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can we safely assume that the terrorist threat will involve foreigners?

You mean just like the original?

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This may indeed be bad news for the bluefin, but doesn't the reporting (and the outcry) seem a bit narrow-focused? If I read the news correctly, in addition to the 'scores of poorer nations' (superb bit of factual reporting), the ban was also opposed by Peru, China, Canada, Australia, France, Spain and Italy, to name but a few. The only supporters for an outright ban were the US, Kenya and Norway. So how come Japan is the only enemy of planet? Or am I just over-reacting?

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You know what's funny, though? It seems that the outright ban was only supported by the US, Kenya and Norway, while the rest of the world (how dare they!) declined. The interested parties included not only Japan, China and many African nations, but also a whole heap of white folks, including Canada, Australia, France, Spain and Italy. Do you really think that Japan bribed, bullied and coerced the rest of the world against this vote? Maybe the bullying was the other way round.

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