheck, minus a business, and minus 600,000 USD! It was hell! I wore the same plastic sandals as Mr. Ghosn, handcuffs, and ropes around my waist which they held on to. I felt like a dog on a leash! Baths twice a week, bored too death, horrible hard plastic mat to sit on all day long, wearing their horrible clothes, allowed no visitors except my lawyers at night...not during questioning by detectives for hours everyday! I would have admitted to killing JFK if they wanted me to! I hung myself. The translator was horrible in interrogations and in court. I even spoke up in court cause I understood enough Japanese to know the translator was wrong. The judge told my defense lawyers to keep their client quiet! I hope to right the wrongs in my case, thanks to Mr. Ghosn and Mr. Kelly. I am also from Tennessee. I love Japan deeply but the criminal justice system is very sad. I too had never been in any trouble in my life....40 lousy Vicodin (codeine) pills and codeine is legal here! It still blows my mind and really blew my bank account! I’m still trying to recover 6 years later! Losing my business was absolutely so wrong! I got paid nothing for it either! Very painful in so many ways! I also lost my father. He died suddenly in the middle of this mess! He was my biggest supporter! Huge pains! Huge losses! I’m not a criminal and never have been in my life!

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