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Posted in: Police still hoping killer's DNA will break 20-year-old Setagaya multiple murder case See in context

I think that all this thing has something to do with serial cats killings. And if I'am right - a person behind cats killing and a person behind Setagaya murders...it's a same person and that person probably still lives in the same area? Serial cat murders happend in 2009 and it happend in the same area as family murders. The police received reports of injured or dead cats then he/she stopped again for fear of being caught. So maybe that person just couldn't control himself so he/she passed on cats? And all those things that he/she left in crime scene (that sand from USA for example)....maybe he/she did that on purpose? To mislead? I think this person is very smart because he / she has been able to avoid justice for so many years and probably was abused as child by his/her own family or was bullied at school or both.

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