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Hong kong should not have been returned to People's Republic of China. The UK could've still made Hong Kong independent as the deal was between the Empire of China and not the terrorist group turned govt of mainland china (PRC). Or give Hong Kong to the more legitimate successor: the Republic of China (Taiwan). Oh well, too late now...

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Posted in: Artificial intelligence can find, map poverty, researchers say See in context

Seen this on a show once. Now we and others can avoid the nastier parts of town. ;)

As far as poverty goes, Scandinavia had eradicated through a steep progressive income tax. While not palatable to all, we do have a way to end poverty. Will the govts of poor countries comply?

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Posted in: Biden's remark on Japan's constitution raises eyebrows See in context

I would've hoped his comment would be something like "and the US and all other countries would do well with an Article 9 in their constitution. I will sponsor this bill..."

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing refrigerator, other items from hotel room in Takasaki See in context

"Is that your luggage or are you just happy to have a chill"

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Posted in: Abe won't visit Yasukuni Shrine on Aug 15, but will send offering: media See in context

The leaders around the world should follow that example. The US president, for example, can stop visiting Arlington National Cemetary (undoubtedly there are some war criminals buried there amongst the lot) and only send offering (fruit basket?).

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If he used to work there, chances are his mental illness was exacerbated by the place and people. Not condoning, but this was likely seen and they terminated him after continuing or making worse arguments or fights (maybe instigated by) with the disabled.

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Posted in: Gov't kicks off safety campaign ahead of Pokemon Go launch in Japan See in context

David Varnes -

The speed dig is true though. Even estonia has a faster internet speed than the US. What does the US have to do? Become a former communist satellite nation?

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If companies or guilds provided direct housing and basic food, even after retired, then there would be less strain. The need for a national pension would be reduced and could rely much more on savings and company pensions as there would be no housing or basic food costs.

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Posted in: China says it is closing off part of South China Sea for military exercises See in context


I believe they're referring to imperialist actions in the past by the US (not relinquishing parts of Cuba, overthrow of democratic regime in Iran circa 1950s, taking over Philippines - US had owned them, etc) and supposed international interventions today (sending US senators to Ukraine just before coup, etc), not necessarily creating islands. That being said, both are wrong.

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Posted in: Amazon's Jeff Bezos gets cameo in new 'Star Trek' film See in context

Wonder what alien he played. Makeup may not have been needed. He kinda looks like the offspring of ben kingsley and voldemort (and I mean that in the nicest way possible).

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Posted in: Sony: No decision made yet on 'Ghostbusters' release in China See in context

They will edit so that its an all asian cast.

As far as supernatural, I would think all chinese kung-fu movies are, unless you know people that can poke people's brains out or fly/glide.

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Posted in: Imperial Household Agency denies emperor's wish to abdicate See in context

Traditionally, the Japanese emperors were switched out every 5-10 years if I recall, with the previous emperor/empress acting as regent for the current.

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Posted in: Abe says it is his duty to revise constitution; calls for debate See in context

Moonraker -

Only a few constitutions protect the amendment clause and Japan is not one of them. So theoretically, that could be amended as well. Another technicality is that 2/3 of both houses must agree, along with majority of people voting in amending. Essentially, if only supporters of it vote, it would still pass - no quorum is required unless the supreme court ruled on such in the past.

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Posted in: Japan urges China, Philippines to abide by international tribunal ruling See in context

Courts are useless without police. International police would be more in danger as all countries have the right to bear arms, including tanks and battleships.

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Posted in: 'Star Trek' fan favorite Mr Sulu is gay in new film; Takei disapproves See in context

Need a sikh character too. And not just a sikh in name only (khan noonien SINGH). A full-fledged turban and bushy beard sikh.

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Posted in: LDP policy chief Inada calls for changing pacifist constitution See in context

Is there a libertarian party? It seems only the left are opposed to changing Article 9.

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Posted in: Japan ruling bloc election win threatens regional stability, says China's Xinhua See in context

Okay fine, no Article 9 amendment. But in return, South Korea and China (the biggest complainers about such) should enact this into their own constitutions. A CSDF and a SKSDF (ROKSDF) instead.

