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Posted in: California shooting rampage leaves 14 dead; 2 suspects killed in gun battle with police See in context

Laguna "wake me up if they turn out not to be white males". Syad and his wife, Tashfeen were Muslims. She was from Saudi Arabia and they were married there. They had been in contact with international terrorism groups. For all the people who mentioned the NRA and our second amendment, their weapon arsenal was not legal. They had an "IED factory" in their home. That is not covered under the second amendment, nor something that the NRA would support. France has strict gun control laws, and yet terrorists were still able to procure guns and kill people.

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I live in the U.S. and I can say that no schools in my area are doing this. (I'm in Massachusetts). My sister in law is in Texas and she doesn't know of any schools doing this and my in laws in New York haven't heard of this. My coworkers have children from elementary school up to college age and none of them have a fear of school shootings. My friend lives in Maine and he hasn't heard of schools doing this. To say that there is something fundamentally wrong with my culture based on what the media says is unfair. I've read articles about parents killing their children and adult children killing their parents in Japan. However, I would never assume that Japanese people as a whole are bad or that there is something faulty with their culture.

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I live in America and I value the quality of food over quantity but there are Americans that chose to eat junk food. Their are also differences in what foods you will find in your local store depending on what part of the country you live in. My aunt used to ship Portuguese food to relatives in Florida because Portuguese items were not available there. (my aunt lived in Massachusetts)

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I live about 50 min away from that museum. I would have loved to try on a kimono. I never heard about it or the protests.

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No it hasn't been proven to work. Gardasil never took their research that far (it never proved that it helped against cervical cancer), that's why they only claim "effective against HPV". Meanwhile the number of girls having serious side effects from that vaccine are horrible. "In my practice I have worked with a number of people injured by the Gardasil vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV), or genital warts, which is given to girls and boys starting at the age of 8. According to statistics on the site SaneVax, as of 2013 more than 32,000 people have reported adverse affects to the Gardasil vaccine. More than 145 have died, over 1,000 are permanently disabled, and more than 6,400 have yet to recover. When you see their photos and read their stories, some written by mothers who have lost their daughters, it’s hard to imagine any amount of risk is acceptable, especially for a vaccine with such questionable benefit. The evidence shows HPV rarely proceeds to cancer and that very few women with HPV develop cervical cancer, as other risk factors are involved." Dr Mark Flannery

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Posted in: 17-year-old gives birth in toilet; dumps infant by river See in context

That's so sad

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