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Food is one thing that should always be grown locally. One can live without imports (domestic and foreign) of new clothing, video games, etc, but one would starve without food. I've lived in some areas that grow no food and I think one disaster that destroys the road or causes oil prices to skyrocket would starve many.

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Posted in: 50-year-old son staying at internet cafe arrested for abandoning body of bedridden mother See in context

With all the taxes, it should be the state that abandoned her.

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Posted in: Cafe opens with robot waiters remotely controlled by disabled people See in context

Heard that the US has robotic surgeries...no humans involved, except in programming. Other than employment for the disabled, why are they piloted and not autonomous? If robots can do heart surgery autonomously, why can they not serve food?

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Posted in: Cafe opens with robot waiters remotely controlled by disabled people See in context

What if the disabled wanted to go on vacation through the robot? Security at airports is killer...

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing 2 policemen in Hiroshima See in context


Stab vests can be worn all over the body for protect, but you'd end up looking like judge dredd, a stormtrooper, or a knight. Its purely fashion and manoeuverability over safety.

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Posted in: Cafe opens with robot waiters remotely controlled by disabled people See in context

Height is a very good choice for decimetres. 12 decimetres is less awkward than a point right in the middle of a word. Why don't we use that?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing 2 policemen in Hiroshima See in context

"The two were attacked when they began a search of the home in the city's Aki Ward with five other police officers in connection with a fraud allegation."

So where to break the sentence? Were the five police officers involved in fraud allegation? Or was it the home (ie the occupants) involved in the fraud? Or both? Thank you.

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Posted in: Japan considers transforming helicopter destroyer into aircraft carrier See in context

I can think of at least 2 or 3 countries that could use a pacifist constitution. That being said, self-defence is inherent, but if countries don't listen to the UN or multilateral treaties delineating borders (including water borders), a lot of conflicts will break out in the name of self-defence.

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Posted in: Foreign Ministry official arrested over possession of stimulant drug See in context

Stimulant drug...like caffeine (e.g. coffee, monster)?

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Posted in: Some Japanese firms encouraging employees to take worktime naps See in context

With the automation today, we should only have to work 25 hours per week. Even the US standard of 40 is too long, let alone a lifetime of double that.

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Posted in: Japanese company trips: Workers 'absolutely hate' them, so why do they still happen? See in context

If the trips are to be kept, they should:

1) be held on work time, not personal time

2) allow families

3) ease up on those flipping schedules

...yeah, probably not gonna happen

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I must respectfully disagree on Hong Kong. The treaty was between the UK and the Empire of China. Hong Kong could have been kept if Britain felt the successor nation (republic of China, aka Taiwan) was not legitimate (ie it overthrew the previous govt). There were 5 main choices:

1) keep as British territory

2) independence referendum (Singapore is an example of an independent modern city-state)

3) give to the legitimate heir to the throne (in exile) of the Empire of China, thereby creating an independent city-state Empire of China

4) give to Republic of China (aka Taiwan - it was recognized by UN as legitimate until 1971 when switched with PRC)

5) give to People's Republic of China

They chose choice 5.

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Posted in: EU trade chief expresses support for Japan's push to reform WTO See in context


Are you referring to Europe or China as communist? Each EU member state is required to be democratic and have essentally a social-market economy (capitalist that protects basic human rights to health, housing, and food). China has a state capitalist economy (govt owned/controlled businesses for profit), though the govt is communist.

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Posted in: Big pharma leaves big gaps: Drugmakers urged to do more for poor See in context

Thlaw = those. Had to grab my pen-rapper for my mobile. Curse you fat thumbs and little letters

_( シ )_/

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Posted in: Big pharma leaves big gaps: Drugmakers urged to do more for poor See in context

Why don't the poor countries setup a universal health service or single-payer? Poor will never get food, medicine, etc if they tolerate corrupt govts, including the south African one now. Thlaw countries need to stand up own their own...perhaps they could even start their own research pharmaceuticals.

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Posted in: Man arrested for selling modified Super NES Classics with extra games See in context

He should've incorporated as a business - then he would just have to make a public bow and all would be over.

