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Posted in: Police offer ramen discounts to elderly as incentive not to drive See in context

Make it all you can eat for 200 yen and you got yourself a deal. heck, I'll give up mine (I'll take train, anyway) and I'm in my 20s.

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Posted in: Trump's threat to end Cuba detente may rouse GOP opposition See in context

Why did we have sanctions on Cuba for so long but didn't on China...heck, we even recognized the People's Republic of China rather than the Republic of China (Taiwan) back in the 70s. Clearly, it wasn't because China became an upstanding global citizen of human rights.

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Posted in: Putin, Iran's Rouhani back OPEC bid to stabilise oil prices See in context

Better go fill up now...or get solar panels all up in my car. Why can't wind power cars. There's plenty of it, especially when driving. Battery power til cruising speed then use wind power.

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Posted in: Panel meets to study emperor's possible abdication See in context

A pope has much more power. When he speaks from the chair, it is considered the authority of God; when he speaks out of the chair (regular), it is considered wise advice. If an emperor went off script one or more may happen:

1) Govt (cabinet) resigns in protest

2) Somehow emperor is chastised (he cannot be arrested) while still showing deference and respect

3) Citizens rally in protection of the constitution and call for his removal (the people like him now likely because he stays out of politics)

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Posted in: By 2030, there will be no full-time employees, report speculates See in context

Less employment is actually a good thing. More time to do leisure activities. What we need to do is provide basic housing, medical, and education. Food, housing above & beyond, and entertainment can be acquired through part-time work.

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Posted in: At what point does ordinary childish horseplay become bullying? See in context

We need to teach self-esteem so that people just brush off the words people call them. If it gets physical, its assault.

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Posted in: Panel meets to study emperor's possible abdication See in context

Domtoidi: I mean no irreverence, but at that age the emperor may need help getting to the bathroom if he isn't already in the diaper. Simply having in your house would cause more of an inconvenience. He would require a good chunk of money to retain an elderly caregiver.

As far as Japan goes, with being a symbol of the state, there just hasn't been enough research. He is still a unifying figure above politics, so unlike the American president where around half hate him and the other half adore him, he maintains much support personally. However, he does not have any reserve powers to check a prime minister. In Sweden, they also have a king with the same situation as the emperor. The difference is, however, that the speaker of the Riksdag (chairman of parliament), holds the reserve executive powers. Perhaps doing this in Japan would be nice.

I myself am in favour of a non-executive symbol of state (Japanese/Swedish style), but would like to give them one of the reserve powers - guaranteer of the constitution. Instead of being executive, the king/emperor would be the chief justice of the supreme court (voting only to break a tie).

I am a doctoral candidate of political science, so I enjoy talking about these things. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading. Please let me know if you have any questions. Cheers.



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Posted in: 'Japan: Guilty Until Proven Innocent' documentary shines light on controversial legal system See in context

Does anybody know the name of the Japanese Law & Order or CSI? Googling Japanese law legal sitcom show doesn't come up with any results. There was an anime, but it dealt with clowns (literally) and other goofy stuff - think it was called Gyakuten Saiban.

I Just Didn't Do It is another movie showcasing the Japanese legal system, though a minor offence (alleged groping). The actual perp apologized and got off, the other accused did not and because of such, was detained. It is subtitled for the Japanese Impaired ;)=

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Posted in: 85 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Arlington National Cemetery may become more controversial when soldiers who have worked at detention centres (like the famous one in Gitmo) are buried. Even waterboarding is a war crime, albeit a lesser one. Several Japanese were charged with this:

"On the basis of the 1929 convention the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (IMTFE; 1946–48) convicted 25 Japanese leaders of responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity, specifically including torture by waterboarding (referred to by the IMTFE as the “water treatment”)."

Since the US is a world leader and world police, it should be held to a higher or equal, not a lesser, standard.

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Posted in: Japan lawyers' group seeks end to death penalty See in context

Forgot to add to pt1: If we execute anyone who has been found guilty of rape, child or adult, we will likely see the increase in killing the victim since they're going to be executed anyway. They may even burn the body to remove any signs of rape - which in of itself would lower the offence in the law (murder without evidence of rape).

