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Japan dolphins are such highly intelligent socially complex animals. They are practically a person of the see. The way Taiji fisherman are drive hunting them in Taiji is cruel beyond measure. They go out in their boats looking for pods. When they fi d them they bang big poles making a horrendous noise so as to interfere with their sinar receptors and confuse the dolphins. Simetimes this goes on for hours. The torment and fear experienced by the dolphins must be hell. They are then driven into the Taiji cove where families are ripped apart and many are brutally killed. They are killed by having a pole rammed down their blow hole and severing their spine. It is a slow agonising death. They drown on their own blood. Babies and pod members witness mothers and other pod members being slaughtered. You can hear the dolphins screaming. Then there is captive selection which is what this is really all sbout. Dolphuns captured enslaved and made to do stupid tricks for food. Then many are put in dark crates on the backs of trucks and hulls of planes probably sedated heavily and glown to seaquariums around the world where the will spend the rest of their lives in tiny tiny tsnks as slaves doing awful tricks for so called human entertainment. Japan you are so much better than this. Youre more intelligent and more compassionate than this. The captive dolphin entertainment industty is cruel beyond measure. These winderful intelligent people of the sea deserve to be free. The Taiji dolphin drive hunts are completely barbaric decimating entire pods gene pools and our ecosystem. This kind of infustry has no place in a modern progressive evolved world. Japan please show compassion and urge uour government to bring an end to cruel dolphin slaughter in your country. Taiji could transition to ecotourism where people get to see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat. It would be a lucrative business that puts these animals the environment and cimpassion before greed and killing. Japan please speak out against the Taiji dolphin drives.

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