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Posted in: Wheelchair user sues over being told to leave wine tasting event See in context

I would suspect a sign stating "the bartender has the right to stop service at any time" or "I agree not to sue in exchange for accepting service" form would suffice for insurance purposes.

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Posted in: 'Married man' Justin Bieber says wants to be more like Jesus See in context


Just googled "Hailey Baldwin" and also found pix of Justin's mom. They actually look pretty similar...even age-wise. To each his own...as long as its legal in ones home country.

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Posted in: Gov't plans to raise working age limit to 70 See in context


That hectare of land could be in city tower building, even with half dedicated to farming (we can do that indoors and with artificial light now). Even without that, there is enough hectares in Japan for every family (though maybe not nuclear families).

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Posted in: Gov't plans to raise working age limit to 70 See in context

I actually wrote a paper a while back about land reform. I proposed that if every family were given half a hectare of land (little over an acre) that could be traded, but not bought or sold, and exempt from any sort of property or land tax, then we could actually get rid of govt social welfare entirely. A quarter of land could be used for building ones home, a quarter (or less) for business (that section could be used in shared office space for your share of partnership), and half could be for farming (if you're unemployed or not a partner in a business, you could still feed your family). If your business died or you quit the partnership, your share of land is still yours. Grandparents in separate home on property or just separate suite could watch children, older children and adults could take care of older grandparents (day care and senior care negated). As no fear of being removed from land, one could retire with no pension anytime, yet still not feel impoverished.

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Posted in: Gov't plans to raise working age limit to 70 See in context


In the US, you must still be 65 or older to get pension. The military was 20 years, then 50% of base pay (without housing or food allowances) or 30 years, then 75% of base pay - they are now transitioning to a 401k style plan (this was the best perk in the military along with GI Bill, expect enlistment to fall). 

I think retirement (with pension) should be based on number of years you worked (lets say 30 for regular work and 20-25 for manual labour). If you start at age 15, get work as factory cog, you should retire age 35-40; if you start at age 22, get work as bank clerk, you should retire age 52.

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Posted in: Children to be given priority for iodine tablets against radiation See in context

Just put in the soy sauce (replace the regular salt with iodized). Confused how these tablets can allow one to live and work in radiation. Why don't those in cleanup take 2 or 3 tablets and not wear radiation suits?

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Posted in: 'Fruits Basket' manga to finally receive a complete anime adaptation next year See in context

Will there be an art evolution as well? Early 2000s anime looks more triangular in faces than modern kawaii-style.

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Posted in: Japan's rising sun flag removed from classroom at Canadian school See in context

Any american, Chinese, korean, etc flags should be removed as well. All countries have committed atrocities.

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I don't see how firing workers and raising unemployment is a good thing. Cutting costs could be done by many avenues, including salary reductions (with company housing for those that needed it) - himself included. If I see my boss saying we need to take a pay cut (talking about employees not himself) while he makes more than 10x lowest paid worker...yeah, issue. If he were to make no more than 10x lowest paid worker the more respect and cooperation.

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Posted in: Rubella spreading across Japan, raising concerns about inbound travel See in context

Regarding TB: even if true, 40% effective is better than 0% effective.

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Posted in: 12-year-old girl, 8-year-old brother perish in Hyogo fire See in context


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Posted in: Russia rules out 'automatic' return of disputed islands to Japan See in context

I like how Russia declared war on Japan just after US fought and nuked it. No skin in that game (euro front much different story) but they made off with some islands. Kinda like looters getting the goods before cops restore order.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, NZ, Australia to bring electricity to most of Papua New Guinea See in context

Wireless power anyone? Sick of cords getting tangled by some invisible tangle elf (I do not tangle them, I lay them down). PNG (yes, I did that - if you're gonna have more than two words in your country's name, have the decency to give us official abbreviation) would be a great place to try wireless power. Lots of remote places...and it protects nature (until nature destroys itself...a la volcano, earthquake, etc).

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Posted in: Japan aims to build prototype flying cars in 2019 See in context

There are two ways a flying car could be made (as opposed to airplanes):

1) drone/helicopter style (fenestroned to protect kids and neighbours from getting cut in the blades.

2) acoustic propulsion (lift) - scientists have already used at high enough frequencies not to bother humans (dogs, well...). It may not get to 100 metres, but its a good start.

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