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Posted in: Japan to question officials involved in Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid See in context

$2 Million. Hell, if thats all the money that actually changed hands I'd both be amazed and say that the process was almost clean.

I would expect that the sums involved were far higher and the process a lot murkier. Ever seen what happened with FIFA - the entire organisation revolves around corruption.

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Posted in: Chocolate fries: sweet savior or last gamble for McDonald's Japan? See in context

If they want to win back consumer trust it seems pretty obvious that the source of the problem has been bad suppliers.

Change suppliers - you'll need to change countries too - too many scandals now from China.

Cost too much?

How much does a 300mill loss cost because no one trusts your food?

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Posted in: Back to back See in context

I was just imagining someone playing Elton John's "Can you feel the love tonight" to lighten the mood a bit.

Neither Xi nor Abe looked like they were feeling much love...

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Posted in: China starts publishing daily Japanese war crimes 'confession' See in context

This is childish muckraking. Grow up China, show a bit of couth - if you are capable of it.

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Posted in: China warns Japan to stay out of dispute in South China Sea See in context

The only rule that applies when thinking of China is simple - they do not respect any rule, they respect only strength. You can see this in everything they do, in every aspect of their foreign policy.

They try to divide their opposition, for instance the SCS and each territorial claim.

It is now more important than ever for each country join together to oppose them, this is the only way you have of surviving.

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Posted in: Japan posts first current account surplus in 5 months See in context


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Posted in: 79 U.S. sailors sue TEPCO over radiation during Operation Tomodachi See in context

@ Juggernaut

Sorry, but this suit has absolutely zero change of success. It is merely vexatious litigation being brought by lawyers who smell money, and it will be thrown out. Again.

The basis under which the suit is made is for a series of illnesses - most that dont have any correlation to receiving any dose of radiation.

The level of disinformation surrounding the case is astounding. You see "experts" on RT news stating the Carrier was parked 1 mile offshore (it was 100 miles), stating that they received high doses, when they received very low doses. Remember this aircraft carrier is nuclear powered, designed to be taken into wars, so the radiation detection equipment is the best there is. None of it tripped. The actual doses of radiation received were calculated to be the equivalent of 2 months worth of normal background radiation.

There is no question that this suit is totally without merit. For a very detailed explanation of the effects, look on youtube for "thunderf00t", he's a Cornell University researcher who goes into great detail over this and shows it is essentially impossible to link the symptoms seen to Fukushima.

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Posted in: U.S. sending 2 warships to Japan to counter N Korea; warns China See in context

First of all, any move like this is calculated, with every possible contingency thought through by America

Second, there will be a plan with at least some outline of intended outcome.

Third, the tone seems to be sharpening on both sides now, and the appetite to settle scores appears to be greater than previous encounters.

Fourth, which ties into the above, is a shift in attitudes - from avoiding conflict, to a lack of care if conflict actually breaks out. We're all sick of this sh*t. North Korea is a pariah state that we have allowed to bully other nations to its advantage. We are tired of it, because the threat is growing stronger now and there is no good that is going to come of it.

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Posted in: Japan may only be able to restart one-third of its nuclear reactors See in context

@ Frungy

Is it any more stupid than importing $248 billion worth of fossil fuels to burn?

Simple fact of the matter is they are enormously expensive assets that are idled, basically causing two streams of losses - one in that you have to keep up the maintenance, inspections and provide the former workers with some sort of a living, and two, the cost of importing fossil fuels to burn in their place.

If they pass the inspections, then they need to go back on line. Japan has been pretty cautious in their approach to this, but they need to get on with either restarting them or, if they have to, doing away with them. The current inaction is not helping anyone.

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Posted in: Japanese firms want Abe to cool it on China See in context

The underlying message of the above story is that is not in anyone's interedt, no matter how nationalistic, for China to fail. Lets be honest, we all want to shape the rise of China, but finally, China's own problems are coming to the fore. To date, it has not yet allowed a natural correction, and many people believe (including myself) that putting it off only worsens it.

But what exactly is putting it off entail, what are we supposed to think?

I think we have to wish China well, and support her, because she is about to go through the same growth pains every emerging country has has to deal with, except on the same steroids that all the others consume. There's a very pointed irony in that we have allowed her growth to fly in the face of regulations that would have meant we could never do the same things in our own country, but have left this to her, and she will pay some sort of price for her success. She has to.

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Posted in: Chinese wartime forced laborers sue Japanese firms See in context

I could see this backfiring badly on the Chinese.

If Mitsubishi has a presence in China they will likely be looking for the doors right about now. That means workers without positions as a result of the relocation.

They are not in China, then they have an unenforceable case.

And this will be forefront of the minds of the other Japanese companies doing business in China as well - with the slowdown in China, and American companies slowly re-shoring back to the USA due to rising costs, adding Japan to the list of countries seeking to exit China would be a far greater worry to the Chinese than the Japanese.

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Posted in: Japan may review study on WWII sex slavery See in context

Dont do it.

One way of opening old wounds and ensuring everyone hates you.

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Posted in: Chinese state media slam Abe's 'gangster logic' See in context

The Chinese are like a bunch of petulant little kids.

What other nation complains about "Their feelings getting hurt" when people say bad things about them?

And these are the guys who are going to rule the world. Seriously?

Think they need some concrete tablets before they get to that...

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Posted in: China slams 'troublemaker' Abe after Africa visit See in context

Probably one of the worst things that China has going for them is their supreme arrogance and hypocrisy.

You are seeing it on display here.

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