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Posted in: NFL players, owners defy Trump on anthem protests See in context

"Trump is a MINORITY president. His administration is a MINORITY administration. The things they say and do are supported by a MINORITY of the American people, and opposed by a MAJORITY -- and that majority is growing and growing!"

Totally wrong! The opposite is happening. We (people who actually live in the US) saw through the elitist Hollywood liberals before the election and the same thing goes for the elitist rich black football players.

"The American people, especially fans will decide if this disrespect for our nation is acceptable or not."

Spot on!

"I see, so the smart people happen to be all liberal. So why are they all in the wilderness and still can’t win ANY elections? Yeah, smart....lol."


"i would simply like to know what Trump has done to cause supposed racism against African Americans to be worse than it already was under Obama. Even Floyd Mayweather is wondering why this is an issue now when it wasn't before."

You won't find this in the MSM.

Why do the majority of the liberals here believe the MSM? Didn't you learn anything from the last election?

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Posted in: Trump insists both sides to blame for Virginia violence See in context

"The media is doing its job and asking questions."

If you say so....(spoken in sarcastic Vin Diesel voice)

"Is it just me or is the media intentionally fanning the flames here."

The MSM is a dying industry. They have lost 90% of their advertising revenue to Google and Facebook. Their only hope is stir the pot and fan the flames. But, they are going the way of the dinosaurs and will soon be extinct. They site no sources or any proof for many of the articles they write.

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Posted in: Officials: White nationalist rally in Virginia linked to 3 deaths See in context

"However, it still doesn't justify what the driver did--and good luck trying to get any court of law to accept that explanation as an excuse to plow into a group of unarmed people (yes, the people he hit were not armed--unless of course, you have video of that)."

Virginia is a "stand-your-ground" state. That means as long as your not part of the problem and are innocent, you can stand your ground and use force to defend yourself wherever you may be.

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Posted in: Trump looks to loyal voters as support slips, agenda stalls See in context

"It's a stupid system, at least the way it currently works, and you're in the minority. You don't speak for Americans, just the dwindling number like yourself."

So...the founding father got it wrong?  This not even an issue with us Americans. It is a manufactured issue made by the MSM. Your opinion is in the minority. Why don't you take the time to read the Federalist Papers? Maybe you would come to an understanding about this issue. I repeat again...only the MSM is making an issue of this. Got it? I live in the US. So, prove me wrong!

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Posted in: Trump looks to loyal voters as support slips, agenda stalls See in context

Sorry. A mistake. 50 elections is of course more difficult to rig.

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Posted in: Trump looks to loyal voters as support slips, agenda stalls See in context

"How does it make sense for the majority of voters to be ignored in favor of the minority of Trump voters? Spare the, 'that's our system tripe.'"

In a nutshell, it's more difficult to rig one election as opposed to 50 elections.

See Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No 68 for a detailed explaination.

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Posted in: Trump looks to loyal voters as support slips, agenda stalls See in context

"Growing economy, high GDP, high job creation, border security, illegal immigration policy, legal immigration policy, fight against ISIS, removal of MS-13 gang members, Supreme Court nomination, energy independence, out of Paris accord, review of NAFTA, etc and etc."

Pardon me but...you forgot about the low gas and commodities prices.

By the way, there's no such thing as a 'popular vote for president'. You can't "stuff" the ballot box in one state and carry the whole national election! Do you get it? Change the law? Good luck! 38 states have to say yes.

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Posted in: Toyota, Mazda plan EV partnership, $1.6 billion U.S. plant See in context

nfijapan is correct. The prices were raised in accordance with the WTO rules. This is not even an issue here in the states.

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Posted in: Trump reportedly describes White House as a 'real dump' See in context

"He is so out of touch...Americans, how much longer are you going to allow your country to be TRASHED??"

   Lot's of jobs available here. Gas and other prices are very low. Life is good and the economy is great! Trashed? I guess you guys would know what trashed is... with your triple meltdown spreading cesium all over the Pacific and our west coast.

   Why should we care what the president says? It's not like it affects us, unless we are transgender illegal immigrants looking to enlist in the military...right?

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Posted in: LDP panel calls for capability to strike enemy bases See in context

"Japan already has an adequate retaliatory arsenal in place. Creating more would only increase targets for the aggressors. I also think China is all 'huff and puff' and not a real military threat to Japan, unless Japan does something overly provocative like, install a missile base aimed at China. As for NK, if they were to strike at Japan, it would be a very short war. South Korea and the US would wipe them out in a few days. Japan doesn't really need to install a missile battery to combat the two countries they are claiming as threats."

I agree with the above.

It would be foolish to think the US hasn't stationed a 'Virginia' and one or 2 of her escorting 'Sea Wolves' off the coast of NK. I do believe even a 'Soru' class can launch a cruise missile horizontally.

However, I do caution you. Don't believe the assumption that the target of a NK attack is an American base. The real target is Fukushima. Just one strike there would be catastrophic. Get another THADD or 2 just so you sleep better at night.

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Posted in: 'Shin Godzilla' visual effects team creates monster video for Kitakyushu tourism campaign See in context

The mother of all Yokai!

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Posted in: With Trump's approval, Pentagon expands warfighting authority See in context

"Trump's ramp up of military powers must make the rightists, Russians and other believers in authoritarian regimes who assailed Clinton as a warmonger have second thoughts about pushing for a Trump presidency. Am I right?"

That is possible.

Despite the good economy and plentiful jobs here (Florida), this is an issue that certainly grates on me. That and Trumps Twitter usage. I can deal with it until he puts more boots on the ground and the body bags start coming home in greater numbers.