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Posted in: Teacher who sat for anthem deserved pay cut: Japan court See in context


The title is called emperor because of historical reasons. The title of Emperor was borrowed from China, being derived from Chinese characters and was retroactively applied to the legendary Japanese rulers who reigned prior to the 7th-8th centuries AD. There were many kings in China long ago before one ruler became the high king or emperor. Also, the direct translation is heavenly sovereign, which may denote more than mere kingship. Cheers!

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Posted in: Japan's ruling bloc wins landslide in upper house: exit polls See in context

englisc aspyrgend - "Brainiac, always liked the Australian idea of mandatory voting, wish it was used in the UK, by the way(as you probably already know) the Athenians who invented democracy had the same idea."

The Athenians did not elect their representatives, they were chosen via sortition (lottery), similar to how common law countries select juries. They saw elections as corrupt as the incumbent has the advantage, money in politics, etc. Personally, I think weighted sortition based on political ideology would be a good idea. If 22% of voters were LDP, 15% of voters DPJ, etc then it would better reflect in the Diet. It could be implemented for both single-member districts and multiple member districts (PR).

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Posted in: Abe says N Korean missile launch should be strongly condemned See in context

Maybe the US, south korea, and/or japan should launch warning missiles across the nose of lil kim. Think the blowhard would understand reciprocity.

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Posted in: Lower voting age leaves many wondering: 'Where's Japan's Bernie Sanders?' See in context

zurcronium - Japan has a dual-payer system (similar to Germany), not socialized (UK) or single-payer (Canada). It is still universal, though.

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Posted in: 'Ghostbusters' backlash brings out Internet trolls See in context

“We’re never referred to without the words ‘all-female Ghostbusters,’ which makes me crazy,” he added."

Its because you're just remaking a movie with different actors. I would have no problem saying "the all-male Charlie's Angels" or "the all-white Shaft." Come out with something new, please.

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Posted in: High school teacher arrested for drug possession See in context

He needed the stimulant to keep awake after coaching rugby after school....maybe. I can think of better excuses off the top of my head than he can, apparently. Just get some monster or coffee (legal stimulants).

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u_s__reamer -

I get the joke, but Japan does do Christmas. It's just usually the commercialized trees and santa like much of US, not the baby jesus and stuff.

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Posted in: 17-year-old girl hit by train while using smartphone on platform See in context

Did the cop return for another up-skirt photo when shr wasn't looking?

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Posted in: Abe campaigns on 'stability' ticket as Brexit rocks markets See in context

ThonTaddeo - "If the Japanese voters truly wanted stability, they would boot Abe right out of office and go back to the new-PM-every-year system of ~2010."

This would be fine by me. Those that say govt change every year would bring instability should understand the role of civil servants who actually run the country behind the scenes.

Gary Raynor - Dictator was actually derived from ancient Rome. In cases of extreme unrest, the consul in power (dual co-equal executive that alternated chief role every month) would have senate declare him dictator for a year. He would have ultimate power, but could not attack the Senate (obviously Sulla and Caesar destroyed that system).

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for filming up 17-year-old girl's skirt See in context

Its me - I believe in reciprocity. If victim can be hidden, so too should the accused. After conviction, I have no issue. I agree, though, before conviction the name should be hidden to protect his/her job (being very general). If its a situation like this then he should be suspended with pay pending trial.

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Posted in: A-bomb survivor hugged by Obama trusts promise will be kept See in context

That secret service agent looks like he needs a hug even more.

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Posted in: Dead money: Battle for Japanese inheritances heats up See in context

"Elderly Japanese, among the world’s richest retirees..."

Not for long if they see "financial advisors. "

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Posted in: 2 police officers arrested for drunk driving in Hokkaido See in context

"[They]were attached to a division to crack down on drunk driving..."

In order to understand a criminal, you must understand their mindset. They did drunk driving to understand those they would arrest. All a part to gain experience. ..

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