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They likely want new elections as they want a governor who is actually elected to that position. To give an example from the states, Lyndon Johnson (first time) and Gerald Ford were never elected (the latter not even as a "deputy" as Nixon hired a new one).

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Posted in: Landmark Sony Building in Ginza to be demolished in 2017 See in context

Its a perfectly good building; it's not falling down. Just sell the space inside.

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Posted in: Japan's first 'naked restaurant' to ban overweight diners See in context

Firstly, one can go to real naked places like baths and onsens where there is no age ot weight restrictions (just tattoos).

Secondly, shouldn't the minimum age be 20 in Japan as that is the age of majority? All the perps looking at under 20s (18-19) is like a law&order svu special.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy slaps drinking ban on 18,600 sailors in Japan, ends liberty See in context


So should police arrest a group of people because a very small percentage of that group committed a crime? Still a small percentage of military that committed those crimes.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy slaps drinking ban on 18,600 sailors in Japan, ends liberty See in context

Robert Sultrily Rossi:

Sailors are unable to leave until their tour of duty is over. They are given choice of 2-3 locations, but navy has final say. They're not so much guests as indentured servants of the guest (US govt).



Careful...they just might.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy slaps drinking ban on 18,600 sailors in Japan, ends liberty See in context


"It should apply to all US civilian contractors, that can easily be amended in any US contract ..."


And watch more prohibition era problems arise. Not to mention, most civilians could claim their contract they signed didn't mention and if they did go ahead with the ban, they could strike, refusing to work and sue for breach of contract. And Admiral, you better not drink either - so get rid of your wine locker that senior officers get. Solidarity, mate.

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Posted in: Independent filmmakers show Hollywood the way on diversity See in context

Are there any otherkin (people who identify as anthropomorphic animals) in the rom-com? If not, why are they suppressing and discriminating against otherkin?

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Posted in: Searchers struggle with lack of clues to fate of missing 7-year-old boy See in context

Were the parents trying to make Survivor: Child in the Forest episode?

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Posted in: Korean A-bomb victims angered by Obama's Hiroshima visit See in context

Japan : "ok. I'm sorry we got bombed. Better?"

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My proposal may do such, but there are no research papers or real-life examples of any country with high debt and healthcare costs relieved by such. Using economic software, a sales tax of 25% or an income tax of 30% (averaged) by themselves would likely fund all programmes, reduce debt, and streamline taxation (only one tax per person).

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Posted in: Group of lawmakers urge Abe to stick with sales tax hike See in context

Too many taxes...simplify. Consumption tax, property tax, income tax, vehicle tax, gas tax (double taxation anyone?), enterprise tax (mom & pop businesses, not incorporated entities - so they get taxed despite not getting the benefit of limited liability), pension/SS tax, whew!

My proposal: 1) Ratio pay tax (RPT) to replace enterprise & corporate income taxes. If the difference in pay between the lowest & highest worker is under 6 (1:1 - 1:5), then they should pay 0%. Most mom& pop stores would benefit from that. Franchises would be taxed with ratio between franchisee and franchiser instead.

2) National & prefectural lotteries to help raise funds.

3) National and/or prefectural businesses that compete at market rate. The profits go to govt funding. This is used in Kuwait with great success (read: no taxation for average person).

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Posted in: Live-action 'Dragonball Evolution' scriptwriter: 'I sincerely apologize' See in context


Exactly. We need to find actors with 3x the size of human eyes, a myriad of hair colours, and ability to go into chibi form upon command. ;)

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Posted in: Live-action 'Dragonball Evolution' scriptwriter: 'I sincerely apologize' See in context

I find myself wondering who's who. If the anime has large eyes and myriad of hair colours but the live action show has everyone with dark hair, it's hard to pick out the characters. It's also hard to portray the emotions the same way anime can.

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Posted in: Elementary school teacher caught lifting man's wallet on train See in context

Guess prefectures or local schools don't buy their supplies, the teachers are left to do that....just gonna borrow 1000 yen from ya buddy.