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Posted in: Syrians flee Raqa as U.S.-backed assault nears See in context

I think we should consider other 'shadow' participants of US-led operations like the Bahamas and the Grand Cayman Islands and others for their secret banking support. However, they may be playing both sides of the same conflicts in pursuit of profits. There's one of these kind of places in your own backyard, Saipan.

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Posted in: Watchdog to examine cost, security of Trump's Florida trips See in context

"So obviously you still support Trump. What's your angle? Hatred of Mexicans and Muslims? Racism against whites? Work in a coal mine? All of the above? Most people are ditching him, according to the recent opinion polls."

Speaking from Florida, you're totally wrong. What MSM poll? You're good at ad hominem. You'd should be a journalist.

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Posted in: Blaming conservatives, Trump signals new openness to Democrats See in context

"What the hell was Trump doing on the campaign trail talking about a fantastic health plan which would do a better job at a fraction of the cost?"

Your 1st American election, yes? Did you really believe that a canidate can accomplish more than 30% of what he/she promises after becoming president. That's a good president if they do. Most don't make it. Canidates are like men who meet a beautiful girl at a bar.....they will say anything to get her.

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Posted in: Watchdog to examine cost, security of Trump's Florida trips See in context

"We need to make his supporters the extreme minority and bring out all of their insecurities and racism."

Low gas and utility prices (Did I bother to tell you I'm paying just under $2 a gallon? Oh! I just did. What? you're paying almost $5 per gal, yea?). Thousands of jobs available. The Trump supporters here in Florida are just too busy being prosperous to "bring out all of our insecurities and racism." Good luck trying to fight this. You just offer words. The economics are tangible. Very few here see it your way.

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Posted in: 'Sesame Street' to tackle autism with new muppet See in context

Where did they find an autistic puppeteer? Anyway...can this be 'inspiration porn' to some?

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Posted in: North Korea warns of war; U.S. calls it 'pariah' See in context

U.S.-South Korean joint military exercises it says model a “pre-emptive nuclear attack”

They're inferring about the 'Virginias'. Stealthy subs and heavily armed. They'll be protected by 'Wolves' of course. They're ready. We wait for them to attack. That way we can say, "They drew first blood, not me."

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Posted in: N Korean missile launch was training exercise for strike on U.S. bases in Japan: KCNA See in context

The target is not a US base. There's too many bases for the amount of rockets they have online to begin with. In addition, NK knows its surrounded by submarines. NK has zero chance of neutralizing the sub fleet. They face certain defeat after their 1st and only strike. Therefore, logic dictates that, they 'swing for the fences'. The maximum damage to Japan by a 1st strike can be done by hitting the Fukushima Nuclear complex.

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Posted in: Abe says N Korea launched 4 ballistic missiles; 3 land 300 kms from Japan's coast See in context

Best to get the Thadd and place it near Fukushima. NK has 1st strike capability but a limited supply of missiles. Their target will be Daiichi #1.

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Posted in: Jane Fonda reveals she was raped and abused as a child See in context

She must think she's like Donald Trump. She can say things without substantiating.

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Posted in: Trump's attorney general recuses himself from any campaign probes See in context

The conservatives are in power. This means many Americans don't care if Russia is different from us. So what? Many Americans know that free press can be measured on a spectrum. It's all relative. Many Americans could care less about Russian hacking because it doesn't affect our daily lives and our government is doing the same thing. Many Americans want autocrats running 3rd and old world countries because we've seen what happens when you have a 'Democratic Spring'...death and destruction, yes? "Most Americans want the system of checks and balances to remain in place, not cede power to the executive." Ok on this one.

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Posted in: Japan welcomes Trump's defense spending boost See in context

I think Trump would be happy if Japan dumped its 'Peter Pan' constitution. Time for US and Japan to do more joint training to increase (combat) readiness.

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Posted in: Hundreds chant 'Coward!' amid Paul Ryan's Rhode Island visit See in context

Angry "Liberals" and "Democrats" are getting more and more vocal. States no healing it would seem.

What country are you talking about? It's not happening in the US. The left is dead.

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Posted in: Asia markets surge after Trump's speech See in context

Half way to crude oil self-sufficiency. Low prices at the pumps. 2.5 % GDP increase forcasted, bigger than some countries. Enormous tax base. Fishing is good. It maybe short term but it feels good.

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Posted in: Trump declares it's 'time to join forces' to fix U.S. problems See in context

Many posters here are very passionate. Very Nice! Me? Snook season has opened on the Space Coast, I need to get a $2 tag for Snook fishing. Trump gave a speech? Why? Anyway, time to go. Have a great evening Japan! We love you!

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Posted in: Trump seeks 'historic' 9% increase in U.S. military budget See in context

What's broke?

You're talking about what being broke here? US Economy? Jobs? Gas prices? You're deluded by the leftist media if think so. US just needs a build up to protect its trading partners.

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Posted in: Safe trip See in context

How cute! They look so British!

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Posted in: Trump says he won't attend correspondents dinner this spring See in context

What on Earth are you talking about, it's the opposite. he never had Obama voters or the established Republicans, he had and has been getting more independents which is really what matters and what can make or break a candidate, everything else doesn't matter.

This is what's going on. Correct!

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Posted in: U.S.-backed fighters advance on IS in Syria's east See in context

This war has produced an abundance of skilled fighter pilots advancing the quality of the US forces. This could be important in the Asian theatre in the future. Our allies and friends, the Japanese, should participate in this air campaign to advance their capabilities as well. Perhaps, just a support role would be good.

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