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The only show I regularly watch is "The non fiction"

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Are Trump supporters so blind that they are willing to believe everything he says??

If so, that's exactly the same mind set as citizens that are ruled under a dictatorship!

You don't think, don't question, just follow... Maybe you would do good living in North Korea!

You could be a high ranking official!!

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Here are the words of the President...

"It's only one guy from China."

"We have it under control."

"There are only 15 cases and the number will soon be zero."

"It's just a cold." "It's just the flu." "It will magically disappear."

"The vaccine is only a couple of months away." "I have absolute control."

"I'm not responsible."

"I alone can fix it."

"It's up to the individual governors to find their supplies...we're not shipping clerks."

and now he want to inject us with disinfectant...

Please explain to me why anyone would vote for him in November...

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On our internal HP it said : Starting April "Telework" has begun.

Please ask to be registered and take advantage of the system.

BUT when I brought it up to my boss last week, I was told unless we were asked

by the customer to reduce our work force we couldn't telework.

Today when I went to the office I got an email saying I was registered to telework!

Elated, I asked when I could start and was told, everyone in the office was registered

and 2 of the men who are normally on site would be taking Fridays off so I had to take

their place and go on site when they were off.

Now the only way for me to telework was for the customer to close down.

Yeah, right like I'm going continue to work for this company...

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