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I agree Turbotsat, at that point you might as well just say super typhoon..

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ive never heard a difference between CD and digital. And vinyl is just outdated.

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Posted in: 16 still missing on volcano; typhoon threatens recovery effort See in context

Of course we understand their 'logic', we're just saying we have a problem with their logic. I understand the logic of many things I'd never support, because I also understand where their logic fails and why. Just as you said, in this context it should be beyond clear that these cases are deaths. That's why it would be far more appropriate to say that x amount of people are "thought" dead. That phrasing would both legally steer clear of declaring death without a doctor's examination, as well as steer clear of inappropriately dancing around the hard truth everyone knows.

Honestly, some of their bodies were even completely crushed, and you say "cardiac arrest"? That is beyond cringe-worthy.

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you could flip a coin 47 times and easily see 19 tails vs 28 heads land just due to the nature of probability. In a study this small (only 59 babies each??) to suggest that small of a difference had anything to do with moisturizing is hardly convincing. Maybe if you showed me a difference of 0 vs 30, it would be enough to be convincing even in such a small study.

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Posted in: 16 still missing on volcano; typhoon threatens recovery effort See in context

Educator and philly, unlike "passed away" which in our language means to have died with 100% certainty, cardiac arrest does not mean dead to us because people are often revived in this state with the use of a defibrillator. It is only after either defibrillator resuscitation fails, or that the lifeless person in cardiac arrest clearly cannot be revived with any such technique that we refer to them as dead. That's why we find the use of cardiac arrest in this context to be insulting, when they clearly died days before they were found. It implies potential for revival which is just cruel.

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Posted in: 101 elementary schools in Hamamatsu closed due to bomb threat See in context

Frungy, what makes you think they didn't trace the call? You do realize those sort of things aren't reported until they catch the person so that the investigation isn't compromised, right? It's extremely easy to immediately leave the location you phoned from and not get caught.

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@UK9393 I'm not understanding a word you're saying. "education since the last ice age"? "when put under a microscope take aloof"? "sharp edged sharps know to cause a potential fatal lung"? "inhale cash"?

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"Brutality the two groups share" Yoda grammar for the win.

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As much as I'm sure families are agonizingly waiting on this recovery, there's been more than enough death at that site already, it's not a reason to increase the death toll further... Wait til it's safe...

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Surely the difference between 45 minutes and 50 minutes did not play a factor in their death?

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Posted in: Foreskin clip joints take unwary males for a ride See in context

does a baby give you permission to give it vaccines? Such immaturity and failed attempts to low blow. I do enjoy these "mutilation" comments though, keep them coming.. I'm always up for a chuckle.

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@wipeout there's nothing traditional about it for me, if you think i get nostalgic about an extra flap of of skin or the lack thereof you're quite mistaken. It's merely an informed medical decision. Anyone who decides to keep or leave it based off of aesthetic/ nostalgic or sexy time reasons rather than what's simply and objectively the healthiest thing to do are the ones to be questioned here.

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@Craigs yeah which is why I'm glad they did it for me before I was old enough to understand where those scissors were going or even remember it haha

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Posted in: Foreskin clip joints take unwary males for a ride See in context

Circumcision being called "genital mutilation" makes me laugh my ass off. It's a freaking flap of skin. First world problems much?

I enjoy sex more than I should already, and am glad my parents made the healthy decision for me when I was young. It's not even just std protection; it lowers chances of contracting anything from stds to even just bladder infections. Would absolutely make the same decision for my children.

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Posted in: Longtime anti-suicide crusader patrols cliffs of Tojinbo See in context

Thank you, Yukio Shige.

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Posted in: Report: MH Flight 17 likely downed by 'high-energy objects' See in context

Umm, I really don't see what "news" is in this article, if anything the article is saying less than what we knew right of the offset. A rebel posted online right after the plane fell that they shot down the plane (and that they had been warned not to fly over their airspace), this was documented fact (not rumour), and then they quickly took down the post once they realized that the plane that had been shot was actually just a commercial airliner.

Similar phonecalls have been recorded as well. What's with all this extra investigation? Voice recordings and internet time-stamped witness accounts are way more than circumstantial evidence, it's basically proof. And then this article has the audacity to inform us that it might be a missile, something that all sides obviously knew 2 months ago. Give me a break.

