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Julius Mwangi Kimani comments

Posted in: Recluse in his 40s injures mother, sister, then kills himself See in context

This is now Becoming stupid.

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Posted in: Western Union’s new SMS service makes sending money even more convenient See in context

Mocheake please share those Cheaper, convenient,better and faster services names.

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Posted in: Son kills mother and bites own tongue after calling police See in context

Once someone turns 18, he or she is an adult and needs to start his own life away from the mother.....he came from the mother and just stuck around the place he came from yet the placenta had been cut ages ago. See whah happens now.

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Posted in: Scores of elderly people tied to beds in unregistered facilities See in context

24 percent of Japanese people are mentally unfit according to a recent survey. Its not wise to allow such to roam freely otherwise you may end up being sorrounded by them.

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Posted in: Security increased for Tokyo Marathon See in context

Secure your borders and be safe inside. With TV shows showing food programes after every 3 minutes, Many japanese have no idea of the real danger outside their island. Someone asked me if they have ramen shops in Iraq.....I just sat down and wept.

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Posted in: Two 15-year-old girls on minibike crash after police chase; one dead See in context

Do not ride or drive withoutva licence. A very simple rule that everyone should follow. The police were just doing their Job as required of them by the law. The poor girls were endergering other peoples lives on the road. May she rest in peace though and quick recovery for the other.

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Posted in: 22-year-old man arrested for stabbing parents in Yokohama See in context

@clickonthewhatnow, nature cannot be studied or controlled, it dictates its own course....22 years of age hanging around your mother for pocket money, watching her bathe and listening to them sleep fits quite well within the societal norms here? Japan needs more children, I wonder how one can make his own children right inside his mothers room. 18 years MOVE OUT. What more information or reason can one give for attempting to kill his parents? Lock up the scum for 30 years, 3 hot meals everyday.

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Posted in: 22-year-old man arrested for stabbing parents in Yokohama See in context

22 years old???? Move out of your parents house and get a life. 25 years in prison may repair this wretch.

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