That leads me to respond to Strangerland. A child who was the victim of rape is still alive, whereas the child who was the victim of rape and murder is still dead. Be careful when making the punishment not match the crime (not directing at you, Strangerland). It would make more sense to kill a killer and to rape a rapist.

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Posted in: Duterte tells Obama 'you can go to hell;' warns of breakup See in context

Philippines is stuck with this guy, whether or not they like him - presidential systems like the US are a word used by Duterte. He may be the next dictator as all presidential systems other than the US have resorted to dictatorships at some point in their history. Shoulda chose parliamentary...better luck next time.

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Posted in: U.S. envoy travels to Japan, S Korea for talks on N Korea See in context

Iraq - no WMDs North Korea - flaunting it Result - US goes to war in Iraq, slaps wrist of North Korea. Consistency, please.

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Posted in: Japan lawyers' group seeks end to death penalty See in context

Two things: 1) Paedophilia is a thought, child rape or possession of child porn would be the crime. Arresting someone for paedophilia would be like arresting someone for thinking about killing their boss (but never making any plans).

2) Some say the death penalty is unjust because innocents are possibly killed. The issue with that logic is that it extends to imprisonment. Imprisonment is unjust because some innocents are possibly imprisoned. And by the way, an innocent that was imprisoned can be freed, but they can never get their years back that they had lost...money doesn't turn back the clock.

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Posted in: Daniel Craig still first choice for Bond, says producer See in context

I think each generation that grew up with a Bond may prefer their own. I personally prefer Pierce Brosnan as he looked better (in the 90s at least ;)= ). In either case, Daniel Craig should grow his beard back ( http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/the-golden-compass/35061/the-golden-compass-what-went-wrong - 3rd picture down). He looks off without one.

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Posted in: Osaka sushi chain apologizes for using too much wasabi in foreign customers' orders See in context

Firstly, this is not racism - it appears to be a generalization or stereotyping of foreigners wanting extra portions. And seriously, would you complain if the waiter gave you extra shrimp with your meal? Extra BBQ with your fries (or Ketchup for the uncouth ;)= )? I love extra portions. IF the customers didn't want, it can be removed. No one forced them to eat the extra.

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Posted in: In dramatic reversal, Cruz to vote for Trump See in context

Correction: Only one country employing the presidential system had not become a dictatorship - the US. Apologies.

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Posted in: In dramatic reversal, Cruz to vote for Trump See in context

Fred Wallace:

I agree on the campaign spending and roughly on the term limits (president has them, why not congress), but may I point to examples of modern parliamentary democracies (monarchies & republics)? Political parties are important as they keep the prime minister (separate from the president/king who is mostly a figurehead) from usurping power or going back on promises (at least platform issues).

The issue with dictatorships I ascribe more to the presidential system in general rather than its electoral system. Presidents have less of an incentive to follow the party line, in fact they may go against their party - particularly during their second term with little to no consequence, whereas a prime minister would be chucked out like trash. Further, research has shown that all of the countries that employ the presidential system are now or have been dictatorships (in fact, the chancellor (prime minister) in Germany didn't become the fuhrer until he took over the position of the reserve figurehead president when he died and made a super-presidency. The electoral system of most parliamentary democracies incorporate proportional representation where the general views of a group are given seats in the parliament. Parties (ideally) don't have a cult of personality (vote for party/belief system, not a person).

The other option would be to go Ancient Greek style and toss out elections (as they lead to corrupt millionaires filling the seats) and switch to lottery. The Congress would be selected like a jury, one person from each district (House), 2 from each state (Senate). The president would be by lottery too, from amongst Medal of Honour/Freedom/etc recipients (do something for your country before you become the symbol of it). The Supreme Court would be by lottery from amongst federal court judges.

I'm a polysci major so I enjoy the what-ifs, rather than a lawyer who enjoys the this-is-its ;)=

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Posted in: Music stalwart Peter Barakan looks back on his illustrious career See in context

Is this the same Peter Barakan that hosts the Japanology series on NHK? If so, did they omit that?

