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Posted in: Alien-shaped reusable shopping bags See in context

The price and shape will definitely get attention from other shoppers. They'll think you're a dork.

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Posted in: Fujimori writing autobiography in prison See in context

as_the_crow_flies: what you wrote is almost correct. Forgot to mention that Fujimori remarried to a female yakuza and owner of a shady hotel nearby Meguro. Kataoka was classified in a book as one of the " Ten most stupid women in Japan" just next to Debbie Sukarno. Kataoka is anything but stupid. She kept a medium ranking member of the Japanese Ministry of Justice in her hotel for a few years and when shit started to fly the guy felt the heat from the Media about his association with the Yakuza and wheeling and dealings regarding Fujimori wanted out, she invoiced him for every little thing he used during his stay including the suite he stayed. He refused to pay. Kataoka simply disclosed him to the Media. To make a long story short, Fujimori even was welcomed to Koyama Driving School in Futago Tamagawa, where turncoat and North Korean Sleeper Jenkins went, and got his driver's license BUT never had a chance to drive in Japan since he had to leave this country with his newly wedded wife Kataoka. Not before Kataoka's yakuza group used his name and ex status ( many people remembers Lima's Japanese embassy siege by Shinning Path and Fujimori stubborn stance that led to the liberation of most hostages unscathed and were thankful for that ), to scam tons of money out of gullible Japanese punters with the Inca gold coin scam and opening a restaurant near Meguro station named Fujimori . Dunno if it's still there but I doubt it. Kataoka is friendly with Fujimori's fat daughter and a few slums in Argentine and Peru were given her name . Kataoka also had a go at Japanese local elections but as expected failed badly. Jail is nothing to Fujimori. He can relax and IF he goes ahead with the biography plans, Kodansha International for example, will gladly publish it. K.I. thrives on Scummy stories ...

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Posted in: 10 million sign petition for rescue of abductees from N Korea See in context

Big help it will do. For decades desperate relatives and closer families have been petition acting the J government to get radical with N.Korea. A circus like farce develops and some clown goes to N.Korea on a trip returning empty handed. Instead turn coats like Charles Jenkins become welcome with a bunch of N.Korean sleepers and live happy ever after. Baboons sitting on their asses in the diet do nothing and will do nothing. Meanwhile Japanese government keeps on sending hard cash and supplies to fatten up the already bloated brat-in-chief and his Tin soldiers while their people starve to death. 10 million petitions?!

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Posted in: Distracted smartphone 'addicts' at greater risk of mishaps See in context

These Sumaho creeps pop up everywhere . I am a wheelchair bound person and became fed up of shouting " Sumimassen " at these geeks. Now I just let them hit my foot stand or nearly fall over me and then give them a piece of my mind in the loudest voice I can . They're mine. So to speak. Inside malls, hub stations like Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Tokyo station... The sleep walkers pop out of their comfy zones to bug others with a lot more common sense than them. Not even talking about mama-Chari mothers texting while on the move hauling their over grown brats. I won't bulge anymore...

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Posted in: Shibuya's new underground station garners negative reviews See in context

Wheelchair bound people like me Shibuya used to be a place to avoid. Now with Kaagoe Saitama hick mamas hauling their over priced buggies and overgrown brats in convoy totally block the elevators and of course the toilet facilities leaving the place dirty. But what to expect of a sewer rat infested ghetto like Shibuya? That place will never change no mater what... Unfortunately I still have to commute four times a week for the next two months. It SUCKS !!

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Posted in: Required or not, English knowledge no guarantee of success See in context

Get English speaking staff in Koyama Driving School Futago Tamagawa. I paid an arm and a leg to get a driver's license plus nearly 100.000 yen extra for the privilege but instructors speak broken INGURISH . kDS bulky english test books are bulky and useless. a total sham. Same for the written Pre-test and LEARNER'S permit written test courtesy of SAMEZU Driving Center. CHQ MacArthur days translation. Get English instructors since we are paying extra for them...

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Posted in: Retro-design compact digital camera See in context

What's the big deal? Another gizmo that won't last long , but as long Pentax makes some cash this coming Summer...IF there will be a Summer per se that is.

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Posted in: Driving lessons available for foreigners See in context

I'm a permanent resident and an above knee amputee. Paid an arm and a leg for English course but got mostly bad English speaking instructors like a guy called Yamamoto. Not only that, Koyama Pre-test's prewar Ingurish is disgusting. Plus I finally got my LEARNER'S DRIVING PERMIT but KDS Futagotamagawa stapled it to the file and won't let me have it. Like a criminal on probation, I need to tell the staff at the counter the day before why I need it and bring it back next day and so on. IT'S MY PERMIT, I PAID AND SWEATED FOR IT!! Besides I want to practice driving with my wife beside me like the law stipulates . KOYAMA's CEO interview is misleading crap. And Fujimori is Japanese and remarried Kataoka a full fledged Yakuza. Besides, on the 3rd floor of KDS Nikotama the whole floor reeks of tobacco smoke. Disgraceful .

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