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Posted in: Heatwave kills 12 across Japan See in context

Very sad to hear this kind of news & it's similar to cases from last Summer!

One thing for sure is they need to bump up the airconditioning in the railway stations.

In my recent travels I get shocked when I walk intto different stations and it's like a freaken oven! I've seen people passing out there too, awful situations!

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Posted in: Teacher tapes up mouth of girl, 7, to stop her spreading germs See in context

Oh my god! That's shocking!

The Teacher simply could have given her a face mask. Surely the school would have a supply in the "Sick bay" or "Nurses office" or whatever they call it here!


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Posted in: Driver arrested after car hits mother, daughter on bike, killing girl See in context

Such a sad story!

To Alex: My Grandfather is 88 years old and still drives. He has not had a crash ever where it had been his fault. Even over 60 when reaction timing and vision may start to deteriorate.

I believe the Japanese government should make it law for drivers over 60 to get tested for their driving ability and vision on a reasonable basis and repeated over a set period of time.

Also it should be law that all bicycle riders wear helmets. It's law in Australia and it's proven that wearing a decent helmet saves lives!

I'm not sure what the law is here, but something has to be done to educate people about the dangers oif not wearing a helmet etc...

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Posted in: Toyota donates vehicles to anti-poverty NPO in Africa See in context

This is a fantastic initiative!

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Posted in: 84% of women don’t want to see men's nipples at office: survey See in context

Whether old or younger how about wearing a singlet to hide the nipples? Or even those gel "nipple concealers" that some women wear. I use them & they're really effective!

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Posted in: Youth arrested for hitting 16-year-old girl with baseball bat See in context

Oh that's awful! That girl is lucky to be alive! They say minor injuries...but I'm not so sure, she could have internal bleeding leading to brain damage. I hope she recovers alright.

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Posted in: Tokyo Skytree marks first anniversary See in context

Wow how time flies! I've been here just over one year & remember the hype surrounding the opening.

I really wanted to go but heard about how crowded and hard to get tickets would be.

I've been twice now and would go again. The lights display are fantastic and the view from the top breathtaking! :-)

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Posted in: Packed in See in context

Wow I wish I knew about it. That would have been great to see!

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Posted in: Why you shouldn’t learn Japanese See in context

Hmm interesting...

Just because the Japanese have had English training in Jnr. & Snr. High doesn't mean they will be confident enough to speak English. I've been here a little over a year & around 95% of my experiences shopping, going to restaurants/cares etc. trying to converse in basic English have failed. I ask " Can you speak English?" (even in Japanese) and most likely I get a shake of the head. Maybe they're just too shy? Or maybe they seriously don't know what to say? So okay I try a little Japanese. I'm seriously terrible at it in all facets, but in order to live at least a little bit more comfortably it's important to try.

Therefore, it brings to the point that if you're gonna live here you need to learn the language. That goes for any other country! It's not just to speak with people like I mentioned above, but also to be able to understand things you read or announcements, performances you occasionally see in public and the list goes on....

I do admit that some organizations are not foreigner friendly for example I just received a letter about renewing my health insurance & it was written entirely in Japanese. I'm thinking...My name is obviously foreign so I would think there would be an English version just in case.... MY POINT BEING... If you're going to live here learn the language, also don't expect to get a response in English all the time!

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Posted in: 'Star Wars: Episode VII' to be filmed in England See in context

Cool...can't wait for more updates & the actual film release!

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Posted in: 13-year-old boy commended by police for rescuing woman from train groper See in context

Great for this young boy!

Just thinking, why didn't the woman slap that booze hound or move away?

I've definitely spotted a few pervs around here and not just in the trains.

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Posted in: AKB48′s Yuki Kashiwagi sparks debate over 'vulgar' video See in context

You have got to be *** kidding me!!

Obviously there are some perverted idiots that got the idea that she was eating cum.

Even worse for the management to make the public think that's what she was doing, all for boosting ratings... Ridiculous!

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Posted in: Mother of suicide boy files slander charge against 3 bullies See in context

I've been living in Japan for one year and read about a few bullying incidents in schools across the nation, some that have lead to suicide. Also I have heard about them through friends and clients.

I speak my point of view from my experience a Health and Physical Education Teacher from Australia about the following:

The teachers and executive are responsible for teaching kids about the consequences of bullying not only how it emotionally affects the person but the punishment they receive for bullying. It's also parents responsibility to teach their kids not to bully and support the school's disciplinary measures if their child is bullying another!

Overall I've had concerns about the quality of teacher training in Japan to deal with a variety of social issues such as this and having the confidence to deal with the incidents. Also to have the right training to educate students on other aspects of health that affect their relationships now and in the future.

I think this is something that needs further investigation and perhaps new policies and procedures drawn up at the school level and University education revised...maybe? Bullying is on the increase in Japanese schools and needs to be stamped on!

It would be good to hear what it is really like for Japanese teachers to deal with bullying and other problems to get a wider perspective.

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Posted in: Rolling Stones launch tour with energetic set See in context

Awesome...love The Rolling Stones! Two of my favourite songs: Ruby Tuesday and Paint it Black.

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Posted in: AKB48 singer's YouTube apology still stirring debate See in context

What a stupid cardinal rule to forbid the girls from dating! Huh to promote a clean image!? Please ... I shouldn't have to explain what message their outfits are sending.

Minami shouldn't have shaved her hair off. So pretty, it was unnecessary and the apology would have been sufficient. But then again, why apologize for fulfilling a need of what an adult at her age would want!?

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Posted in: Avoid a Valentine’s Day disaster with Valentine’s insurance See in context

OMG this is ridiculous!

The guy has to pay to receive a present! I'm sorry that's pathetic & just another money grabbing scheme to psychologically damage a person further. I speak generally as if it was the same for a girl too when it's her turn to receive a gift on "White day - Mar 14".

I agree with others here that said "so sad".

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