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Posted in: Paralympics could help remake Tokyo's narrow roads, doorways See in context

Yay! Let's widen the roads, add sidewalks, make it mandatory to not build fences (residential or commercial) less than 6 feet away from the sidewalk for "easement," replace all concrete and other fences with chainlink fences, get rid of passenger trains that block car traffic, drive on the other side of the road, get rid of kobans, allow teens and drug dealers to have drive-bys, embrace the "awesome" policy of multiculturalism while saying how bad the native Japanese culture is...

Can we just accept the city of Tokyo (and other Japanese cities) as it is? A wheelchair can fit through the narrow alleys so that's not a problem (just control traffic). Stop trying to Americanize the country. The narrow streets are part of the charm; the lack of easements (6 feet space between road/sidewalk from fence) wastes less space: look how much space is wasted and the loss of building power from the owners of that land - and the owners are still responsible for maintaining that section rather than the govt that required it!

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Posted in: Battling pneumonia, Clinton falls ill at 9/11 memorial, cancels California trip See in context


Perhaps you're right, but I forgot to mention the other great (or bad, depending) president - Ronald Reagan. During a good portion of his second term he had dementia. I think that may be classified as a health issue rather than a disability.

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Posted in: Battling pneumonia, Clinton falls ill at 9/11 memorial, cancels California trip See in context

While I will not be voting for her, or the other guy, I have no issue with health in the case of a president. Remember, one of our best (or worst, depending on beliefs) was crippled with polio. My issue for both main party candidates lie in other, more ideological issues.

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Posted in: Fukushima teacher tapes students’ mouths shut for talking during class See in context

Disillusioned: "So, he's an elementary school teacher that cannot control children without physical punishment? Then, his punishment for physically abusing the kids is a 10% pay cut for 3 months? It hardly seems like a punishment befitting the crime. A one-year suspension and retraining would be more oppropriate [sic]..."

Your suggestion is not really befitting the crime either. He should have his mouth duct taped and then pulled off for each of the students he did that to. That would actually fit the crime. The teacher did not garnish the wages of the kids or parents, so having his wages garnished is not really befitting...

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Posted in: Facebook allows postings of 'napalm girl' photo after debate See in context

I think the issue is not knowing the difference between nudity (portrayal of body without clothes) and pornography (naked body displayed in a sexual manner). Half of renaissance and romantic era art that depicted naked kids would be censored if they didn't register as classical art. The question here is consistency. Can a person recreate this photo with children he/she hired - including the naked one? Chances are, if someone tried, they'd get put on the s e x offender list before they could say journalistic freedom, despite being nudity and not pornography (though the West, primarily the States, lumps the two terms into pornography).

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Posted in: Scotland will not hold another independence vote for five years, says former leader See in context

Correction: Scotland is not a country. It is not even a state/province within a federation. It is a territory within a unitary state that was once an independent kingdom. This is like calling Saitama Prefecture a country. Devolved govt is just an arrangement with the central govt for self-rule, but can be revoked at the central govt's behest.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan to introduce a super cheap Value Lunch menu See in context

How about a meal for 100 yen? A smaller size burger is fine, just give small fries and a small drink.

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Posted in: Majority want Abe to stay on until Tokyo 2020 Olympics: poll See in context

Strangerland: In a democracy it's an amazingly high number.

Exactly. Assad does poll around 99% approval ratings, but his is not exactly a democracy, for comparison purposes. ;)

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Posted in: Japan takes aid show to Africa in China's shadow See in context

Will he dress as impoverished kenyan this time? ;)

Does anybody know why not one notable african country is a first world economy? They can't all be breeming with dictators, wars, racism (anti-white as majority is black), etc.

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Posted in: Hyundai, Mitsubishi recalling certain car models in U.S. See in context

Thank you both for the follow-up. Good information.

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Posted in: Famous manga author pleads with fans to buy their comics new and at full price See in context

Sounds like they need to change the system. Give royalties for used copies, and use from rentals too. The market speaks...

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Posted in: Hyundai, Mitsubishi recalling certain car models in U.S. See in context

Um, Hyundai is Korean, not Japanese. Did you mean Honda?

I see the Elantra is mentioned, which is indeed a 현대car. Not sure why its mentioned, unless as a courtesy or part of Hyundai Japan.

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