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Posted in: Kyoto has three major issues at this moment. The first is maintaining and passing on its traditional culture. That is the fate of a historic city. Second is the growth of inbound tourism. The last one is its dwindling population. See in context

as an unfortunate kyoto resident I will say

they don’t care at all about preserving history. A cultural heritage mansion of significant size and its gardens was destroyed in march near my house, machiya’s are being demolished daily.

kyoto city is so corrupt it was bankrupt.

kyotese are tacky as hell, they have no sense whatsoever on how to improve the city’s looks. Also not a friendly bunch and the infrastructure in the city is lacking, buses are the main transport in kyoto.

why old buildings that look better even in decline need to be replaced by ugly apartments/prefabs homes if the population is dwindling.

Kyoto is like France they are good at PR even though the city lacks substance and is not all that pretty.

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Posted in: Blue view See in context

So tacky, it looks like a rave more than Christmas.

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Posted in: Protesters demand that Japan save trees by revising design plan for popular Tokyo park See in context

Depressing, behind my house there was a big edo-taisho samurai clan villa with a city block worth of greenery. The garden had 130 types of plants, they were all cut down and the historical buildings demolished and now we wait for a massive ugly condo to be built. My house was extremely hot and difficult to cool this year because all the shade from the trees has now disappeared. I hope the protesters succeed, but i doubt they will since money easily corrupts.

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Posted in: Housing complexes becoming Japan's new Chinatowns See in context

Here we go, foreigners crying racist. How can you blame the Japanese for not wanting to rent to troglodytes! Honestly I would do the same, better safe than sorry. On average Japanese behave, foreigners are a wild card so of course it’s safer to not rent to them and less communication/cultural problems. Also it’s their private property and they are allowed to decide who’s gonna live in their home. I’ve been a foreigner in different continents more than half my life, most people cannot adapt and leave their culture behind. If you have exemplary behavior people will respect you, stop playing victim and think everyone is out to get you.

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