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What the hell is wrong with these guys. If you earn enough, hire a nurse/elder-care person and then go find mrs.right.

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A cow? Bag of rice? Are you kidding me :D that's the lamest incentive I've ever heard of.

How about this: Start a movie studio where the land is cheap. Encourage film makers , dancers, artists, musicians, specialfx engineers, and young actresses to take classes for free Have housing they can rent for cheap and if they stay there, for every month they live there.. They get another entry to win free land, commercial office space, cows, chickens, whatever.. Throw everything at the wall. Women with children get free healthcare and child care (daycare) so they can pursue their dreams. Winner of the bi-annual film festival gets tickets to Hollywood, New York, Paris.. Wherever they draw their inspiration.

I guarantee you.. The population trend will reverse itself once the town is producing something culturally and globally relevant.

//I'm half japanese. Still think the rice is a stupid incentive.

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And a new Japanese perv trend in 3...2...1...

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