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Posted in: Man arrested for taking 'normal' picture of woman on train See in context

I'm fine with this being considered a petty crime with small fine ticket, but definitely not criminal record. By all accounts I can see why it would be annoying to have a camera in your face on the morning commute, but it certainly isn't something to be traumatized over either.

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Posted in: 'Legroom war' rages as planes grow more cramped See in context

@jefflee Then how about you stuff yourself in a suitcase to save space since you're small enough to fit in one and pay extra for a real seat if you don't like that?

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Posted in: Disney to release 'Frozen' short sequel next year See in context

wtf they're trying to milk the exact same plot with elsa not being able to control her powers AGAIN? I thought we already established love is all you need.

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Posted in: In some countries, there is a ban on adults and children wearing religious clothing and symbols such as burqas, veils, head scarves, skullcaps, turbans and crucifixes in public places like schools, re See in context

People who commenting that you "should have the freedom" to wear whatever you want, you should realize that NOTHING about school is freedom. Your children are required by LAW to attend school, and as such it should be as neutral a zone as possible separate from religion.

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@Jerseyboy, Of course you wouldn't be able to produce the results if her results were MISTAKEN. My question was, how do you know that she was committing fraud rather than a mistake? I wasn't asking if the results were correct, because they obviously weren't.

I am confused, how can a scientist in its right mind could publish fraudulent results on purpose on an experience that seems quickly reproducible, what was she expecting except a couple of months of media attention and a cut in her funding ?

Exactly, which is what all these accusations against her are failing to consider. If this was some brilliant plan of an evil mad scientist, exactly what does she have to gain here other then her reputation being ruined?

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Posted in: Riken says it was unable to replicate stem cell results See in context

@jerseyboy How do you know that her research was fraudulent rather than just mistaken?

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Posted in: Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art forced to cover up 'obscene' photos following complaint See in context

@Therougou they just said they received "a" complaint. A single complaint. For all you know, that person could have just been someone who had a person grudge with that artist, and that's why 1 single anonymous complaint having the power to close an exhibit is outrageous. At the very least a committee should exist to review said complaints before the police are called in.

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Posted in: Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art forced to cover up 'obscene' photos following complaint See in context

@therougou Since when does naked = sexually explicit? Sounds like you're uncomfortable with the human body.

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russia is brown tap water, wild packs of dogs running around with rabies, and dying dogs convulsing in the middle of sidewalks from the mass poisoning the government lays out to get rid of them.... Yeah, I think I'll pass on "touring" those sites anyway. imo basically anyone who goes there of their own volition is directly consenting to putin's tyranny as being acceptable.

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Posted in: Train groper escapes along tracks at Ebisu station in Tokyo See in context

@IparryU http://en.rocketnews24.com/2013/05/14/guilty-and-never-proven-innocent-every-male-train-riders-nightmare-in-japan/

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@Brainiac If you were to heatedly proclaim your innocence, Brainiac, you would be found guilty and sent to jail without a doubt. Attorney Takashi Nozawa has said the following as a public service announcement to men wrongfully accused of groping: "the number one thing I cannot recommend is trying to plead your innocence in open court. You need to provide evidence proving way beyond a reasonable doubt that you did not grope the accuser, and you have to do this in a court where there is a 99-percent conviction rate for such cases. If caught in such a situation, what should one do? First off would be to run away from the scene, this is one of the most rational responses when considered from a probability perspective. Your first thought is more than likely wanting to prove your innocence, however, in groping cases this is extremely difficult."

This is a well known fact by most men who have to commute in Japan.

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Posted in: Train groper escapes along tracks at Ebisu station in Tokyo See in context

Why does the title say "Train groper" instead of "Alleged train groper"? He could easily be innocent, this is a he-said she-said.

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Posted in: Facebook helps readers tell truth from fiction See in context

Sorry but if you can't tell The Onion from the truth then you likely won't understand the truth either.

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Posted in: Who do you think is the biggest threat to peace and regional security in Northeast Asia? See in context

I actually agree with the exact order you guys picked in the poll. China > NK > US > Japan > SK

To those of you saying "China is too smart to attack", you should realize that "biggest threat" does NOT mean most likely to attack. Although that is PART of the factor, there are many other factors you should consider when assessing a threat.

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