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Posted in: Clinton pivots from Obama's Asia policy with TPP opposition See in context

Presidential candidates should have a written platform upon entering race. It cannot be changed until next election. If he/she gets elected and changes mind or doesn't propose, then he/she should step down and have judicial or legislature call new elections.

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"But Abe and other nationalists say the shrine is merely a place to remember fallen soldiers and compare it to burial grounds such as Arlington National Cemetery in the United States."

Japan should call on the US president to stop visiting Arlington and chinese officials from visiting the babaoshan revolutionary cemetery. Its only fair. And yes, waterboarding is a warcrime and will taint Arlington. Babaoshan is already tainted.

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Posted in: Most Japanese firms say Trump presidency would hurt trade ties, security aliance: poll See in context

"lack freshness and stage no surprise,"

The LDP platform

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Posted in: Prison in Kumamoto starts sheltering quake evacuees See in context

1) don't mix the inmates and the evacuees lest there be lookalikes that are forcibly switched or incompetent guards who can't tell the difference. 2) don't drop the soap.

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Posted in: Ukraine leader, in Tokyo, defends himself in offshore account leaks See in context

Follow a democratic country's lead (Iceland) - resign. Better especially since Ukraine has a history of corruption. Putin, you too.

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Posted in: Deregulation of Japan's electricity market goes into effect See in context

What about geothermal power? Or experimental wave power? Coal will just turn Tokyo into Beijing (cough cough, I can't see 2 meters in front of me).

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Posted in: Residents up in arms over children's noise at daycare centers See in context

Reformed basher:

"But I got annoyed when the neighbour's kids started banging at 5:AM on weekends."

How old were your neighbour's kids? And banging that early in the morning? At least do it at night or go to special hotel.



"If someone doesn't like they noise, they should move."

But they were here first.

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Posted in: Japan executes two death row inmates See in context


Beat me to it.


Could also make the guilty serve the family of the victims, if they wish, for the term of the sentence. Would clear out prisons.

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Posted in: Harrison Ford to reprise iconic 'Indiana Jones' role See in context


They just rebooted Rush Hour with neither jackie Chan or chris rock. I give it 3 episodes before being cancelled. Viewers will be like ok, the black guy is supposed to be chris rock playing the main character, eh?

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Posted in: Japan protests over alleged rape by U.S. sailor on Okinawa See in context

If he is found guilty by American courts (civil or military), he will face much stiffer penalties in Japan. Time in prison obviously, but also sex offender registry "tatooed" for rest of their lives after time served (effectively amounting to life sentence as one can't get a job even at McDs). Don't think Japan has that.

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Posted in: Japanese music stores engage in war of words over idol handshake events See in context

Geoff Gillespie:

Not everyone likes your style of music. Not everyone likes mine (eurotrance & some 80s). That's fine. Choice is good. Some may like j-pop. Also, much of travesty can be said of some western music that glorifies sex, drugs, and killing.

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Posted in: Fiennes defends playing Michael Jackson, colorblind casting See in context

Two things:

1) The play Hamilton had roles assigned to blacks where the person they were playing were white.

2) Michael Jackson, after bleaching and surgery, was whiter than this actor that will be portraying him. I'm sure if they were portraying 1983 MJ, they would use a black actor.

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Posted in: Family of dementia patient killed by train appeal liability ruling See in context

In America, the family would be suing the train company...

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Posted in: 24-yr-old policeman apparently commits suicide near mountain road See in context

Anyone investigating possible foul play? Seen plenty of law & orders of murders staged as suicides - it happens in real life too. See if he rubbed against anyone the wrong way (as a cop, probably).

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Posted in: Japan urges sick travelers to report Zika symptoms See in context

Ok, advisory, not mandate, but better than nothing...on one end. How about the measures to prevent Brazilians and others with virus from coming over? Perhaps emailing/faxing copy of medical all-clear letter stating no zika is in the soon-to-be traveller's body?

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Posted in: 5 vending machines torched in Tokyo’s Itabashi Ward See in context

If the fire spread to the plastic parts of the machine, then it can be classified as toxic and danger to society (though some may charge machine manufacturers for latter as well ).

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